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1200 Acapellas
Massive collection of ACAPELLAS on DVD in MP3 192 kBps quality. 132-rainy_day.mp3 20_fingers-lick_it.mp3 20_fingers-short_dick_man.mp3 2_brothers_on_the_4th_floor-kick_in_the_bass.mp3 2_in_a_room-ahora_es.mp3 2_in_a_room-wiggle_it_2001.mp3 2_live_crew-party.mp3 2_pac-changes.mp3 2_pac-hell_for_a_hustler.mp3 2_pac-who_do_you_believe_in.mp3 2_static-feel_the_beat.mp3 2_sweet-bomba_latina.mp3 3d-once_more.
Acapella Heaven for DJs
Super exclusive collection of acapellas for DJs. Absolute_Acapellas_Vol02 A02_IC_Love_Affair.mp3 A04_Need_Love.mp3 A05_All_My_Love_(crackels).mp3 A06_boogie_Man.mp3 A07_Count_Down.mp3 A3_Catch_You.mp3 B1_Never_Give_Up.mp3 B2_Music_In_me.mp3 B3_Tell_The_World.mp3 B4_I_Need_You_Now.mp3 B5_Touch_N_Go.mp3 B6_Good_Times.mp3 B7_Get_Your_Hands.mp3 a01_hold_me.mp3 Acapella_Anonymous_Vol01 A02_Let_No_Man_Put_Asunder.
Alan Parsons & Stephen Court SOUND CHECK
Created by record producer Alan Parsons and designer Stephen Court, the SOUND CHECK 2 CD contains 99 tracks of practical material compiled as result of careful research and investigation into the needs of studio engineers, audio technicians, serious audiophiles, record producers and musicians. The disc has been designed not only to help assess the technical performance of a wide range of sound recording...
Breakbeat 2
Big Fish Audio Breakbeat 2 We've raised the bar on Hip Hop drumloops with this one. All new, all fresh, all never-before-heard breakz for you beathedz and digital funk-masters. The disc features extended breakz with variations - no filler! If you're looking for the sound of a drum machine, look elsewhere; but if you want only hot, greazy, honey-suckin' beatz with the hits from every loop... you know who to call.
Da Nu RnB Hip Hop
Ueberschall da nu RnB hip hop Representing a unique variety of new RnB hip hop styles. a double action cd packed with a whole bunch of flippn nu stuff from da east coast. twistin ` construction kits, supablastin beats´, for all ya people out dere who dig da flava of missy & busta ... dis ones a killa! ´da nu RnB hip hop´ contains complete extended song arrangements and backings lasting...
Deep House v2.0
Zero-G Deep House v2.0 Classic House and Garage loops from the masters - 'deep house v2.0' offers around 1000 of the newest, freshest breaks, loops and samples for your music. Every loop has been finely tuned and edited to exact BPM's, making it even easier to use samples in your tunes. In addition, all of the samples come pre-formatted in .WAV format as well as audio, allowing easy integration into...
Drum 'n' Bass Construction Kits
Drum 'n' Bass Construction Kits is a BEST SELLER collection which has the most amazing collection of Drum 'n' Bass grooves and breakdowns, all in a construction kit format. The collection contains over two hours of the latest drum and bass grooves created by NYC producer and sound designer James Bernard. First you get the complete loop, followed by the drum part, sub-bass part, synth pads and individual...
Drum n Bass Fast Forward [2 CD]
Ueberschall Drum n Bass Fast Forward [2 CD] (2 CD audio / wav) the next level of drum&bass, following the successful CDs "resonance" & "flashtracks". this complete package contains fresh new construction-kits that will satisfy every wish. from hard electronic cuts to funky disco kits to jazzy club tracks. plus additional material: drum loops, bass licks, fx loops, single sounds... inspired by current productions.
Probably one of the finest live real drums sampling CDs ever. extra long takes in various styles (R'n'B, funk, soul, hip hop, drum'n'bass, latin, bossa, samba, jazz and rare groove), made to satisfy you. soft with brushes through to heavy pounding. tons of grooves, patterns, phrases, breaks & beats of the highest quality. give your tracks a fresh live and human drum feel. just load the real thing into...
Hadeeth - Arabic Rhythms
Big Fish Audio Hadeeth - Arabic Rhythms There's nothing like old world rhythms to add flavor and essence to tracks that would seem otherwise a bit ordinary. These Arabic rhythms are just that- traditional percussion rhythms that will add the authenticity that makes any traditional track or film score come alive, but also modern rhythms that add an edge off to the traditional, and add a new flair to...
Megaton House Bomb [2 CD]
2 CDs in Audio format. From the producers who dictate the course of House music, this 3rd installment in the Megaton Bomb series brings your music right into the underground and leaves your subjects thirsting for more! From Tech House & Speed Garage, Deep, Progressive House to Nu-Disco- "We dropped a bomb on you". 148 minutes of construction kits on a 2-disc set! Loops, grooves, fills, vocals.
Rising Drum and Bass 2 [2 CD]
After the success of the platinum-award winning sample CD "Rizing Drum and Bass", acclaimed UK developer Tekniks present this astounding sequel. With elements that will inspire the drum and bass of tomorrow, this collection will take your drum & bass to the next level.Produced by Parallel Minds, you'll find 30 construction kits, filled to the brim with hard hitting drums, nasty breakz, thumping bass loops.
Rizing Drum and Bass
Get in, sit down and hold on! TJ Rizing finally lets you in on a few of his drum&bass secrets. Rizing Drum&Bass is a collection of some of his best- construction kits from 165-180 bpm, bass sounds, keys and FX, sub bass, 808 bass, Rhodes, kicks, snares, hatz, percussion and more!Produced by legend TJ Rizing and mastered by the same team who brought Underground Garage, this audio CD is brand new and ready to be used.
Rock & Pop Vocals
Zero-G Rock & Pop Vocals [Audio / WAV] Produced by the same team that brought you 'Dance Vocals' (Creative Essentials Volume 4), 'Rock &Pop Vocals' is another massive collection of sampled vocal phrases performed by five different singers. The disc includes both Male and Female performers and contains a great selection of strong lyrics and vocal melodies as well as ad-libs and even opera singing. Vocal...
The Chill Out Room [2 CD]
This collection delves deep into the darkest recesses of synthesis - ideal for ambient or soundtrack projects. Atmospheres, Sequences, Loops, Single Note Synths and Dub & Synth FX are all included. A wide range of synths are utilised - SCI Prophet V, VS, ARP2600,Roland Jupiter 8, MKS80, Yamaha CS80, TX816, DX7, Oberheim Matrix 12,OB1, SEM modules, Korg MS20, 700, Waldorf Microwave, EMS VCS3, MiniMoog...
The Disney Ideas Sound FX Collection
A super CD of over 150 digitally recorded sound effects created by the recording professionals at Disney i.d.e.a.s., the elite post-production facility on the backlots of the Disney MGM Studios in Florida. This is a must have CD of ambiences, animals, sports, transportation, machinery, cartoon sounds, and special effects.
The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library [5 CD]
The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library Now, for the first time, Warner Bros. brings you, on 5 side-splitting CDs, over 1400 hilarious digitally remastered sound effects that have helped make Warner Bros. cartoons so unforgettable for so many years. Each authentic sound effect selected from the Warner Bros. sound department has been carefully restored to provide you with outstanding digital audio quality.

Can be read in HI-FI systems, on DJ equipment and in any software program.

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