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    LM-4 Drum Machine Samples

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    LM-4 DrumKit From Hell
    DISC 1 MULTIS/ADDITIONAL CYMBALS. This disc contains ready made kits multis and Toms, Hats, Cymbals multis for quick creation of custom kits. You can choose from stereo, 4/8 or 10 output versions, or if you have an FX board fitted you can load the “produced” multis. The default kit comprises 1x Sonor DS2 14x5 Snare, L+R Sonor 22x18 Kicks, Sonor Tomsx5, Sabian 14” Hats, Sabian 22” Ride and 6x Cymbals.
    LM-4 MarkII [2 CD]
    During the development of the successor to the highly-successful LM•4, we paid particular attention to combining intuitive handling and maximum performance while keeping CPU load to a minimum. Additionally, the LM•4 MarkII comes with a huge range of high-quality 24-bit drum and percussion sounds that cover the most diverse music styles. A few of the featured styles include, Latin, Rock, House.
    LM-4 Wizoo Kit Connection - Acoustic Drums
    This LM 4 content CD turbo-charges your LM 4 with additional high class acoustic Drum Kits like Funk and Rock plus special Wizoo Chromatic Kits featuring up to 20 dynamic levels and variations per instrument. All sounds were recorded digitally in 24-bit stereo and processed with high-end equipment to assure maximum punch and transparency.
    LM-4 Wizoo Kit Connection - Big Beats The XXL Compilation
    BitBeats' XXL Compilation is the food every hungry LM 4 needs. Punchy and dynamic material that every recording needs. The XXL Compilation covers all the bases, naturally dry stereo drum sets awaiting further ambient processing, atmospheric monster set recorded in real rooms, as well as pure electronic sounds and wild and dangerous percussive effects.
    LM-4 Wizoo Kit Connection - Electronic Drums
    With Electronic Drums, you`ll turn your LM 4 into a top-fight drum machine featuring the hip sounds of Rolands® legendary TR-808 and TR-909 drum rhythm boxes in a to date unrivaled quality and variety. You get clean and processed sounds in up to ten dynamic levels (variable via Velocity or Note Numbers), all packed into numerous ready-to-use kits. All sounds were tweaked in the analog domain, recorded...

    Samples for Steinberg LM-4 drum machine (drum sampler).

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