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    Electric Guitar Samples

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    AAS Strum GS-2
    Applied Acoustics Systems Strum GS-2 v2.0.0 [PC / MAC Versions] Your new session guitarist Strum GS-2 is a plug-in for the production of guitar tracks. With a huge collection of acoustic and electric guitars, automatic chord recognition, sophisticated chord voicing, integrated strumming and picking action, MIDI riff library, amp and effects, playing guitar on a keyboard has never been so easy. What’s...
    Ample Metal Eclipse II
    Ample Sound AME2 v2.2.0 [DVD] [PC / MAC] About AME2 Ample Metal Eclipse II aim to bring the ESP Eclipse I Guitar sound to your studio. System Requirements: 6 GB of free hard disk space. Windows XP or newer, Pentium 4 or Athlon processor with 2 GB RAM. Mac OS X 10.7 or higher , Intel-based Mac with 2 GB RAM. AU, VST, AAX or RTAS host application and professional sound card recommended. Stand-alone version included.
    Ample Sound Ample Guitar Peregrine Falcon v3.6.0
    Ample Guitar PF aim to bring a PRS Custom 24 Artist Guitar sound to your studio.Sampling: Size:6.6 GB Neck, Bridge, Both pickup three sample libraries. Stereo and Mono Modes. Sustain, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Palm Mute, Pop, Natural Harmonic, Pinch Harmonic, Slide Guitar 11 articulations, Legato at random length & pitch & poly.Technology: CPC (Customized Parameters...
    Evolution Baritone Electric
    Product Details The sound of a baritone guitar isn’t something you can get by simply tuning a standard guitar down a perfect fourth. The lower tension on the strings ends up sounding thin and lacking in sustain, not to mention introducing problematic tuning drift where notes start sharp and go flat as they decay. Baritone guitars solve this with a longer scale length, which not only addresses...
    Evolution Hollowbody Blues
    Product Details We are excited to present Evolution Hollowbody Blues, a faithful reproduction of a classic semi-hollow electric guitar. If you’re familiar with blues legends like B. B. King, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry, and Eric Clapton, you’ll instantly recognize this timeless guitar tone. All the nuances of this classic guitar have been painstakingly captured, recorded...
    Fracture Sounds Hemisphere Guitars
    Ambient Cinematic Guitars Hemisphere is a collection of masterfully sampled electric guitars, with an emphasis on soft and delicate playing, perfect for cinematic music and a wide range of other genres. Combined with our signature sound design layers, creative on-board effects, and 50+ production-ready presets, Hemisphere takes the electric guitar to new horizons. About The Instrument Hemisphere features...
    Indiginus Generation Electric Guitar
    Our goal with Generation was to capture the sound and spirit of an American classic electric guitar. Equally at home in rock, funk, jazz, country, pop, and countless other styles, its versatility has been the secret of its over 60 years of prominence. We sampled all three pickups simultaneously and direct, so all 5 pickup positions (with the two ‘in-between’ positions) stay in phase as you select them.
    Indiginus Torch Electric Guitar
    Torch features: Our StrumMaker strumming engine for creating realistic rhythm guitar parts. Choose from many preset chords or create your own! Special articulations for playing leads. The pickup switch on the guitar is "real".  That is, we took a perfectly good strat, pulled off the pick guard, and soldered a separate jack to each pickup. We then recorded the 3 outputs simultaneously ...
    MusicLab RealEight
    MusicLab RealEight v1.0.0.7183 [PC / MAC Versions] RealEight is a sample-based 8-string electric guitar virtual instrument, ideal for lead and rhythm, and even bass tracks in rock & metal style compositions. RealEight provides incredible playability based on easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a...
    Native Instruments Session Bassist Prime Bass
    AUTHENTIC, PLAYABLE, CLASSIC The essential low-end tone of an iconic, single-coil electric bass guitar Over 350 playable patterns and phrases across a range of genres Craft your own basslines and solo melodiesHARNESS THE PAST, INSPIRE THE FUTUREPRIME BASS delivers the classic sound of one of the world's most iconic electric basses, captured from an original 1981 cherry sunburst solid-body bass guitar, built in the USA.
    Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Mint
    SLICK SIX-STRING SONGWRITER The signature sound of a solid-body electric guitar with 3 combinable single coil pickups 222 strummed and picked patterns spanning a range of genres Choose from a selection of chord progressions or play your own melodiesSPARK FRESH IDEASELECTRIC MINT captures the distinct flavor of one of the world's most recognised solid-body electric guitars, sampled from an original...
    Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Vintage
    A SIX-STRING CLASSIC The unmistakable twang of an iconic six-string solid-body electric guitar Over 230 strummed and picked patterns, riffs, glissandos, tremolos, dead notes, and more Includes additional melody instrument for your own solosTRUE-TO-NATURE TWANGELECTRIC VINTAGE delivers the iconic sound of one of the world’s most versatile electric guitars, captured from an original, late-50s model built in the USA.
