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Impulses for convolution reverberators.

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24 bit & 32 bit Impulse Collection
24 bit & 32 bit Impulse Collection Best WAV impulses from: TC System 6000 LEXICON 960L Lexicon PCM81 & PCM91 EMT250 and others ...
Acousticas Lexicon 224 IR Library
Acousticas Lexicon 224 IR LibraryAfter we recorded the Lexicon 300, many of our users asked us to record the 224xl. We knew the machine but finding one that is still sounding great without defects. Proved to be a delicate matter. But after combing the web and various news papers, we finally found one that had our name written on it. We have dubbed this baby "Marilyn" and she has indeed found...
Acoustics.Net Impulses for Waves IRx
Acoustics.Net Impulses for Waves IRx DVD. 4 Gb of Impulses. Full Professional collection Concert Halls Kirishima Uhara Rome Santa Cecilia Auditorium – Small Hall Rome Santa Cecilia Auditorium – Medium Hall Rome Santa Cecilia Auditorium – Large Hall Clairmont Hall Herbert Zipper Hall Ingram Hall Sydney Opera House – Concert Hall Snape Maltings Recital Hall Dundee Caird Hall The...
Celestion Impulse Responses
IRs by SpeakerCelestion offers a range of different impulse response download options, corresponding to a selection of our classic speakers.Each speaker has been recorded in 5 cabinet combinations, with 3 different microphones, each in 6 different positions, plus a few extra mixes, creating an extensive IR library for each one. Explore the speaker options below to find out more and hear samples for each IR.
Hall of Fame [2 DVD]
Best Service Hall of Fame [WAV / AIFF Impulse Collection] 32 Bit True Stereo High Definition Impulse Responses from the World’s Most Famous Reverb Units! Act on impulse! This collection of IRs from the world‘s most famous reverb units takes your convolution reverb plugin to the next level. Produced on state-of-the-art equipment for maximum resolution, ultra-low noise levels and pristine, transparent sound quality.
Impulse Responses Pack for Magix Samplitude Pro
The original impulse responses of the Magix samplitude professional 7.x full version (700 Mb): -Wave impulse responses : *M3000 *RealVerbPro *StudioVerb *classicverb *rverb *hyperverb *quantec *mpx500 *manley massive passive *timeworks  
Lexicon L300 IR Library
Acousticas L300 Impulse Responses in Wave format, including presets for the most wellknown Convolution Reverbs.
Ownhammer Impulse Response Libraries - California Duo
Cabinets and Speakers "212 3QTR" based on a Mesa Boogie Three quarter semi open back 2x12 cabinet. "BLU" based on 1963 Celestion T530 "Blue Alnico" speakers. "C90" based on Celestion G12-80 "MC-90" speakers. "LYN" based on Celestion G12-50GL "Lynchback" speakers. "V30" based on Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. "412...
SIR 2 Impulse Response Processor
SIR 2 Impulse Response Processor Мощный ревербератор на основе импульсов. Плюс лучшая коллекция импульсов (более 500 Мб) на диске. SIR2 is an easy to use native audio-plugin to use for high quality reverberation. It offers zero-latency processing with low CPU-consumption and non-destructive audio processing of impulse responses.
Sony DRE-2000 for Audio Ease Altiverb
Description Digitally processed reverberation effects With the advanced digital technology employed in the Sony DRE 2000, high-quality reverberation effects with a better signal-to-noise ratio, better frequency response and wider dynamic range can be added to incoming signals. Reverberation not susceptible to external vibration Unlike conventional mechanical reverberators, the Sony DRE 2000 is unaffected...
Spectral Relativity
Spirit Canyon Audio Spectral Relativity - Exotic Ambient Impulses for Electronic Musicians Convolution reverbs have burst upon the music software scene as an easy and powerful way for musicians and sound designers to add lush and realistic emulations of real acoustic spaces to their work. One thing that many people may not realize is that convolution is itself little more than a highly intricate filtering mechanism.
TL SPACE Registered User IR Library
The Ultimate Convolution Reverb Impulses for Pro Tools TL Space is the ultimate Pro Tools reverb for music and post-production applications. From the largest concert hall to the densest plate reverb, TL Space delivers the pristine sound of natural reverb spaces with the familiar controls used in high end hardware reverb units. By combining the sampled acoustics of real reverb spaces with advanced DSP algorithms.

Impulses for convolution reverberators, reverb impulses.

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