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    Amplified Funk Maschine Expansion
    Native Instruments Amplified Funk Maschine Expansion [PC / MAC Versions] A NEW ERA OF GROOVE Created by funk and soul specialist Amp Fiddler Exclusive samples played by true funk legends MASSIVE and Drum Synth presets add contemporary funk flavor MAXIMUM FUNK AMPLIFIED FUNK pulls from the music sensation that injected The Groove into popular music culture – custom designed by funk and soul specialist Amp Fiddler.
    Arcane Attic Maschine Expansion
    Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Arcane Attic Hard-edged Physical Recordings Extraordinary, rugged field recordings A wealth of percussive kits fit any style Exclusive MASSIVE and Drum Synth presets UNIQUE BEATS Distinctive, percussive crunch with jagged field recordings for unconventional rhythms. Exclusively for MASCHINE 2. THE OUTER-REGIONS OF RHYTHM Journey into uncharted sonic dimensions with ARCANE ATTIC.
    Basement Era Maschine Expansion
    EAST COAST SOUL The jazzy, soulful sound of classic East Coast hip hop and boom bap 50 MASCHINE and 57 BATTERY Kits packed with layered, melodic samples 272 hard-hitting drums and 528 one-shots for classic vinyl sound NEEDLE TO THE GROOVE In the late 80s and early 90s, boom bap was king. On the East Coast, hip hop producers and artists like Pete Rock, Grand Puba, and Gang Starr’s DJ Premier dropped...
    Cloud Machines [DVD]
    Samplephonics Cloud Machines [DVD / Multiformat] About Samples Pack Talk about inspiring! Cloud Machines is treasure-trove of distinctive melodies, natural sounds and intricate organic textures. A truly unique sample pack full of exquisitely produced loops, creative music making tools and bags of studio inspiration. This imaginative collection of loops and samples features playful xylophone melodies.
    Crystal Daggers Maschine Expansion
    Native Instruments Crystal Daggers Maschine Expansion MAINROOM THUNDER Authentic kits and patterns deliver instant inspiration Perfect blend of underground and mainstream for crossover appeal New and exclusive MASSIVE and MONARK presets for sub-filling bass CRYSTALLINE VIBES CRYSTAL DAGGERS is perfectly cut for mainstream electronic styles with sharp basses, thick beats, shimmering synths, and flawless melodies.
    Decoded Forms Maschine Expansion
    DECONSTRUCTED BREAKBEAT FUSION Features iconic drum breaks, meticulously recorded and reimagined for MASCHINE Created in collaboration with dBridge and Kabuki Exclusive MASSIVE and MONARK presets designed for rich, melodic bass ASYMMETRIC SOUND DECODED FORMS blazes with deconstructed breaks, evolving pads, disruptive bass, and crisp drums to bring the post-jungle kaleidoscope to MASCHINE. ALL ABOUT...
    Deep Matter Maschine Expansion
    DEEP MELODIC TECHNO Captures the authentic vibes of Berlin’s underground sound Features found sound percussion and atmospheric field recordings Includes MASSIVE and MONARK presets for perfect-sounding bass, chords, and leads EUPHORIC DARKNESS DEEP MATTER pulses with moody bass, melancholic pads, atmospheric field recordings, and crisp percussion to bring the euphoric darkness of Berlin’s...
    Diginoiz Synth Style Sounds 4
    Diginoiz Synth Style Sounds 4 [WAV / AIFF / MACHINE] Synth One Shot Samples Synth Style Sounds 4! Another part of our best selling series contains synthesizer samples made with one some the most popular hardware synths including Access Virus, Roland Alpha Juno 2, Novation Ks Rack, Dave Smith Prophet 12 among others. Produced from scratch with focus on every detail by a professional sound designer especially for You.
    Electric Vice v1.1.0 Maschine Expansion
    Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Electric Vice v1.1.0 [PC / MAC Versions] Pumping Night Beats Glitched-out sounds ideal for complextro productions Choke-group triggering for intuitive workflow Addictive new MASSIVE presets BEAT-MAKING PUNCH Gritty drums, stabbing basses, and acidic leads, plus choice patterns at the perfect tempo – the bold, club-pumping sound of modern electro house. HI-TECH...
    Golden Kingdom Maschine Expansion
    Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Golden Kingdom [PC / MAC Versions] REFINED STADIUM RAWNESS The larger-than-life sound of contemporary mainstream hip hop Packed with samples of overdriven drums, processed instruments, and crushing synths Exclusive MASSIVE presets KEYS TO THE KINGDOM GOLDEN KINGDOM throws open the gates to a hip hop dynasty – stadium-sized music with dirt and grit that taps the new rap royalty.
    Headland Flow Maschine Expansion
    DIRTY SOUTHERN SOUL Captures the sound and musical heritage of Southern hip hop Expertly recorded live instrumentation and drums provide an analog feel Exclusive REAKTOR PRISM and MASSIVE presets specifically designed for Southern hip hop WARM SOUNDS, THICK GROOVES HEADLAND FLOW fuses thick grooves from traditional drum machines with live, funky breaks, R&B-flavored instrumentation, and gritty...
    Helios Ray Expansion For Maschine
    Native Instruments HELIOS RAY Expansion For MASCHINE MASCHINE Expansion for all producers of forward-thinking, kinetic, cosmic beats. For MASCHINE, MASCHINE MIKRO, and iMASCHINE. Perfect for futuristic, leftfield beat styles Pre-processed kits for variety and authenticity Melodic kits feature jazz guitar and vintage keys INTO THE FUTURE Drawing influence from the leftfield, future-leaning side of hip-hop.
