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ACID format

Paul Black's Whiskey, Cigarettes & Gumbo$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.10 - Hella Bumps 2$10.00
BASS X$10.00
Dark Techstep Jungle$10.00
ArhythmiA: Drums & Drones Vol. 1$10.00
Trance NRG$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.34 - da Joints$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.19 - Underground Sound System$10.00
Psychedelic Trance and Goa$10.00
Euro Techno$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.43 - Rock Drums$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.26 - Liquid Cinema: Cinematic Ambience$10.00
Fluid Dynamics: Computational Drum 'n' Bass$10.00
Knutrix Drum 'n Bass$10.00
Chicago Fire: Drum 'n' Bass$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.08 - Hydrosonix 2$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.12 - Electro Crash$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.14 - Sounds Logickal$10.00
Chromosphere Electronic Imprints and Astrobeats$10.00
American Piano$10.00
ACID DJ Expander Pack$10.00
ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit$10.00
Dub Basis$10.00
UNDA Construction$10.00
Designer Dance Tools$10.00
DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics$10.00
World Pop$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.01 - Discrete Drums: World Rock and Percussion$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.02 - Discrete Drums: R&B Drums and Percussion$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.03 - These Drums are Loud$10.00
Sounds of Asia: Opium$7.50
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats$10.00
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths$10.00
Bunker 8: Nu Groove Pop$10.00
The Electro Set$10.00
Electronic Point-Blank$10.00
Zero-Gravity Beats$10.00
Techno Club Grooves$7.50
Nu Tec Grooves$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.04 - Worldbeat Café$10.00
Trance Explosion [2 CD]$15.00
Hardcore Breakbeat Action [2 CD]$15.00
Electro Synthbox$10.00
2rAw New World Order$10.00
Nu Directions-The Phuture Sound of House$10.00
Super Pads And Textures$10.00
Trip Hop Pandemonium$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.17 - AdrenaLinn Guitars$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.37 - Field of Visions$10.00
IK Multimedia Contaminated$10.00
Urban Ammunition [2 DVD]$55.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.52 - Dance Remix Toolkit 1$10.00
M-Audio ProSessions vol.46 - Discrete Drums More Funky Beats$10.00
Satin Grooves$27.50
Producer Loops Hard Dance Vocals$10.00
Paul Black Blues Guitar$7.50
Urbanistic Pop Diva$5.00

