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Psilocybian Psychedelic Forest Tutorial
Psychedelic – Forest Tutorial is a 10h long creation of a full track with psychedelic and forest influences. CONTENT KICK BASS 37min PERCS 26min RETURNS 17min SYNTHS 2h 5 EFFECTS 48min ARRANGEMENT & MIX 6h  
PUREMIX Andrew Scheps Mixing Fly Rasta Out of the Box [DVD]
PUREMIX Andrew Scheps Mixing Fly Rasta Out of the Box [DVD Tutorial] Watch Grammy-engineer Andrew Scheps mix a song entirely on his Neve 8068 console with tons of analog outboard. Grammy-winning engineer Andrew Scheps mixes the song Fly Rasta by the amazing Ziggy Marley, this time using exclusively hardware equipment. This is the way records used to be made and it is a truly exceptional learning opportunity...
PUREMIX How To Use Multiband Compression
Multiband compression is a powerful tool that if used incorrectly can instantly destroy a mix and fool you into thinking your mix sounds radio ready when it actually sounds radio flat. In this tutorial Fab Dupont dives in deep into dark world of multiband compressors and explains the theory behind these beasts while also showing you how and where to apply these techniques to your own mixes. Learn from...
PureMix John Paterno Mixing Robbie Williams
PureMix John Paterno Mixing Robbie Williams [Tutorial] Sit next to Grammy winner John Paterno while he explains to you, step-by-step, how he mixed Robbie Williams' hit song: "Don't Stop Talking". Through this amazing 3 hour journey John starts from the foundation of the rhythm section and offers priceless insights on how he recorded the sessions and then he walks you through his choices...
Puremix Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer
Multi-platinum mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi takes you step by step through his entire mixing and mastering process for Major Lazer’s hit single “Light It Up (Remix)” Luca is Major Lazer’s “Finisher” and helps Diplo and his team combine multiple sessions into one sonic masterpiece. Learn Luca’s hybrid workflow and see how he takes a great static mix.
Puremix Preparing Background Vocals for Mixing
Puremix Preparing Background Vocals for Mixing [Tutorial] Learn how to prepare your background vocal tracks for mixing with a solid method and structure that can help you achieve the sound you are looking for. Background vocals are fun, but they can be frustrating at times: so many tracks, so little time. Before actually mixing them, part of the professional sound you've heard in countless records...
QuantizeCourses Kick Drum Sound Design
QuantizeCourses Kick Drum Sound Design [DVD Tutorial] A powerful kick is vital in dance music to drive your track, enhance your bass and punch through the entire mix. Low end is king but it’s also one of the most difficult things to master! We teach you the “must know” tips and tricks that simply aren’t available anywhere else. Video List How to approach this pack Anatomy of...
Reason 3 CSi Master Tutorial
This interactive training CD-ROM guides you through the key operational techniques and cool new features of Propellerhead’s Reason 3. Comprised of approximately six hours of movie tutorials, this unique learning tool includes not only functionality, but also production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples. Reason 3 CSi Master takes you to the next level...
Reason 4 Tutorial [2 DVD]
Ask Video Reason 4 Tutorial [2 DVD] Over 5 hours of instruction on Propellerhead's Reason version 4 by Morgan Pottruff, aka Morg (author of the Live and Melodyne Tutorial DVD). Reason version 4 is a virtual studio rack rebuilt from the ground up with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. Morg will show you all the new features - a brand new sequencer, a revolutionary groove tool.
Recording & Editing Audio in Studio One 3
Groove3 Recording & Editing Audio in Studio One 3 [Tutorial] Presonus Studio One 3 excels in recording and editing audio thanks to its powerful new audio features. In these in-depth video tutorials DAW guru Scott Fritz shows you the important basics as well as creative, advanced techniques when recording and editing audio in Studio One. Product Highlights 11 videos / 46 minute total runtime For...
Roger Love Vocal Power
"Voice Coach of the Stars" Roger Love has helped Anthony Robbins, Suze Orman, and other bestselling authors become the most sought-after speakers in their field. Now you can benefit from the life-changing techniques he has taught to entertainment, media and business celebrities in VOCAL POWER. Change how other perceive you... and how you perceive yourself! Presence, charisma and star quality...
SDK Media Xfer Records Nerve Tutorial
SDK Media Xfer Records Nerve Tutorial 58 minutes of Nerve instruction and fundamentals.
Secrets of the Pros - Modern Recording and Mixing Tutorial [2 DVD]
Secrets of the Pros - Modern Recording and Mixing Tutorial [2 DVD] Applies to ALL digital and analogue recording systems • Over 3 hours of information! • World-class endorsements • Easy to follow and inexpensive • Review at your own pace You don’t need a lot of money to create professional recordings, but you do need the expertise. Secrets of the Pros will speed you through years of trial...