    Hexagon Highway for Maschine
    Drums and synths for MASCHINE. EXPANSIVE WARPED ELECTRONICS Exceptional sound design catered to genre-bending electronic styles Expert drum design from the makers of POLYPLEX Advanced multi-effect chains, plus new MASSIVE and MONARK presets THE ROAD TO HYPER-SONIC HEXAGON HIGHWAY is designed for producers who love to experiment. A collection of high-impact drum and percussion sounds are the foundation.
    Lilac Glare Maschine Expansion
    Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Lilac Glare v1.0.0 CONTEMPORARY POP DIMENSIONS Studio-ready melodic patterns for edgy pop and R&B productions Curated selection of forward-thinking acoustic and electronic sounds Exclusively sampled guitar, synth, and piano grooves WELCOME TO WONDERLAND LILAC GLARE melds the melodic atmosphere of modern pop rhythms with shades of raw acoustic and electronic R&B flare.
    London Grit Maschine Expansion
    BASS HEAVY GRIME Features Kits and Projects created by top artists from the underground grime scene Specially designed FX macros to add icy distortion, atmosphere, and color Exclusive MONARK and MASSIVE presets designed for deep bass boom COLD BEATS SERVED RAW LONDON GRIT pushes things forward with thunderous bass, 8-bit one-shots, and crunchy glitch and distortion effects to bring the sound of the...
    Lone Forest Maschine Expansion
    Lone Forest Maschine Expansion SHATTERED DUB ECHOES Designed for the complete dub techno experience Special kits add reverb-drenched atmospherics First Expansion featuring presets for MONARK and MASCHINE 2.3 effects DUB IN THE NIGHT LONE FOREST is your guide through the vast landscape of dub techno and electronica – low basslines, dusty drums, and haunting atmospheres. 9 Projects 20 Reaktor Prism...
    Magnate Hustle Maschine Expansion
    Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Magnate Hustle v1.0.0 Iridescent Golden Cadences Perfectly-tuned Expansion for modern urban pop Versatile set of drums, synths, and guitar licks and chords Exclusive MASSIVE and Drum Synth presets READY FOR THE CHARTS MAGNATE HUSTLE captures the prismatic sound of forward-thinking urban pop in a chart-ready MASCHINE Expansion. Exclusively for MASCHINE 2. CELEBRITY...
    Native Instruments MASCHINE VSTi [DVD] MASCHINE combines the flexibility of computer-based music production with the ease of a groove box into one powerful creative tool. Utilizing onboard samples or your own audio files, MASCHINE’s symbiosis of hardware and software not only ensures a fast and fun workflow, but lets you easily turn your ideas into professional productions. MASCHINE comes loaded...
    Maschine 2 Software v2.2.0 [2 DVD]
    Native Instruments Maschine 2 Software v2.2.0 [2 DVD] [PC / MAC] [Full Version] This version includes full original sound library and 2.2 Update. Classic Groove Production Studio Industry-standard, groovebox workflow Sampler, arranger, mixer, effects, and more Includes MASCHINE 2 software, instruments, and new drum synths   THIS IS MASCHINE MASCHINE lets you effortlessly produce beats, melodies.
    Maschine Expansion - Carbon Decay
     PRIMAL BRUTALIST TECHNO Captures the anarchic sound of industrial techno 54 BATTERY kits and 49 MASCHINE kits erupting with earth-shattering drums Loops and samples sourced from analog synths and drum machines, pressed to vinyl and expertly resampled INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Amid the rust, rot, and decay of post-industrial cities emerges a new strain of techno – turbulent, and untamed. Shaking...
    Maschine Expansion - Neon Drive
    Native Instruments Maschine Expansion - Neon Drive EMOTIONAL OSCILLATIONS NEON DRIVE bottles the luminous sound of synth pop into an expansion bursting with unforgettable melody and future-retro style. BEAUTY IN THE WAVES Teleport through 80s production techniques and arrive in the future – NEON DRIVE delivers a cascade of lush chords, pads, enraptured melody, and distinct retro drums. Exclusive presets for MASSIVE.
    Maschine Expansion - Polar Flare
    GLACIAL ORGANIC ELECTRONICA Captures an otherworldly take on contemporary electronic music 47 BATTERY kits and 40 MASCHINE kits packed with found sounds and analog drum machines Complete, sample-ready vocal tracks from exceptional vocalistsNAVIGATE NORTHWARDSGrab your compass and orient to the Arctic side of electronica. Created in harmony with the natural world, POLAR FLARE captures an organic, otherworldly...
    Maschine Expansion Motor Impact
    Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Motor Impact RAW DETROIT INFLUENCE Different pattern styles for every kit inspire multiple creative avenues Expertly sampled analog machines for warmth and texture The unmistakable Detroit sound for contemporary electronic music styles FAITH IN THE FUTURE MOTOR IMPACT embodies the musical tapestry woven by generations of Detroit’s enduring influence from...
    Maschine Masters The Forty-Six Expansion Kit (OVO Inspired)
    Maschine Masters presents the new OVO inspired ‘Forty-Six Expansion Kit’. This kit was designed to give you that Toronto sound created by Noah “40” Shebib and Drake “The 6”. It includes 40 instruments (pads, brass, subs, rhodes and more) plus 6 drum kits titled Dance, Energy, Hotline, Jumpman, Rings and The Weekend. Comes in Maschine as well as .wav format and works...
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