AKAI format

1000 Synth$10.00
116 Electronic Drum Machines Soli CD 10$10.00
40 Oz Of Phat Slammin Hip Hop$10.00
Acoustic Guitar Grooves$10.00
Advanced Media Trax 3 Modern Composer$10.00
AKAI S1100 Sound Library$10.00
Akai CD-ROM Sound Library Volume 3 - Drums$10.00
Akai CD-ROM Sound Library Volume 8 - GM Sets$10.00
All Synth$10.00
Alpha Dance CD 1$10.00
Alpha Dance CD 2$10.00
Analog to Digital$10.00
B3 Organ-Hammond B3 Organ Collection CD-ROM$10.00
Best of Ensoniq$10.00
Big Bang - Modern Drums & Percussion$10.00
Bill Bruford - Packet Of Three$10.00
Bizzare Guitar$10.00
Black II Black 3$10.00
Bob Clearmountain Drums CD 1$10.00
Bob Clearmountain Percussion & Bass$10.00
Brass Super Section$10.00
Breakz From the Nu Skool$10.00
Burning Grooves KITS$10.00
Charlie Morgan Master Drums CD 1$10.00
Chart Excess Library Pads$10.00
Classical Orchestra$10.00
Classical Sounds$10.00
Dance instruments$10.00
Dance Mega Add-On Grooves$10.00
Dance Mega Bass$10.00
Dance Mega Drums CD 1$10.00
Dance Mega Drums CD 2$10.00
Dance Mega Hip Hop/Electro$10.00
Deepest India CD 1$10.00
Deepest India CD 2 Instruments$10.00
Deepest India CD 3 Orchestra & Ensembles$10.00
Def House$10.00
Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library CD 1$10.00
Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library CD 3$10.00
Distorted Reality CD 1$10.00
Distorted Reality CD 2 darkness & Light$10.00
Double Platinum Drums CD 1 - Room Loops and Loop Kits/Cymbal Kits$10.00
Double Platinum Drums CD 2 - Room Instrument Hits and Kit Combinations$10.00
Double Platinum Drums CD 3 - Dry Loops and Loop Kits/Cymbal Kits$10.00
Double Platinum Drums CD 4 - Dry Instrument Hits and Kit Combinations$10.00
Dream Experience$10.00
Drum & Bass Resonance$10.00
Drum Implants 12 Layers Acoustic Drums Kits$10.00
Drum Loops$10.00
East Collexion Drums CD 1 Dry$10.00
East Collexion Drums CD 3 Dance$10.00
East Collexion Guitar$10.00
Electro Life Spice$10.00
F.A.S.T. Animation$10.00
Flamenco CD 1$10.00
Flamenco CD 2$10.00
Fm Bass$10.00
Grand Piano (Grand Piano Germany 1995)$10.00
Guitar Expressions CD 1$10.00
Guitar Expressions CD 2$10.00
Hans Zimmer Guitars vol. 1$10.00
Hans Zimmer Guitars vol. 2 CD 1$10.00
Hans Zimmer Guitars vol. 2 CD 2$10.00
History of Korg$10.00
Joey Kramer Drums Aerosmith CD 2$10.00
Karma Chopra$10.00
Keyboards of the 60's and 70's CD 2$10.00
Kickin Lunatic Beats CD 2$10.00
Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings CD 1$10.00
Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings CD 2$10.00
Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings CD 3$10.00
KORG Prophecy$10.00
Latin Groove Factory CD 3$10.00
Make More House Music$10.00
Master Studio Collection CD 1$10.00
Masterkit 2 Jazz & Dance$10.00
Metamorphosis CD 1$10.00
Metamorphosis CD 2$10.00
Metamorphosis CD 3$10.00
Miroslav Vitous - Symphonic Orchestra Samples - Woodwind & Brass Ensembles$10.00
Miroslav Vitous - Symphonic Orchestra Samples - Solo Intruments I$10.00
Modified Pianos$10.00
New Ambient Edge$10.00
New York City Drumworks CD 1$10.00
New York City Drumworks CD 2$10.00
Orbit Dance$10.00
Orchestral Colours$10.00
Pads I Sweeps$10.00
Peter Erskine Living Drums$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra 1 - String Ensembles$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra 2 - Solo Strings$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra 3 - WoodWinds$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra 4 - Brass and Effects$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra 5 - Percussion & Harp$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra Upgrade vol. 1$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra Upgrade vol. 2$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra Upgrade vol. 3$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Extended Classical Choir$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Section Strings$10.00
Peter Siedlaczek's Total Piano CD 1$10.00
Phantom Trumpet$10.00
Phatter Phunkier CD 1$10.00
Phatter Phunkier CD 2$10.00
Phatter Phunkier CD 3$10.00
Philip Wolfe & David Crozier's Saxophones$10.00
Pitbull Jungle Loops$10.00
Planet Phatt$10.00
Platinum 24 Acoustic Drums CD 1$10.00
Platinum 24 Acoustic Drums CD 2$10.00
Platinum 24 Electronic Drums$10.00
Pocket Sindrome Rock Guitar CD 2$10.00
Post Prepared Piano$10.00
ProSamples 01 Hip Hop & RnB 1$10.00
ProSamples 07 Future Beats 1$10.00
ProSamples 09 Future Beats 2$10.00
ProSamples 10 Total House$10.00
ProSamples 22 Hip Hop$10.00
ProSamples 23 Trip Hop$10.00
ProSamples 24 Breakbeat$10.00
ProSamples 25 Pop & Funk Brass$10.00
ProSamples 26 Nu R'n'B & Hip Hop$10.00
ProSamples 27 Dancefloor Bass$10.00
ProSamples 28 Vocal House$10.00
ProSamples 30 World Instruments$10.00
Prosonous Grand Piano$10.00
Prosonous The Orchestral collection$10.00
Prosonus Pro FX 1$10.00
Prosonus Pro FX 2$10.00
Pure Guitars$10.00
Quantum Leap Brass CD 1$10.00
