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21 Jun 2024Native Instruments Schema Light
Melodic sequencer plugin A unique sequencing engine for weaving captivating melodic patterns and textures Explore and sculpt creatively processed bells, keys, plucked strings, xylophones, and more Craft immersive sequences using the four-layer engine Lush, shapeable layers Schema: Light gives you an endless source of new ideas, packing a kaleidoscopic collection of soft, layerable upper-range loops...
20 Jun 2024Toontrack Disco EZbass MIDI
EZbass MIDI inspired by disco and funk from the 1970s through to now. Although the bell bottom pants and jumpsuit days are long gone, disco is just as alive and well today as it was some 40 odd years ago – it just changed venues. Have a listen to Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake or Madonna – to name a few – and you’ll know. For this MIDI pack, we turned to its sibling for EZkeys...
19 Jun 2024Plugin Alliance Mixland Vac Attack
OVERVIEW Smooth optical compression for tracks and groups Mixland’s Vac Attack is an analog-modeled optical limiter plugin that’s intended to control the dynamics of individual tracks and groups. The vacuum tube saturation circuit introduces harmonically-rich warmth and character to vocals, drums, basses, and your stereo bus. Based on a discontinued hardware unit Vac Attack is based on...
18 Jun 2024Toontrack Ambient Pop EzKeys MIDI
EZkeys MIDI inspired by ambient, electronic and atmospheric modern pop music. Merging edgy beats and cutting edge production techniques with evocative soundscapes and hypnotic hooks, ambient pop is an amalgam of electronic music styles unlike no other. In this MIDI pack for EZkeys, we explore both ends of this multi-textured and borderless genre. Organized in separate “songs” and with five...
17 Jun 2024Toontrack Modern Soul EzKeys MIDI
Fusing classic soul with funk, jazz, fusion, hip-hop, pop and electronic, soul of today is a patchwork of styles where no rules apply other than those that have been given since day one: great melodic and rhythmic foundations. However, seeing as the word “modern” implies a fleeing snapshot of the exact moment of now, this collection of EZkeys MIDI rather sets out to capture the evolution...
16 Jun 2024D16 Group Sigmund 2
Four independent delay lines Four beefed-up delay units in one box to expand your sound-shaping capabilities beyond imagination. High-quality delay line algorithm Precisely adjust delay times across a wide range for a very flexible sound. Delay, chorus, flanger? You name it! Multipurpose modulators Four multipurpose modulators make it quick and easy to apply different types of modulation to several...
15 Jun 2024Toontrack Tropical House EzKeys MIDI
With accessible vocal and keyboard hooks front and center, the tropical house genre has managed to struck a chord that’s cut through to the very core of the mainstream – way beyond the inner circle of the EDM scene. Artists like The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Diplo, Becky Hill and numerous others have been tearing up global charts, become rotation staples in all thinkable medias and been topping...
14 Jun 2024Nexus 4 Expansion Afrobeats
Feel the Rhythm Ready to embrace the heartbeat of Africa? The very first Afrobeats expansion for Nexus is here! A fusion of various musical styles, from traditional African rhythms and hip hop to dancehall, chart and funk, this one is exactly what you need to put more soul or groove into any track. Come explore the traditional ethnic sounds, basslines, natural instruments, and rhythms that define the Afrobeats genre.
13 Jun 2024Synthonic Audio Monomy
Your friend for every adventure Reimagine Synthesis Explore intricately manipulated and highly sought-after reinterpretations of the most powerful analog sound sources directly in your DAW, such as FL Studio, Ableton or Logic. Monomy samples the analog feeling of classic VCO-Synthesizers and redefines the sound through exceptional and out of the box manipulation, carrying a depth that eludes traditional vst plugin offers.
12 Jun 2024D16 Group Nepheton 2
The Iconic and Versatile 808 Sound The most iconic and widely used drum machine in over 40 years of music history is reincarnated in Nepheton2. You'll find all the nuances of the 808 booming sounds perfectly reproduced. Now you have everything you need to create your next dancefloor shaking hit. Paired with a Full-Fledged fx Section The fully furnished effect section helps in creating more punchy and animated sound.
11 Jun 2024Boom Library Alien Life
Contains: Boom Library Alien Life Designed Boom Library Alien Life Construction Kit EXPAND YOUR SONIC UNIVERSE AND CRAFT UNRIVALED ALIEN SOUND EFFECTS Explore the unknown corners of the universe and discover ALIEN LIFE! Feel the tension as visceral snarls, shrieks, squawks, grunts, and groans craft the unsettling sounds of extraterrestrial biology. ALIEN LIFE features our signature high-quality audio and design.
10 Jun 2024Heavyocity Solo Textures
Emotion In MotionThe intimacy of solo violin, viola, and cello, captured and melded with Heavyocity’s signature sound design. Solo Textures delivers the expressive, rhythmic, and emotional nuance only found in the performances of solo instruments.Solo TexturesExplore the nuance of 16 unique sustained and detaché articulations, 10+ Soundscapes and Arpeggios, and Hybrid textures across solo violin, viola, and cello.
09 Jun 2024Embertone Honkytonk Harmonica
We set out to create a virtual harmonica with a honkytonk soul… stylistically faithful to the country and blues music originating from old-time southern bars of the past. In other words: a twangy virtual harmonica that stands on its own, whether you’re backing up the band, or soloing over it.Trigger real, sampled vibrato performances for the extra realism, or intimately control our modeled vibrato engine instead.
08 Jun 2024PML Bound to Divide Lauren Laimant Vocal Hooks
About This Vocal Samples PackWhen imagining this vocal pack, the ultimate goal was to provide the producer with the feeling that they were in the studio with Lauren in true collaboration style. To achieve this we provided both dry and wet samples for ultimate flexibility, as well as doubles, harmonies, and backing vocals for a select number of hooks.The addition of a folder containing toplines and...
07 Jun 2024Ableton Live Suite 12 Sound Library
These are all the Suite ALPs you can get for Ableton Suite Live 12. 64PadLabbyMadZach_r38594_v1.0 BeatSelectionbySampleMagic_r56200_v1.0 BeatTools_r59723_v1.1 Bomblastic_r56108_v1.0 BrassQuartetbySpitfireAudio_r59560_v1.1 BreakbeatsbyKutMastaKurt_r32873_v9.0 BreakSelectionbySampleMagic_r36457_v1.0 BuildandDrop_r59726_v1.2 BuildingMaxDevices_r58236_v1.0 ChopandSwing_r59744_v1.3 ConvolutionReverb_r59648_v1.

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