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    Music creation software for beginners

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    Cakewalk Home Studio 2004
    It’s time to take control of the creative process. Now you don’t have to depend on anyone else to get your music recorded. Do it all from your PC with Cakewalk Home Studio Version 2. There is no better Windows software available for musicians taking the step into the world of digital recording. Home Studio provides you with everything you need to turn your PC into a powerful multitrack recording studio.
    Cakewalk Kinetic 2
    Cakewalk Kinetic 2 Produce Your Own Beats Start making beats today with Cakewalk Kinetic. Get all the power of a hardware studio inside of your computer. Kinetic is simply the fastest and easiest way to create electronic music, even if you have no musical background. The Best Sounds Kinetic features 100%-genuine Roland® sounds from their genre-defining groove boxes and synthesizers. The Roland...
    Cakewalk Plasma 2003 [2 CD]
    Make music and remixes fast Now you can create your own music and remixes with the same loops, beats, synths and effects used by today's DJs & remix artists. Creating new music is easy with Plasma. It lets you quickly record, edit, arrange, and mix your music. It doesn’t matter what you want to record—keyboards, vocals, live turntable scratches, CD samples, or any other sound source.
    EarMaster Pro 6.2
    EarMaster Pro 6.2 Ear training and sight-singing software for all skill levels. The easy, motivating and efficient way to become a better musician. Main Features Over 2000 exercises for ear training, sight-singing, and rhythm training at all skill levels Learn to recognize, transcribe and sing melodies, scales, chords, intervals, chord progressions and rhythms Jazz course with swing rhythms, jazz chords.
    Fruityloops Studio Producer Edition XXL v8.0.2 [Full Version]
    Fruityloops Studio Producer Edition XXL v8.0.2 [Full Version] This release included full FLi: "Poizone 2.1.0" and "Toxic biohazard 1.0" What's new in FL8 ? Representing the culmination of more than 10 years of sustained development, FL Studio 8 is now the most flexible virtual music studio in the industry. Chief Software Architect, Didier Dambrin has realized his vision of creating...
    MAGiX Music Maker 12 Deluxe [DVD]
    MAGiX Music Maker 12 Deluxe [DVD Full Version] Complex, yet easy-to-implement home recording with optimized features, professional effects, and virtual instruments. Benefit from advanced technology and years of experience in music editing, based on the digital audio workstation Samplitude: the reference product for professional music production. NEW! Audio & MIDI 100% synchronous editing. * 100%...
    MAGiX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition
    MAGiX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition MAGIX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition offers advanced algorithms and with its highly-developed studio functions is a convincing tool for those who want more: complete mastering, 5.1 Surround mixing, effect automations, Revolta 2 – the virtual-analog flagship, amp simulation, music editor for detailed audio editing with up to 48 kHz, 96 tracks, expanded video...
    MAGiX Music Maker 15 Premium
    MAGiX Music Maker 15 Premium MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium is perfect for composing music: stunning songs, experimental beats, and exciting soundtracks! Music Maker Premium offers everything you need to make your own music: Ability to record on 96 audio and MIDI tracks Mixing console including 5.1 Surround mixing, effects and remix tools, analog synthesizers Burn CDs in the official standard of music...
    Magix Music Maker 2017 Premium + Full Content
    Magix Music Maker 2017 Premium + Full Content [3 DVD] Contents: Magix Music Maker 2017 Software Full Sound Library [3 DVD] Music Maker Premium is a unique virtual studio with more than 8,000 included sounds, intuitive drag & drop controls, countless instruments and professional functions for mixing & mastering. More space for your creativity - the new Mediapool Record Unlimited tracks. Endless fun.
    Music Creator 5
    Cakewalk Music Creator 5 [DVD] Bring your music to life with professional-sounding punch for your listeners to enjoy. With Music Creator 5, recording, transcribing and printing your very own music is easy. The program's user-friendly interface makes it simple to unleash your creativity and get started recording your songs quickly. From vocals to instruments to drum beats, Music Creator 5 gives...
    Neuratron AudioScore Ultimate 8.0.2
    Mic-to-Score™ Automatic Notation Create musical scores by singing or playing  into your computer using only a microphone - no prior musical knowledge required! AudioScore Ultimate gives instant graphical feedback about the pitch of a performance over time, so it is possible to see exactly where mistakes are being made allowing improvement whilst performing. Train to sing and play perfectly...
    Orion Platinum 7
    Orion Platinum is a complete virtual studio software, including multitrack audio recording, a mixing desk with sub busses and effect returns , as well as powerful sequencers , generators and effects. All common interfaces, VST, DirectX and ReWire are fully supported. Orion Platinum comes with a selection of 43 internal effects - including reverb, delay and chorus effects, a full parametric equalizer, and more.
    Project 5 Version 2
    Cakewalk Project5 Version 2 DVD MUSIC.INSPIRED Blur the boundary between studio and stage, and capture the moment as it happens with Project5 Version 2. Project5 is simply everything you need to create and perform today's music. Straight out of the box, you get a complete set of superb quality instruments and effects; powerful recording, looping, sequencing, and arranging; dynamic creation tools;...

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