Quantum Leap Brass CD 2$10.00
Quantum Leap Brass CD 3$10.00
Quantum Leap Brass CD 4$10.00
Quantum Leap Brass CD 5$10.00
Quantum Leap Guitar & Bass$10.00
Real Mega Drums 2 CD 1$10.00
Real Mega Drums 2 CD 2$10.00
Double Platinum Rock Piano$10.00
Ross Garfield Drums CD 1$10.00
Skippys Big Bad Beats 1$10.00
Skippys Big Bad Beats 2$10.00
Sound Cube vol. 07 - Crash Boom Zap!$10.00
Sound Cube vol. 02 - Orchestral & Classic$10.00
Sound Cube vol. 03 - Voice Spectral$10.00
Sound Cube vol. 05 - World FX 2$10.00
Sound Cube vol. 10 - Rave FX$10.00
SoundScan vol.01 - Hard & Loud Techno$10.00
SoundScan vol.02 - Hip Hop Underground$10.00
SoundScan vol.11 - Dance & Groove Drums$10.00
SoundScan vol.14 - Twisted Special FX$10.00
SoundScan vol.22 - Vintage Blues Guitars$10.00
SoundScan vol.26 - Big Beat CD2: Samples and More$10.00
SoundScan vol.20 - Fresh Disco House Vol. 1$10.00
SoundScan vol.21 - Fresh Disco House Vol. 2$10.00
Liquid Grooves CD 2$10.00
SSS04 - InFocus House$10.00
Stack Ware Pad$10.00
State of the Art SYNTH$10.00
Steve Gadd Drumscores$10.00
Steve Smith Rhytmic Journey$10.00
StudioLine vol.01 - Mega Piano$10.00
StudioLine vol.03 - Great Guitars$10.00
StudioLine vol.04 - Bass Attack$10.00
StudioLine vol.08 - Woodwinds$10.00
Synclavier Brass & Winds$10.00
Synclavier Essential Percussion$10.00
Synclavier Keys and Guitars$10.00
Synclavier Strings$10.00
Synth Leads$10.00
SynthLine vol.23 - K-2500$10.00
SynthLine vol.01 - Virus$10.00
SynthLine vol.08 - JP-8000$10.00
SynthLine vol.10 - JV-2080$10.00
SynthLine vol.15 - Trinity$10.00
SynthLine vol.18 - Super Novation$10.00
SynthLine vol.32 - Proteus 1 XR$10.00
SynthLine vol.20 - NordLead$10.00
SynthLine vol.24 - JD-990$10.00
SynthLine vol.14 - Waldorf Q$10.00
Terminal Head CD 1$10.00
Terminal Head CD 2$10.00
The Cathedral Organ$10.00
The Studio Grand$10.00
Trance Fusion$10.00
Ultimate Piano Collection$10.00
Ultimate String collection$10.00
Universal Collection$10.00
Johnny Cs Vintage Custom Snare Drum Library$10.00
Vintage Voltage 1$10.00
Vintage Voltage 2$10.00
Vinylistics CD 1$10.00
Vocal Planet CD 1 Gospel$10.00
Vocal Planet CD 3 Vocal FX$10.00
Vocal Planet CD 4 R'n'B & Dance$10.00
Voice Spectral CD 2$10.00
Voices of Native America vol. 1$10.00
Will Lee Bass Library CD 1$10.00
Will Lee Bass Library CD 2$10.00
Wizoo Kit Connection - Acoustic Drums$10.00
Wizoo Powered Nord Lead$10.00
Wizoo Powered Wave$10.00
X-Static Goldmine CD 1$10.00
X-Static Goldmine CD 2$10.00
X-Static Goldmine CD 3$10.00
XX Large Analogue Dreams AKAI$10.00
XX Large Bass Akai$10.00
XX Large Extreme 5 - Drum & Bass/Hardcore$10.00
XX Large Most Wanted$10.00
XX Large The Killer$10.00
Yamaha AN-1X$10.00
Yamaha DX-7$10.00
Zero-G Ethnic$10.00
Akai CD-ROM Sound Library Volume 4 - Rhythm Loops$10.00
Akai CD-ROM Sound Library Volume 2 for S1000 and S1100$10.00
Backbeat [4 CD]$32.50
Dave Samuels Marimba & Vibes$10.00
Akai CD-ROM Sound Library Volume 5 - Percussion$10.00
Akai CD-ROM Sound Library Volume 7 for S3000 XL Series$10.00
AKAI S6000 Sound Library$10.00
History of Roland$10.00
New Gold CD 1$10.00
New Gold CD 2$10.00
New Gold CD 3$10.00
Hyper Space$10.00
The Heavy Hitters Greatest Hits$10.00
Emu Orbit$10.00
Black II Black 1$10.00
Black II Black 2 CD 1$10.00
Black II Black 2 CD 2$10.00
East Collexion Orchestra$10.00
East Collexion Strings$10.00
East Collexion Horns & Brass$10.00
The Denny Jaeger Private Collection$10.00
AKAI S1000 Sound Library$10.00
Global Trance Mission 1$10.00
Global Trance Mission 2$10.00
Pure Drums$10.00
Vocal Planet CD 2 Jazz, Blues$10.00
Vocal Planet CD 5 World Voices$10.00
Vocal Planet CD 6 Data Disc$10.00
Vocal Planet Bundle [6 CD]$39.95
Virtual Analogue Vol.1 - CD1 Clavia NordLead$10.00
Virtual Analogue Vol.1 - CD4 Novation Nova$10.00
Symphony of Voices Vol.1 - London Choir$10.00
Symphony of Voices Vol.2 - Classical Soloist & Choir FX$10.00
Symphony of Voices Vol.3 - Boys Choir & Gregorian Men$10.00
Symphony of Voices Vol.4 - Pop Stacks$10.00
Symphony of Voices Vol.5 - Additional Voices$10.00
Symphony of Voices Bundle [5 CD]$37.50
Horny Club Sounds$10.00
SoundScan vol.12 - Bass Analog & Synth$10.00
XXLarge Production Effects$10.00
Robert Miles CD 1$10.00
SoundScan vol.59 - Spanish & Gypsy Traditions$10.00
SoundScan vol.60 - Asian Traditions$10.00
Legacy - The Definitive Analog Sampler$10.00
XXLarge CLUB 1$10.00
XXLarge CLUB 2$10.00
Street Beatz$10.00
ProSamples Vol.31 Rare Ethnic Instruments$10.00
Drum n bass Flash Trackz$10.00
Quantum Leap Rare Instruments vol.2 - Middle East & India$10.00
SynthLine vol.17 - Roland XP-80$10.00
SoundScan vol.58 - Drum 'n Bass Sensations$10.00
DRUMbase 5000$10.00
StudioLine vol.09 - Synth Leads$10.00
SynthLine vol.04 - AN-1x$10.00
XX Large No Kick$10.00
XX Large No Kick 2$10.00
XXLarge CLUB 4$10.00
Funk Bass$10.00
SoundScan vol.05 - Explosive Jungle$10.00
Heart of Africa Vol. 1$10.00
Heart of Africa Vol. 2$10.00
Heart of Asia [2 CD]$17.50

