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20 Sep 2023Steinberg SpectraLayers 10
New in 10 INTELLIGENCE. POWER. CONTROL. Ten years, ten versions. SpectraLayers 10 has been reinvented from the ground up, with all-new, state-of-the art AI systems which establish new benchmarks for precision, speed and control. New tools and processes provide unmatched levels of power for editors in every field, from repair to post-production, mastering, music production and 21st century sound design.
19 Sep 2023Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop v1.4.2
Analog modeled start-ups and slow-downs The famous production technique at your fingertips. Make it as accurate or lofi as you like! Tapestop uses our virtual tape circuits to replicate the pitch behavior and instabilities an analog tape player produces when starting up or stopping. With Flux, Noise and Muffle effects, as well as fully customizable start and stop times, you have full control - have...
19 Sep 2023D16 Group Lush 2 v2.0
More than an 8-trick pony Lush 2's multilayer architecture gives you access to virtually limitless sound design possibilities and a wide spectrum of applications. Super-convenient mixer Bring it all together easily with a powerful built-in mixer: parametric EQ, compression and 3 send effects per layer! The sound you're looking for Astonishing sound quality comes with over 1600 presets to let...
19 Sep 2023Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic Woodwinds Plus
Create Sophisticated Patterns with No Musical Theory Training Necessary. About Sound Library At the time of this publication, there does not exist another instrument that can let you play FOUR short-sample Woodwinds sections (flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons) at the SAME TIME.  But wit Kinetic, you get the entire Woodwinds section in one instrument.  That means you get a separate timeline for each section.
19 Sep 2023Plugin Alliance Lindell 69 Series v1.0
Plug-in Overview Warm, Rich, and Punchy: The Sound of Classic Rock Helios Type 69 consoles are known for their smooth and harmonic sound, heard on legendary records by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, the Who, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Bob Marley. Lindell’s 69 Channel Strip faithfully recaptures this classic tone in plugin form. The Sound of The Original Analog...
19 Sep 2023Nuro Audio Xvox v1.1
Pro vocal mixes, instantly at your fingertips The most advanced vocal strip plugin ever built. Packed into a revolutionary easy-to-use interface so everyone can get pro vocal mixes fast. Packed with pro presets to instantly elevate your vocals in just a few clicks. 100+ inspiring presets give you instant access to tons of pro vocal strips - right out of the box. Choose from a curated selection of genre-based presets like pop.
18 Sep 2023Evolution Baritone Electric
Product Details The sound of a baritone guitar isn’t something you can get by simply tuning a standard guitar down a perfect fourth. The lower tension on the strings ends up sounding thin and lacking in sustain, not to mention introducing problematic tuning drift where notes start sharp and go flat as they decay. Baritone guitars solve this with a longer scale length, which not only addresses...
17 Sep 2023Toontrack EZkeys v2
Contents: Toontrack EZkeys v2 [PC Windows] Toontrack EZkeys v2 [MAC OSX] Toontrack EZkeys Core Library [PC / MAC] MEET YOUR NEW PIANO PLAYER EZkeys 2 is more than a piece of software, it’s a songwriting tool and a creative hub for new ideas. Ready to write, play and create? Meet your new piano player today. Top Features: Fully resizable and scalable interface Bandmate: Get chords and grooves...
16 Sep 2023Cymatics Sessions Launch Edition
Premium Studio Session Recordings For Creating Timeless Music. SESSIONS: MIDI Collection High Level MIDI Compositions Derived From Professional Pianist Sessions We’ve spent a ton of time working with talented pianists to capture their skillful playing, translating the sessions into MIDI compositions. You’ll get access to a wide range of different MIDI files in a variety of different styles.
15 Sep 2023Pelham and Junior Heart Talk
Thought-provoking, Low key, and emotional production. All key components that invokes the listener to reflect on relatable moments in everyday life. Add an introspective singer or rapper and you get something that speaks to the heart. Our latest sample pack, Heart Talk is highlighted by laid back Synth Pads, Piano, electric bass, guitar, and horns; this pack is a perfect harmony of soulful and emotional...
14 Sep 2023The New Studio Sopranos
Three Soprano Singers Studio Sopranos is a highly versatile choir that seamlessly transitions between intimate and aggressive, providing beautiful background textures to your orchestrations, or being upfront and dominant in the mix. Studio Sopranos features 3 extremely talented Soprano singers, recorded with 3 sets of microphones. This not only provides extremely defined sound, but also flexibility when controlling the size.
13 Sep 2023Sample Logic Key Fury
What is KEY FURY? A REFRESHING WORLD OF KEYBOARDS & PIANOS The dramatic saga continues with a world of multi-sampled cinematic keyboards and pianos, crafted into synthetic and organic presets to bring out the intensity and emotion in your next music productions. Developed in the Kontakt engine, this mammoth 12 GB virtual instrument contains 190 multi-sampled instruments / presets, over 10,400 samples.
12 Sep 2023Disciple Samples Sharks Color Bass Vol 1
"Sharks debuts his first sample pack, a massive collection of aquatic and colourful twinkly sounds based around the rising genre of Colour Bass. After helping the melodic dubstep scene evolve in a new direction alongside artists like Chime and Ace Aura, Sharks is releasing a special set of his unique watery and hard hitting colourful styles for producers to experiment with. If you are looking on improving your creativity.
11 Sep 2023Denovaire Robofriends
Out of the depths of planet earth’s junkyards come the ROBOFRIENDS. Used, destroyed, worn out, rusty, itchy and scratchy, they tell stories of a retro-futuristic age, when steam-powered rockets landed on Mars. ROBOFRIENDS is a compilation of robotic synthesizer sounds. It can be used for film post production, game audio or music production suiting special needs. Creating Glitch tracks, pimping...
10 Sep 2023Observant Sound Veiled Ashes
Veiled Ashes is a dual sample player for Kontakt 6 with a focus on creating evolving atmospheres and modulation. Use the custom MODULATION ENGINE and MATRIX to modulate up to 25 targets with 9×2 modulators and bring a sense of life and movement to any sample. 180 samples sourced from musicians around the world 200 crafted presets ready to go or to tweak with pre-made CC options User Samples &...

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