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    8dio Studio Vocals - Laurie
    Studio Vocals: Laurie overview8Dio Studio Vocals Series: “Laurie,” features the majestic and versatile neoclassical singer, Laurie Ann Haus, capturing a deep-sampled set of articulations on her Celtic, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Operatic styles of singing, encompassing True Legato, Sustains, Marcato and Phrases.For the series with Laurie, (StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, The Borgias, Witchville, etc.
    91Vocals Femme Fatale Vocal Hooks
    Femme Fatale - Vocal Hooks features a crisp collection of high quality, inspirational female vocal hooks, toplines, phrases and adlibs. Professionally recorded and meticulously processed. Ready to be the perfect top line or clean audio for you to chop and experiment with.Over 160 female vocal samples recorded with high end microphones with analog hardware. Our professional engineer added transparent...
    91Vocals Kate Wild Vocal Hooks
    Kate Wild - Vocal Hooks is the debut collection of exclusive vocal acapellas, vocal hooks, phrases and adlibs from singer, songwriter and label director Kate Wild. Kate showcases precisely crafted lyrics, melodies, vocal engineering and elements of her own vocal production to mark the first of many releases on 91Vocals. The highest quality vocal samples and all 100% royalty free!Kate turned to her...
    Allura vol.1
    An ethereal and evocative collection of vocal phrases performed by award-winning vocalist Jillian Aversa! Each performance is presented in multiple keys allowing for flexible use in any track. Available as a KONTAKT instrument with inspiring tag browser, bonus single note patch, FX atmospheres, and standalone WAV files. Library Concept Welcome to ALLURA Volume 1, our debut solo vocal library featuring...
    Auddict Celestial Voices Calypso
    Celestial Voices "Calypso" Breathtaking Solo Female Vocals which Provoke Powerful Emotion... Prepare yourself to be blown away by the second vocalist from the "Celestial Voices"... Calypso is a solo female soprano vocalist, with a soaring sound that provokes powerful emotions. It comes with five mic positions, so you can blend your own personal sound, flexible enough to create...
    Auddict Celestial Voices Ceres
    Sonic Faction Archetype [DVD / Kontakt] Celestial Voices - "Ceres" Celestial Voice Sample Library for Kontakt 4 and Above (Retail Version Only, not Free Kontakt Player) Ceres is the first of the Celestial Voices, by Auddict, featuring the soaring, ethereal vocals of singer, Tanya Wells. Tanya's flawless vocals, trained and refined in India, have taken her performing at the Cannes Film...
    Audentity Records Vocal Megapack 5
    'Vocal Megapack 5' has arrived and is ready to be used by the fans who have made this series so popular. For this edition Audentity Records worked with two new hugely talented singers and the whole team brought energy, inspiration and fun to the creation of this megapack. It is full of catchy vocal toplines, Construction Kits, MIDI, presets and wet & dry stems - having everything in...
    Audio Imperia Solo Boy Soloists v1.0
    KEY FEATURES 2 incredibly expressive & lyrical boy soloists. 2 ready-to-go mixes (Classic + Modern). Legato Aah/Ooh and Sustained Aah/Oo articulations. Approximately 2 GB installed (NCW format). Made for the free Kontakt Player, Version 6.6.1 or higher. NKS ready.
    Ava Music Group Elitist Loop Vocal Hook Generator v.1.0
    Modern Vocal Hook Generator Shape Your Sound Choose from over 250 premade loops. Change rhythm and pitch in just one click. With highly customizable features and endless combinations to choose from, ELITIST gives you vocals you won’t hear on anyone else’s track. Vocal Kits Build your next hit with over 480 unique vocal samples Each vocal kit features 16 streamlined, mix-ready samples Featuring...
    Bass Boutique Ragga Vocals Vol.1
    In the early 1990’s Flinty Badman & Deman Rockers aka the Ragga Twins could be found ripping up the reggae dance floor on sound systems from around the NE London area, but it was on Unity sound that they made their name, playing all over England with a sound system which led to them being the hailed “the Kings of the Dancehall” in England, by some of the top Jamaican systems...
    Bela D Media Vocal Tools Bass
    A deep, lyrical and operatic vocal tone perfect for any film or media project. By means of unique programming, sample editing and the advanced Vocal Tools script, Bela D Media developed the first sampled voice library to utilize vocal phrase sequencing with the release of Vocal Tools Soprano and Tenor. Vocal Tools Bass created exclusively for Native Instruments Kontakt, is a continuation of the Vocal Tools series.
    Best Service Altus v1.1
    Altus, the Voice of RenaissanceOften misunderstood and wrapped in mystery, the counter tenor is another milestone in Eduardo Tarilonte's series of exceptional voices. Altus brings you a real counter tenor for your Renaissance andBaroque music productions, for films, documentaries, video games and new age music.Jose Hernandez singingUnparalleled realism...Pure inspirationAltus is a unique solo vocal...