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.1 [2 DVD]
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.1 [2 DVD] PRO TOOLS IS AS COMPLICATED AS THOSE BIG MIXERS YOU SEE IN MAGAZINES...IN MANY WAYS IT IS EVEN MORE SOPHISTICATED. OUR DVDS WILL LITERALLY SPEED YOU THROUGH YEARS OF LEARNING THE HARD WAY. Over 4 hours of information! Easy-to-follow expert advice Covers LE and TDM, Mac and PC Review at your own pace This 2-DVD set will not only show you the basics, but...
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.2
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.2 [DVD] THIS DVD PICKS UP WHERE PRO TOOLS VOLUME 1 LEFT OFF AND DIVES DEEP INTO ADVANCED MIXING, AND PRO EDITING. IT ALSO COVERS IMPORTANT TOPICS LIKE FILE MANAGEMENT, LATENCY, BUFFER SETTINGS AND MORE... Topics: Advanced Mixing Expert level features that will help you release your creativity   Pro Tools 7.x Overview   An overview of the new features and...
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.3
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.3 [DVD] VOLUME III ROUNDS OUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE BY SHOWING YOU CRITICAL TIPS ON HOW TO USE THE MIXER IN THE 'OLD SCHOOL' STYLE TO GET CLASSIC TONES, AND PROVIDES A DEEP EDUCATION ON PLUG-INS, AUTOMATION, AND CONTROL SURFACES. Topics: Mixing Ways to apply old-school techniques to a new-school way of working   Plug-Ins   This DVD features a long list of what is out there.
Serum Masterclass - Learn Every Function & Feature Of Xfer Serum
Learn Xfer Serum in hours, not weeks. MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU WANT!The buzz around Xfer Serum is justifiably growing as more and more producers experience the epic scope of this advanced wavetable synthesizer. The visual interface and expansive functionality makes it a boundless playground for creative sound synthesis.ADSR’s Serum Masterclass provides an overview and explanation of every tab and...
Sessions: Xfer Serum
If you use Xfer Serum, this course is for you. As a producer, knowledge and understanding of your tools is essential to make music quickly, and not get frustrated. Coming in at just over 6.5 hours of video tutorials, you will dive deep into Serum and leave no stone unturned. Everything is covered from the oscillators to making wavetables. Modulators to filters & FX. Tips. Tricks. Little known functions.
Shocking Techniques With Klaas [DVD]
Shocking Techniques With Klaas [DVD Tutorial] 'Shocking Techniques With Klaas' is a compilation of 12 training videos from one of the best EDM producers called Klaas, known by ultra-popular "Infinity", "Freak", and "I Like". Together with Vandalism he brings you professional explanations and techniques that he uses to make his radio & club hits. This masterclass...
Slate Digital EDM Production Deep Dive Masterclass Tutorial
Get 500+ must-have EDM samples, including massive drum hits & loops, hook-filled melodies, insane vocal chops and fx, MIDI & more to build amazing electronic tracks Learn how to tune your drums, layer sounds, get incredible pro sounds & more—in under 1 hour Learn the secret to getting massive low end in your tracks without sacrificing clarity Beat writer’s block with these...
Social Media Promotion for Musicians Artists and Engineers By Bobby Owsinski
Any artist, band, producer, or recording engineer trying to promote their work has a wide variety of social media outlets to choose from. That said, learning all of the related tools and best practices can be daunting and time-consuming. In this course, Bobby Owsinski shares helpful tips and best practices for online marketing and promotion that can help you harness the power of social media to promote...
Sonar 4 Producer Bonus Disk
DVD. 3 Gb. Sonar 4 Producer Bonus disk. The disk includes songs produced by famous musicians with Cakewalk Sonar, new features overview, demos and tutorials
Songwriting - How to Write a Better Song [DVD]
Udemy Songwriting How to Write a Better Song [DVD] An in-depth look at the entire Songwriting process from first coming up with ideas to producing a final song. Course Description A comprehensive guide to writing better songs This is a course for songwriters of all levels. I will take you through the process of coming up with ideas and starting a song, all the way to creating a final product and getting it out there.
Songwriting Techniques with Chords
About this video In this course, musician Julian Velard demonstrates the many ways to write songs with chords, and how altering those chords can add excitement and depth to your music. Julian shows how to harmonize a melody with chords, form an entire song using chords, and use chord extensions as melody notes to create a more complex melody. While it sometimes feels like our favorite songs appeared...

Music video lessons and tutorials.

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