Audio and MP3 format

Alan Parsons & Stephen Court SOUND CHECK$15.00
Megaton House Bomb [2 CD]$17.50
1200 Acapellas$35.00
Rizing Drum and Bass$7.50
Rising Drum and Bass 2 [2 CD]$15.00
The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library [5 CD]$37.50
The Disney Ideas Sound FX Collection$10.00
The Chill Out Room [2 CD]$15.00
Breakbeat 2$10.00
Drum 'n' Bass Construction Kits$10.00
Acapella Heaven for DJs$12.50
Deep House v2.0$10.00
Da Nu RnB Hip Hop$10.00
Hadeeth - Arabic Rhythms$7.50
Rock & Pop Vocals$10.00
Drum n Bass Fast Forward [2 CD]$17.50


Techno eJay 4 [2 CD]$17.50
Dance eJay 7 [2 CD]$17.50
RAVE eJay$7.50
eJay Sound Selection #1 - Club Tunes [4 CD]$30.00
Hip Hop eJay Sample Kit Vol. 2 - Unplugged$7.50
eJay Ibiza Summer Sessions$10.00
HipHop eJay 6 [2 CD]$20.00
eJay Sound Collection #2 [4 CD]$30.00
E-Jay Sounds: Trance, Hard Trance, Techno$10.00
Techno eJay 5$10.00
eJay HipHop 5 Reloaded [DVD]$10.00

EMU format

E-MU Emulator X Sampler$10.00
Russian Masters$12.50
E-MU Planet Earth X Sample Library$10.00
E-MU Mo Phatt X$10.00
E-MU Proteus X Desktop Sampling System$10.00
E-MU Analogia Project [2 CD]$20.00
E-MU Platinum Phatt [2 CD]$20.00
E-MU Emulator X2$12.50
SynthLine vol.08 - JP-8000 [EMU]$10.00
E-MU Earth Tones$10.00
E-MU Proteus X Producer$10.00
E-MU Twistaloop X-perience$10.00
E-MU Studio Grand Piano$10.00
E-MU Beat Shop 1$10.00
E-MU Proteus VX v2.0.1$10.00