    Best Service Cantus
    Cantus, Gregorian Chants Continuing the vocal series by Eduardo Tarilonte, Cantus brings you a real Gregorian Monk Ensemble featuring the sounds of the dark Middle Ages. A perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambiances and music for films, documentaries, video games and new age music. Cantus Monk Unparalleled realism. Pure inspiration Cantus is a unique choir library aimed at easily...
    Best Service Kwaya
    The sound of the sun rising above the savanna Kwaya - African Voices by Eduardo Tarilonte Kwaya is an unrivaled choir library offering authentic African voices and chants. With Aba Taano from Uganda, Eduardo Tarilonte has found the perfect choir for this long and intensely prepared project. Kwaya is an ideal choice for every producer wanting to use distinctive and expressive African chants and vocals in their works.
    Best Service Mystica
    Best Service Mystica [DVD] [Kontakt] Mystica – where world class vocalists, the topmost innovative library designer and superior studio gear meet. With Mystica, Eduardo Tarilonte continues his incomparable series of vocal-libraries. This classical chamber choir consists of eight extraordinary female vocalists, delivering a unique, enchanting sound without comparison. Mystica has been designed...
    Big EDM Melodic Dubstep Vocals
    'Melodic Dubstep Vocals' by Big EDM is a Dubstep pack inspired by artists such as CMA, Seven Lions, Illenium, Blackmill and more. Inside you will find 5 construction kits packed with raw and wet male vocal stems, an instrumental track, and the lyrics sheets. The male vocals are precise, clear and sung with a hint of smooth RnB flavor that packs a powerful delivery. Get ready to experience ethereal...
    Black Octopus Sound Katty Heath Vocal Pack
    Trance music icon Dennis Sheperd has teamed up with UK vocalist Katty Heath to bring a ridiculously well produced and musically expressive vocal sample pack. The dream team of Katty’s amazing voice with Dennis Sheperd’s professional engineering and mastering experience has created a must have vocal pack for any producers. This pack will add life, story, and musical brilliance to your tracks.
    Black Octopus Sound Zara Taylor In Pieces
    Black Octopus Sound is extremely proud to present the first ever vocal sample pack from from world renowned artist Zara Taylor.  This vocal sample pack is an inspiring journey through 12 versatile songs, and is packed full of extras for music producers of all genres.  Each song is labelled with key & tempo information and comes with a MIDI & reference file to get up and running immediately.
    Bollywood Sounds IndiaVoice
    2 unique voices (Male Solo Acapellas) 18 sets of multiple solo vocal phrases & loops, Alaaps and passages from folk style and sufi style songs, great for your World / Chillout/ Lounge as well as Ethnic styles of Tracks. Product Description INDIA VOICE / Indian Vocals (Male Solo Acapellas) 18 sets of multiple solo vocal phrases & loops: Tempo Range: 70 – 140 BPM All Loops are 24-bit 44.
    Cymatics Anthem Vocal Loops and One Shots
    Vocal Loops & One Shots. To celebrate all the love and support we received on Nuclear, we are announcing the special release of our latest vocal pack, Anthem Vocals Vol. 1. This latest evolution of vocals was inspired by legendary artists like Flume, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Diplo, DJ Snake and Porter Robinson. Each vocal sample was creatively design by resampling a set of high quality original female and male acapellas.
    Cymatics Deluxe Vocal Collection
    About Deluxe Vocal CollectionThe Deluxe Vocal Collection is packed full of acapellas, vocal loops, samples and FX that add an authentic human element to tracks of any genre including hip-hop, r&b, and EDM.We recorded with a group of professional vocalists, both male and female, and our production team carefully edited and polished what was captured in their studios.In this collection you can expect...
    Cymatics Infinity Production Suite
    Our Most Diverse Sample Library Ever ReleasedInfinity is a vast collection of premium samples that were designed by experts from each area of our team.We had our top drum designers, MIDI composers, professional guitarists, melody loop makers, and top vocalists all come together to work on each section of this project.And what we ended up with was the most unique collection of samples we’ve ever put together.
    Cymatics Mirage Vocal Loops
    Vocal loops can take a simple beat and really turn it into a new and exciting track.And with Mirage we wanted to supply you with an arsenal of many different vocal style loops, all great for either polishing or bringing a track together.Using vocal samples is a great way to add more soul and feeling to a record, not to mention all of the ways you can flip them…Whether you just want to sprinkle in some vocals.
    Cymatics Vocal Essentials
    What exactly is “Vocal Essentials”?Adding an authentic, human feel to your tracks is one of the best ways to make your music more memorable.To achieve this, many of the best producers turn to high quality, professionally-recorded vocals to use in their songs -- whether they’re full acapellas or catchy vocal chop melodies and runs.In “Vocal Essentials”, our production team...
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