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27 Sep 2022Black Octopus Sound Deep Trance
Deep dive into the hypnotic world of ‘Deep Trance’ with its layered melodies, high tempo riffs, powerful drums, and many more classic trance elements. This stunning collection creates an uplifting, dynamic, and feeling to take your listeners to a new dimension of sound and instantly elevate your trance production! Bases: Hypnotic and pulsating bases consolidates this pack into something...
26 Sep 2022Minimal Audio MorphEQ v1.0
Expressive EQ DesignerBuild your filter movement.Morph EQ's innovative and easy-to-use morphing feature allows you to draw endless custom filter paths and navigate them with the turn of a knob.Integrated macro control.Sculpt your audio with elegant controls that globally shift and move your filter shapes. Morph through your paths, control the filter's cutoff, and create wide stereo effects with ease.
24 Sep 2022Cymatics Illusions RNB Melody Loops
New Anniversary RNB Melody Pack100% Royalty Free Melodies With Stems & MIDIThe melodies in this pack are all centered around today’s best modern RnB music.We designed these with a heavy focus on dreamy chord progressions and incredible vocal samples that bring them all together.We included a variety of different keys and scales, each painting a different type of soulful picture.So if you’re...
23 Sep 2022Cymatics Waves Melodic Melody Loops
New Anniversary Melodic Melody Pack100% Royalty Free Melodies With Stems & MIDIWaves Melody Loops is entirely focused around nostalgic and melancholic sounding melodies.For this pack, our team designed a variety of colorful and expressive samples, eached filled with a ton of emotion.We aimed to capture the feeling of nostalgia you get when a song takes you to a special place or time in your head.
22 Sep 2022WAVDSP 2022 Plug-ins pack
Contains: WAVDSP Tube X v1.0 WAVDSP Fusion Intelligence v1.0 WAVDSP Tank Mastering Suite v1.0 WAVDSP Preamp Collection v1.0.1 WAVDSP G-BUS v1.0 WAVDSP WD UpMix v1.1 WAVDSP Space Networks Mastering v1.1 WAVDSP Magic Suite v1.1.1 WAVDSP Analog Creator Collection v1.3
21 Sep 2022Nomad Factory 80s Spaces v2.0
Nomad Factory, Plugivery and MoReVox teamed up to bring you the ultimate "80’s Vibe" reverb plug-in.The development of 80’s Spaces was initiated by Plugivery CEO Eric Nolot and late friend Bernie Torelli of Nomad Factory.They joined forces with Sabino Canonne (MoReVoX) who brought his expertise in convolution and unique Impulse Response development. Sabino also shares his amazing...
20 Sep 2022Accentize Chameleon 2
Imitate any reverb with ChameleonChameleon is an intelligent audio plugin which uses artificial neural networks to estimate and model the exact reverb content of any source recording. You can build a reverb profile in seconds and easily apply it to dry studio recordings. create unlimited different unique reverbs with a single click automatic parameterisation of dry/wet-mixing, stereo-width and pre-delay the...
18 Sep 2022Toontrack Into the Dark EZX
Into the Dark EZX ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.Mix-ready drums, tailored for post-punk, dark rock and goth.This EZX presents the perfect mosaic of drums for any production that calls for an extra bit of that grisly, ghastly and raw tint of dark rock, post-punk and goth. Where better to capture just that than in its very cradle, where pioneering acts like Bauhaus, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cult and many...
17 Sep 2022Toontrack Big Stage EZX
Big Stage EZX THE STAGE IS YOURSFour kits recorded in a massive mid-1800s theater auditorium.The Big Stage EZX is an expansion for EZdrummer 3 captured in arguably the most unique and iconic setting in Toontrack EZX history: an empty stage facing a massive mid-1800s theater auditorium. Masterfully recorded by engineer/producer/mixer Jakob Herrmann and designed to provide the broadest possible sonic palette.
16 Sep 2022MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle v16
You can't stop technological progress. As the world of computers evolves, we evolve too. As a result of the hard work, observing and testing in our studios, we are bringing a new version of all our plugins that reflects the current (and future) state of technologies and DAW applications, and it will help you squeeze the most of your computers.Goodbye 32bitEvery progress has its casualties. In this case.
15 Sep 2022Baby Audio IHNY-2
Punchy Parallel Compressor (VST/AU/AAX)IHNY2 boasts a complete visual overhaul to its predecessor but continues to drive Baby Audio’s mission to create “the hardest-hitting compressor in the industry.” A new central XY pad enables you to dial in the amount of parallel compression to your mix, as opposed to the original’s two knobs and one slider.The plugin splits your audio into a dry and wet track.
12 Sep 2022iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced
The smart solution for clear audio.Trusted by professional audio engineers to quickly and reliably deliver clean soundThings break. So does audio. Recorded sound is rarely perfect— in fact, it's often in really bad shape. That's why you need RX, the industry standard for audio repair that helps restore, clean up, and improve recordings in post-production, music, and content creation.What's...
11 Sep 2022Bogren Digital BassKnob STD.v1.0
Your new low-end go-toBassKnob: STD gives you the best bass sound you've ever heard with the turn of a knob. Add full-bodied bass to your next recording, capture a quick idea in pristine quality, or just enjoy a beautiful tone for your next practice session.Simple, dynamic, responsive, articulate. It's absolutely everything a bad-ass bass plugin should be.Everything you need Mix-finished™...
10 Sep 2022Bogren Digital AmpKnob RevC v1.2.1
A One-knob revolutionFor album-ready heavy guitars.Creativity FirstWhat if we told you that you only need one single knob to get a great heavy guitar tone?And what if we told you that you will experience responsiveness and realism previously unheard in a plug-in?With the new AmpKnob RevC, this is becoming a reality. Plug in, rock out and immediately start recording bone-crushing guitars without anything...
09 Sep 2022Arturia Dist Coldfire v1.0
Dist COLDFIRE is a dual-engine distortion effect that goes from rich tube saturation to unrestrained sonic destruction in a few clicks. Combine analog & digital algorithms with deep modulation and customization, and unlock near-infinite distortion possibilities for your sound.To create is to destroyTwist the simplest groove into a gnarled web of crushed resonance; bring your instruments, vocals.

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