EXS24 format

24-Bit Stereo Grand Piano for Emagic's EXS24 [2 CD]$17.50
Xtreme Digital$10.00
Xtreme HipHop [2 CD]$17.50
Xtreme Analogue$10.00
Pure Drums$10.00
Pure Guitars$10.00
Scarbee R.S.P.73$30.00
Pure E-Basses Vol.1 [4 CD]$30.00
Pure E-Basses Vol.2 [4 CD]$30.00
Scarbee W.E.P.$35.00
VSL Horizon Series - Solo Strings [5 DVD]$100.00
VSL Horizon Series - Concert Guitar$25.00
Xtreme House$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums$10.00
Kick-Ass Brass$10.00
Analog Infinity vol. 1$25.00
SampleTekk Tubed Keys Mk I Seventy-Three$25.00
HardTrance Production$10.00
VSL Horizon Series - Saxophones 1$25.00
Tekniks Breakmatic$10.00
Tekniks Housematic$10.00
Heavy Mental Drum Kits$25.00
Soundlabel Piano Attack$30.00
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection [5 DVD Set]$72.50
Peter Siedlaczeks Advanced Orchestra Extended Edition [2 DVD]$65.00
Piano Magic Bundle 24BiT [6 DVD]$69.95
Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar$10.00
Seven Seas Grand [3 DVD]$82.50
Minimal & Tech-House$32.50
Club Revolution Vol.1$10.00
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00
Audio Boutique Tribal Elements$20.00
Ultimate Beats Vol.2$22.50
Electro House Revolution Vol. 1$20.00

GIGA samples

The Holy Grail Piano$10.00
Celtic Instruments CD 1$10.00
Celtic Instruments CD 2$10.00
Jinjee's Horns: Solo Orchestral Brass$10.00
Solo Flute$10.00
Solo Strings CD 1$10.00
Spirit Voices Native American Flutes$10.00
Steinway B [2 CD]$17.50
PMI Baroque Organ$35.00
Symphonic String Collection DVD 1$25.00
Symphonic String Collection DVD 2$25.00
Vienna Symphonic Library Complete Orchestral Package$247.50
Voices of The Apocalypse CD 1$10.00
Voices of The Apocalypse CD 2$10.00
VSL Horizon Series - Overdrive$25.00
Worra's Prophet$10.00
Yamaha Grand Piano (Gigapiano)$10.00
Vienna Symphonic Library Complete Orchestral Package PRO EDITION$625.00
ESTONIA Acoustic Grand$10.00
PMI Old Lady Piano$35.00
PMI Emperor Piano for GS3$35.00
Clean Electric Guitars vol.1 - 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom CD 1$10.00
Clean Electric Guitars vol.2 - 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom CD 2$10.00
Clean Electric Guitars vol.3 - 1958 Fender Stratocaster$10.00
Xsample Vol.12 - Woodwinds II$10.00
Attack Synth: Memory Moog$10.00
Xsample Vol.13 - Flute, Piccolo, Bottles Flute$10.00
Studio Grand 88$12.50
The Rain Piano$10.00
VSL Horizon Series - Opus I [4 DVD]$112.50
SAM Solo Sessions$35.00
Yamaha Electric Grand Piano CP-80$25.00
VSL Horizon Series - Glass and Stones$25.00
Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Series - Solo Flute and Flute Section [3 CD]$25.00
White Grand - The Ultimate Studio Grand Piano$30.00
Roland JX-3P Synthesizer$10.00
Jacaranda Guitar$10.00
Peter Ewer's Symphonic Organ [3 DVD]$62.50
Bosendorfer 275 Piano GIGA$20.00
SAM Solo Sessions 24bit GiGA3$35.00
Dan Dean Giga Bass$10.00
Dan Dean Double Reeds$30.00
Acoustic Essentials vol.1$10.00
SAM Horns & Trombones$30.00
GIGASTUDIO 3 [6 DVD]$147.50
Symphonic Brass Collection [3 DVD]$70.00
Dirk Campbell Origins$30.00
Fretless Bass Collection [4 CD]$30.00
Vertikal [2 DVD]$55.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads$10.00
Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums [2 DVD]$60.00
Heavy Mental Drum Kits$25.00
The John Rekevics Saxophone Library - Alto Sax$10.00
The John Rekevics Saxophone Library - Tenor Sax$10.00
VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe$35.00
Westgate Studios Modular Series - Oboes$32.50
Piano Magic Bundle 24BiT [6 DVD]$69.95
AI Guitars Vol.2 Chords and Strums$10.00
Steinway Black Grand Piano [3 DVD]$50.00


