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15 Jul 2024
Native Instruments Spotlight Collection Ireland
Native Instruments Spotlight Collection IrelandNew
Authentic Irish instruments Explore the genuine sound of 11 traditional Irish instruments, including tin whistle, fiddle, bodhrán, and Irish harp Perform intricate melodies with a wide selection of scales and rhythms Craft true-to-life arrangements with the built-in mixer and powerful studio effects...
14 Jul 2024
Wrongtools Apeiron
Wrongtools ApeironNew
INDUSTRIAL SAMPLE KIT Industrial sample kit for aficionados of colossal basses, unbounded pads, relentless leads, overdrive drums, spooky sound effects and Impactful concussions. Apeiron is a fusion of industrial, HARD TECHNO, SYNTH-rock, and heavy electronica samples.
13 Jul 2024
Native Instruments Crosstalk Piano
Native Instruments Crosstalk PianoNew
Next-generation piano An upright piano combined with processed multisamples in a completely new way Shift layered piano sounds over time with per layer volume modulations, like short peaks, smooth curves or pumping Explore over 200 inspiring presets and morph through three sound variations for each one...
12 Jul 2024
Wrongtools Feathersome Strings
Wrongtools Feathersome StringsNew
String Quartet Sample Library Fragmented Nuanced Breathlike Strings that Unfolds Episodically String Quartet ensemble patches with a sense of constant development.  Use modwheel to crossfade between dynamic layers, playingstyles and timbres. For patches in the “Tainted” folder, the XY...
11 Jul 2024
Native Instruments Play Series Utopia 2.0
Native Instruments Play Series Utopia 2.0New
Trance production toolkit Channel the euphoric energy of trance with an anthology of uplifting sounds Customize effects chains for every preset with reverbs, delays, and more Comes packed with 150 authentic basses, leads, pads, and arps Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding trance presets and real-time...
10 Jul 2024
Wrongtools Down By Law
Wrongtools Down By LawNew
Created by playing with rubber mallet, brushes and knitting needle on the strings of a wooden acoustic bass guitar.Tech Specs patches: 66 samples: 2417 size: 4.1 GB 
09 Jul 2024
Ghost Syndicate Remedy Drum and Bass
Ghost Syndicate Remedy Drum and BassNew
REMEDY: your ultimate prescription for transformative minimal drum & bass! Unveil a sonic journey like no other through REMEDY - a captivating opus by Ghost Syndicate that seamlessly blends cutting-edge minimal drum & bass elements into an electrifying audio elixir. Immerse yourself in carefully honed drum loops.
08 Jul 2024
ADSR Drum Machine v1.3
ADSR Drum Machine v1.3New
Get grooving with ADSR Drum Machine. Let the beats flow. Full featured and packed with an extensive library of kits and patterns. No creative friction. Grease your groove. Get grooving with a full featured drum machine packed with kits and patterns. Modulation - Hands free control Control commonly used...
08 Jul 2024
Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets
Just Sound Effects Steampunk GadgetsNew
Enter the World of Steampunk Sound Design STEAMPUNK GADGETS opens the gate into the intricate realm of gears, cogs and mechanisms. This collection of mechanical sound effects is an auditory passport to a Victorian-era workshop where the future meets the past through the whisper of steam-powered machinery...
08 Jul 2024
Rigid Audio Asphericon
Rigid Audio AsphericonNew
Asphericon - Hybrid Sampler with Multi-Sampled Guitars, Tubes and Bells To round things up, Asphericon features unique convolution reverb effects, an ambient layer with 20 presets, an ambient shimmer effect as well as a guitar-amp simulation effect. The instrument is fully velocity-responsive and comes with four global presets.
08 Jul 2024
Spitfire Hearth and Hollow Folk Voices
Spitfire Hearth and Hollow Folk VoicesNew
The Vocal Folk Sound Recorded in the chapel of St. John's Anglican Church, Hearth and Hollow Folk Voices captures a real and intimate vocal session synonymous with indie folk. Created with Hunter Rogerson, this VST focuses on the texture and tonality of how real people sound — highlighting...
08 Jul 2024
Sonible Pure Unmask v1.0
Sonible Pure Unmask v1.0New
The AI-powered Unmasking plug-in designed for creators About pure:unmask pure:unmask effortlessly tidies up your mix and prevents, thanks to spectral  unmasking, any audio interference in the frequency spectrum between two tracks. Automatic parametrization for high-quality results AI-powered processing...
08 Jul 2024
Zynaptiq MORPH 3 Pro
Zynaptiq MORPH 3 ProNew
We're thrilled to announce MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO, the latest iteration of our popular MORPH plug-in, as well as an Early Access program. A massive upgrade to the classic MORPH 2, MORPH 3 and MORPH 3 PRO extend the classic's sonic bandwidth even further, adding new algorithms, a patent-pending...
08 Jul 2024
Safari Pedals Everything Bundle v2024
Safari Pedals Everything Bundle v2024New
Get every Safari Pedals plugin and bring the animal kingdom into your studio! Join the wild side of audio and be part of the animals lovers club with our Everything Bundle. It's not just a bundle; it's a journey through diverse sonic landscapes, crafted for producers and engineers who dare to stand out.
30 Jun 2024
BeatSkillz Rekraft
BeatSkillz RekraftNew
Rekraft is a must-have tool for music producers and sound designers seeking to infuse their tracks with the warmth and charm of lo-fi / vintage sounds, offering unprecedented control and simplicity. Additional Features include a Global Mix Control , a Full EQ Section, Compression and a Spatial Expander.

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