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    Big Room Sound Swords
    A collection of five unique swords clanging and scraping a vast array of sounds. In addition to all the schwings, hits and scrapes there are some extra ringy metal hook hits for sustain and variation.
    Classic Games Sound Collection
    Push Button Bang Classic Games Sound Collection [WAV] Tracing the greats of the arcade era, featuring a massive variety of lovingly crafted retro game sounds, this special collection gives you the complete sound of the GOLDEN AGE OF VIDEO GAMES. Included are 560 lovingly crafted, classic game sound emulations in the style of the late 70s, 80s and early 90s greats. Designed for the complete solution...
    Epic Stock Media Fantasy World
    Now you can create the perfect mood and sound environment for your fantasy, adventure, 2D, 3D, mobile app games and motion graphics, film and audio productions. With Fantasy World you get 52 ambience loops (full versions) and 49 minimal versions plus 10 additional non-melodic loops for a total of 111 dynamic loop-able audio assets. Inspired by massive hit games like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls.
    Epic Stock Media Game Footsteps
    Game Footsteps sound effects library provides you with the perfect footstep sfx you will need to complete any scene with ambulating people (or creatures wearing shoes). Boots stomping through the gravel and sneakers whispering through the snow, you will not be left wanting when you get a hold of these perfect footstep sounds. Game Footsteps is an excellent library to bolster your existing sound banks...
    Epic Stock Media Hybrid Game
    4251 files included - Hybrid Game Sounds is a state of the art modern sound collection that offers full range of sonic dynamics to those on the forefront of sound design and game audio. Hybrid Game Sounds conveys a studio brewed cutting edge audio asset collection with more than 4400 sound files: over 2000 source and organic audio assets, over 2200 synthetics and designer sounds, plus 20 high fidelity music loops.
    Epic Stock Media Mobile Game Sound Effects
    Inspired by app market hits like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, we present to you Mobile Game - our most fun and genuinely game play inspired sound library yet! Filled with a thorough selection of popular game ready audio assets, Mobile Game gives you sounds that you can quickly implement inside any game to give it a familiar "hit app" game feel. It's a sound pack that will bring instant...
    Epic Stock Media Universal Game Sounds
    Epic Stock Media Universal Game Sounds [WAV] Attention game developers, animators and motion graphics designers, here’s a sound library that will pay for itself over and over. Epic Sounds and FX Universal Game Sounds is an electrifying power pack of more than 3100 compelling source and engineered sounds. With this hand picked collection of proven and unique audio assets you’ll be the master...
    Epic Stock Media Vibrant Game Sound Effects
    Introducing an outstanding collection of gameplay inspired audio assets that are spot on for creating ultra engaging environments for games or motion graphic productions. Vibrant Game is a sound FX library perfect for: 2D, 3D, mobile app, puzzle, cartoon and animated games, trivia, party or logic games, multiplayer board games, card games, arcade and scroller style games. Speed-up your workflow by...
    Krotos Mechanical SFX Library
    Drills, Motors, Ramps, Welding Torches, Grinders, Pneumatic Tools, and much moreThe Mechanical Vol. 1 Sound Effects Library packs a complete collection of unique sound effects into a high-quality library to bring the noise of mechanical tools to your next sound design project with ease.Recorded by the Krotos sound team at Elgin Motor Works in Fife, Scotland, this collection contains a broad selection...
    Krotos Sci-Fi Weapons SFX Library
    If you are working on SciFi Games or Projects, the SciFi Weapons Library is perfect for you. Inside this library, you’ll find a wide range of powerful sounds perfect for designing all types of SciFi weapons, such as handguns, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and much more.Keywords:scifi, zipper, pistol, laser, hangar, shotgun, gatling gun, burst, reso rifle, double, powerful, handgun, dry, power down.
    Monsters and Creatures Sound Fx Library
    Sound Ideas Monsters and Creatures Sound Fx Library [WAV] 675 Royalty Free Monster & Creature Sound Effects. Monsters & Creatures Sound Effects is a terrifyingly beastly virtual zoo of 675 royalty free sound effects on 1 Audio CD. You can populate alien landscapes with this collection of the strange, frightening, fantastical and science fiction creations from Sound Ideas. Whether you set your...
    SmartSoundFX Drones Pads
    Build the suspense or sense of wonder with this pack of high-quality drones and pads. The sounds come in a large variety of styles, from DARK, mysterious metallic ringing or whirling vacuous spaces and mid-range NEUTRAL sounds like evolving hums and shimmering resonances to light, ethereal ahs and cosmic-inspired reverberations from outer space. The soundtrack of your production isn’t complete...
    SmartSoundFX Futuristic
    This curated package of sound effects is from another planet. If you ever wondered how to make your audience experience the extraterrestrial, this compilation of handpicked sounds is the “go-to” compilation for your Sci-Fi projects. Included are Ambiences, Weapons, Electronics, Objects, Spaceships, Alarms, UI, Devices. Specs: 565 sounds • 565 files • 24 Bit / 48 kHz • 561.
    SoundMorph Robotic Lifeforms
    About Robotic Lifeforms From small bots to massive automatons, including transforms, morphs, & servos. Robotic Lifeforms was designed for an entire year by former Electronic Arts and BioWare award-winning sound designers - and huge sci-fi fans - Robotic Lifeforms offers more than you would expect from a robot sound effects library. Featuring over 4.2 GB of designed sound effects, and over 2.4GB of source recordings.
    Super Audio Cart
    Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart The most complete set of classic video game samples ever produced. Features seven legendary systems from the 70s to early 90s, unparalleled accuracy, and a powerful synth engine to transform them into a limitless variety of modern sounds. Content: Seven legendary video game systems NES, SNES, GB, 2600, C64, SMS, GEN Over 5,500 samples Over 600 unique sound sources...
    World of Warcraft SFX GameRip
    World of Warcraft SFX GameRip This disk contains 28730 sounds! in original ogg format, from the game "World of Warcraft" and its many expansions, up to year 2013. It contains all sounds, including spells, skills, ambiences, music, character speech and monster voices in many languages (French, Spanish, English among others), interface sounds, etc.
    Sound samples for game sound design.

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