    Orange Tree Samples Evolution Banshee [2 DVD]
    Orange Tree Samples Evolution Banshee [2 DVD][Kontakt] Product Details Hailing from the fiery core of the earth comes the hottest virtual 8 string guitar library for metal and rock. Evolution Banshee covers a wide variety of techniques and articulations, whether it's epic shredding leads or gigantic quadruple-tracked rhythm tracks. The sample library boasts an expansive note range, from piercing...
    Orange Tree Samples Evolution Infinity
    Product Details A product of the '80s, this flashy red electric guitar emanates clean chorus tones and shredding leads that go on forever. Quite literally, in fact, as the guitar includes a sustainer pickup which allows notes to ring indefinitely. While it might seem like a novelty initially, the sustainer pickup actually adds a lot of options for effects that aren't obtainable with an ordinary guitar.
    Orange Tree Samples Evolution Rick 12
    Product Details Evolution Rick 12 captures the iconic jangle of a 12-string electric guitar. We sampled a pristine vintage model, sporting a semi-hollow maple body, rosewood fretboard, and classic high-gain pickups. We developed this library in collaboration with Rosewood Recording Company, one of Utah's most venerable recording studios. Guy Randle, the owner and recording engineer at Rosewood Recording Company.
    Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVD]
    Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVDs Set] Sensitive and powerful, the true sound of Gibson® Les PaulTM Custom includes over 60 Giga-bytes, approx. 150,000 samples. Gibson's Les Paul Custom is the most supported and loved electric guitar in the world. Its loved by so many professional guitarists spanning generations and genres. Over three months, we recorded the sounds of...
    Prominy SC Electric Guitar [15 DVD]
    Prominy SC Electric Guitar [15 DVD][Kontakt] The true sound of Fender® Stratocaster® includes Đ¢ver 64 Giga-bytes, approx. 123,000 samples.   SC Electric Guitar enables you to compose and create natural guitar tracks that imitate real guitar playing! Main Features: Incredible real-time playability - SC SPM (Super Performance Multi) All the five pick-up positions can be reproduced. Real...
    Prominy SC Virtual Electric Guitar v1.11b
    "Produces amazingly realistic guitar parts." "Very easy to learn how to execute fluid, real-time performances." "Fun to play!" "Sounds fan-bloody-tastic!" - Sound on Sound Magazine The true sound of Fender® Stratocaster® includes over 64 Giga-bytes*, approx. 123,000 samples. SC Electric Guitar enables you to compose and create natural guitar tracks that...
    Prominy V-Metal v1.20b [2 DVD]
    Prominy V-Metal v1.20b [2 DVD / Kontakt] Ultra Real-sounding / Dark-Powered Virtual Electric Guitar.   The true METAL sound of ESP® Alexi Blacky with EMG®humbucker pickup includes over 19GB*, approx. 26,000 samples   V-METAL enables you to compose and create very realistic Metal guitar tracks that imitate real guitar playing! Main Features: Incredible real-time playability . V-METAL...
    RealLPC 4
    MusicLab RealLPC 4 What's New in version 4. We are proud to present the RealLPC virtual guitar instrument bringing the incomparable Les Paul Custom Guitar sound to your studio. Gibson's Les Paul Custom, a higher end variation of the Gibson Les Paul guitar has been used by the majority of world famous musicians, spanning generations and genres, such as Wes Montgomery, Al Di Meola, Pat Metheny.
    RealStrat 5
    The Fender Stratocaster(R) is and has always been the most popular electric guitar since its creation in 1954. Its unique sound is the favorite of many of the world's finest guitarists and has been featured on countless historic recordings in all genres of music.RealStrat sample-based virtual instrument faithfully reproduces the Stratocaster(R) sound from both the sonic and playability perspectives.
    Renegade Electric Guitar
    Indiginus Samples Renegade Electric Guitar [DVD / Kontakt] Renegade is an electric guitar sample library with an attitude. It can shimmer with detail when clean, but get dirty and powerful with the best of them. Features include hammer-ons, slides, bends, chords, and a full featured effects and amplifier setup. Requires Kontakt 5.5 full version. Easily create realistic performances with Hammer-ons.
    Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst
    Requires: KONTAKT version 5.7.1 or higher. CONTEMPORARY ELECTRIC GUITAR A perfectly captured, playable electric guitar Innovative realistic picking, riff, and strumming 154 patterns to suit a wide range of styles YOUR SESSION ELECTRIC PLAYER ELECTRIC SUNBURST precisely captures a timeless, playable electric guitar, ideal for modern productions. It combines a comprehensive library of strumming patterns.
    Shreddage 2 IBZ
    Impact Soundworks Shreddage 2 IBZ [DVD / Kontakt] Overview Prepare for an injection of liquid metal! Shreddage 2 IBZ features the ultra aggressive sound of a legendary 7-string heavy metal guitar paired with our most powerful KONTAKT engine yet. Compatible with the free KONTAKT PLAYER - Shreddage 2 is NOT required! Shreddage 2 IBZ Key Features Brutal 7-string electric guitar tuned to drop G Over 13,000+...
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