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Nuendo 4.3 [Full DVD Version]
Steinberg Nuendo v4.3 Incl Expansion Kit [DVD][Full working version] Nuendo 4 delivers a next-generation audio production environment for audio post, studio production and live recording with streamlined, precision tools that save time and boost creativity for audio professionals. Building on flexible, scaleable technologies, Nuendo 4 provides unprecedented power, flexibility and speed for recording.
Orion Platinum 7
Orion Platinum is a complete virtual studio software, including multitrack audio recording, a mixing desk with sub busses and effect returns , as well as powerful sequencers , generators and effects. All common interfaces, VST, DirectX and ReWire are fully supported. Orion Platinum comes with a selection of 43 internal effects - including reverb, delay and chorus effects, a full parametric equalizer, and more.
Orion Platinum v7.6.0.3 [DVD]
Synapse Audio Orion Platinum v7.6.0.3 [DVD] Orion is a complete virtual studio software, including a powerful pattern-based sequencer, many synthesizers and effects, a mixing desk with sub busses, and multitrack audio recording. All common interfaces, VST, DirectX and ReWire are fully supported. Orion ships with a massive 1 GB sound library of more than 900 royalty-free presets and high quality multisamples.
PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional v3.2
PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional v3.2 [PC / MAC Versions] What’s New In Studio One Version 3 The next standard is here! Introducing Studio One 3. New version 3 builds on the blazingly fast workflow, unparalleled sound quality, and rock-solid stability that made Studio One the fastest growing DAW of all time. It adds innovative songwriting and arranging tools, inspiring and unique sound-design capabilities.
PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional
Create Without Boundaries. Produce Without Limits Studio One 4: Work better, faster. Studio One® 4 was designed with ease of use at its core. It seamlessly combines the time-tested and proven recording studio model with today’s beat- and loop-oriented production process so you can bring musical ideas to sonic reality more quickly than ever before. An efficient, single-screen interface houses...
PreSonus Studio One 5
Create without boundaries. Produce without limits.Wherever sound takes youRecord, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application. Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One® 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. The Start Page provides what you need to begin your creative process, including a dashboard with all your songs, projects, and shows, plus...
Presonus Studio One 5 Complete Soundset
Includes: Acoustic Drum Kits & Loops Big Fish Audio Loops and Kits Electronic Audioloops Electronic Kits and Musicloops Impact XT Kits and Sounds MVP Loops and Kits Nine Volt Audio Guitars Presence XT Core Acoustic Guitars Presence XT Core Basses Presence XT Core Brass Presence XT Core Electric Guitars Presence XT Core Keyboards Presence XT Core Mallets Presence XT Core Percussion and Vocals Presence...
Presonus Studio One Pro v2 [4 DVD] [Full version]
Presonus Studio One Pro v2 [4 DVD] [Full version] Integrated Melodyne Pitch Correction Celemony’s Melodyne is the most sought-after pitch-correction solution in the market, and it has been the model for proprietary solutions in several DAWs. Studio One 2 seamlessly integrates Melodyne so tightly that, for practical purposes, Melodyne is simply a part of Studio One. Using Melodyne in other DAWs...
Prism SADiE Sound Suite v6.1.1
SADiE 6 applications SADiE has always excelled in roles where the most sophisticated editing capabilities are required and where reliability and robustness are paramount. In these often pressured work environments, simplicity and ease of use are also vitally important and contribute to smooth, fast workflow and overall business effectiveness. For this reason and unlike many other solutions, SADiE 6...
Pro Tools 8 LE [2 DVD][PC Version]
Digidesign Pro Tools 8 LE [2 DVD][PC Version][Full working DVD version with serial for PC]. Pro Tools® 8 is the most advanced audio creation and production software, featuring a gorgeous new interface, dozens of new virtual instruments and plug-ins, exciting new scoring and MIDI features, amazing new workflows, better ease of use, deeper controller integration, and much, much more. You’ll...
Pro Tools HD 10.3 PC
AVID Pro Tools HD 10.3 PC Works on Windows 7 32/64 bit and Windows 8 64 bit with any sound card. Create the largest, most complex mixes with the world's most advanced audio production system, included with a Pro Tools | HD system. Avid Pro Tools HD 10 - Record, edit, and mix with the world's most advanced audio production platform. For projects that demand the utmost in sound quality and performance.
Pro Tools HD 12.3.1 [DVD]
Pro Tools HD v12.3.1.88512 [x64] [PC Only] This version is tested and works fine in Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit. New features Get Track Freeze, Commit, and Bounce - just added. Processor-hungry virtual instruments can impact system performance with plug-in-heavy mixes. And sharing sessions used to require that everyone all have the same plug-ins used in the session. But no more.
Pro Tools LE 7 for Windows XP
Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7 software introduces a plethora of new features and enhancements that deliver significantly expanded MIDI and audio recording and editing capabilities, greater mixing power and flexibility, enhanced efficiency, and improved ease of use, providing a new creative environment for the industry-standard digital audio workstation. Advanced MIDI Sequencing Functionality * New Instrument...
Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3.1
Digidesign & M-Audio Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3.1 CS4 [full working DVD] Pro Tools M-Powered is an exciting new version of Digidesign®’s award-winning Pro Tools software created specifically to work with select M-Audio hardware interfaces. This groundbreaking combination for Windows XP and Mac OS X lets you customize the compact mobile multi-channel studio of your dreams, while providing...
Pro Tools TDM 6.9 for Windows XP
With its matchless combination of flexibility, power, and simplicity, Pro Tools® software has become the industry standard for audio production. It allows you to harness the power of your Digidesign® hardware to move your ideas from concept to completion — all with total ease and efficiency. Pro Tools software is designed to empower both music and post production professionals to easily...
Project 5 Version 2
Cakewalk Project5 Version 2 DVD MUSIC.INSPIRED Blur the boundary between studio and stage, and capture the moment as it happens with Project5 Version 2. Project5 is simply everything you need to create and perform today's music. Straight out of the box, you get a complete set of superb quality instruments and effects; powerful recording, looping, sequencing, and arranging; dynamic creation tools;...
Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 [for Windows x64 and MAC OSX]
This disk contains: Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 [Windows x64 version] Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 [MAC OSX version]  
Propellerhead Record v1.5.1 [Windows x86]
It's been a long time coming, but Propellerhead have finally unveiled their take on computer‑based audio recording and mixing.There's just no pleasing some people. Provide one of the most flexible virtual electronic music studios on the planet, and a vocal minority of its users carp about what it doesn't do.Not being able to record audio directly into Reason has been a sore point for some users.
ProTools v9.0 [2 DVD]
Avid ProTools v9.0 [2 DVD][Full Version] The Next Generation of Pro Audio Production Open yourself to the possibilities. Pro Tools 9 redefines the world’s most popular, most advanced music and audio production platform with a completely re-architected, open version of Pro Tools software, giving you what you asked for—and so much more. Work with an audio interface—or without. Create bigger.
Pyramix Virtual Studio v4.1.21
Pyramix Virtual Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which runs on either Windows 2000 and XP platforms. It consists of a sophisticated yet intuitive software solution for professionals which includes : Recording -One to sixty-four inputs Editing - Every action including crossfades is 100 % real-time - no rendering time lost Mixing - Let us know if there is one thing in the world you can't do with our mixer.
RadioMaximus Pro 2.21
RadioMaximus Pro 2.21 Multilingual [X86/X64] Maximum radio and a whole lot more... With RadioMaximus you can receive and record thousands of radio stations available on the Internet. RadioMaximus allows you to listen to and record radio stations from around the world. Key Features Listen to and record multiple stations simultaneously Create a schedule for automatic recording Save songs as bookmarks...
RealDrums 2017 for Band-in-a-Box and RealBand
The pack contains PC and MAC versions. Live audio recordings of top studio drummers! RealDrums are not "samples" of single drum hits; they are full recordings, lasting from 1 to 8 bars at a time, playing along in perfect sync with the other Band-in-a-Box, RealBand and PowerTracks Pro Audio tracks. As well as incredible drum sounds, you'll hear the exact rhythms played by the drummer,...
Reason 3 [3 CD]
3 CDs. New Reason 3.0 gives you one-step loading of complex, customizable instruments and effect setups, a new instrument-packed soundbank, instant integration with MIDI keyboards and controllers, a new intuitive file browser, plus a suite of mastering tools. For a pleasurable, performance-friendly Reason experience. Less fuss, more inspiration As a Reason user, you can forget about the downsides of music production.
Propellerhead REASON 4 [DVD] [Full Version] [PC / MAC Hybrid] Your Reason rack just got bigger. All new Reason version 4 comes equipped with a brand new sequencer, a revolutionary groove tool, a stunning arpeggiator and a synth to end all synths. Welcome to Reason version 4 - the bigger rack. THOR A multi-synthesis synthesizer with six oscillator types, four different filters, a step sequencer and a modulation matrix.

Sound Editors and sequencers: Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Live.

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