SIR 2 Impulse Response Processor$10.00
24 bit & 32 bit Impulse Collection$10.00
Impulse Responses Pack for Magix Samplitude Pro$10.00
Spectral Relativity$10.00
TL SPACE Registered User IR Library$10.00
Acoustics.Net Impulses for Waves IRx$30.00
Hall of Fame [2 DVD]$50.00
Acousticas Lexicon 224 IR Library$10.00
Lexicon L300 IR Library$7.50
Ownhammer Impulse Response Libraries - California Duo$10.00
Sony DRE-2000 for Audio Ease Altiverb$10.00
Celestion Impulse Responses$10.00

MIDI Files

MIDI CD 1$12.50
MIDI CD 2$12.50
23000 RingTones$10.00
VipZone Roxx The Club Vol.1$10.00
VipZone Trance Arpeggios$10.00
DMS EDM Club Chords Vol.1-3 [MIDI]$10.00
Roots Music EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack$10.00
Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack$10.00
Keys & Strings EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Movie Scores EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Indie Pop EZkeys MIDI$5.00
AOR EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Rock Ballads EZkeys MIDI$5.00
JPlanet Entertainment Royal Pop Piano Hooks vol. 1-2$5.00
Myloops Stonevalley and Fast Distance MIDI Pack Vol.1$5.00
Latin EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Jazz Ballads EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Ballads 2 EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack SDX New York Studios v.1-2$10.00
Platinum Samples SteveFerrone MIDI Groove Library$5.00
Classic Soul EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Jazz EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Library of the Extreme Blasts and Fills$5.00
Toontrack Backbeats$5.00
American Rock MIDI$5.00
Basic Rock 2 MIDI$5.00
Indie Folk MIDI$5.00
Ultimate Virus TI Soundsets Bundle$15.00
Toontrack A.O.R. EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Country Guitars EZmix Pack$5.00
Ambient EZmix Pack$5.00
Lo-Fi EZmix Pack$5.00
Forrester Savell EZmix Pack$5.00
JamTrack Amps EZmix Pack$5.00
Mark Lewis Metal Tones EZmix Pack$5.00
Big Rock Guitars EZmix Pack$5.00
Metal Guitar Gods 4 EZmix Pack$5.00
Rooms and Verbs EZmix Pack$5.00
Metal Bass Beasts EZmix Pack$5.00
Vengeance Producer Suite Metrum All Expansions$10.00
Toontrack Fusion EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Hip-Hop EZkeys Midi$5.00
Toontrack Fusion Grooves$5.00
Toontrack Piano Pop EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Seventies Prog EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Disco EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Dream Pop EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Cymatics Essential MIDI Collection Vol.1-4$10.00
Black Metal Midi Pack$5.00
Toontrack Pop! MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Monster Midi Pack 4$5.00
AOR Ballads EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Shockwave Pro Series EDM MIDI Vol.1$5.00
Toontrack Indiependent MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Alt-Rock Grooves$5.00
Toontrack UK Pop EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack New Wave EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Country Pop EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Singer-Songwriter EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Shuffles EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Emotional Ballads EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack Pocket Grooves MIDI$5.00
Toontrack UK Pop Grooves$5.00
Toontrack Metal Fusion$5.00
Toontrack Country Grooves$5.00
Toontrack Rythme Sauvage$5.00
Toontrack The Rock Foundry EZX MIDI$5.00
Toontrack The Progressive Foundry$5.00
Toontrack Gospel EZkeys Midi$5.00
Toontrack Blues EZkeys Midi$5.00
Toontrack Death Metal Guitars EZmix Pack$5.00
Toontrack Songwriters Fillpack MiDi$5.00
Toontrack Hip-Hop R&B EZkeys Midi$5.00
Toontrack Big Band EZkeys Midi$5.00
Toontrack Hip-Hop Grooves EZkeys Midi Pack$5.00
Cymatics The Ultimate MIDI Collection$10.00
Toontrack Blues Guitar EZmix Midi$5.00
Make Pop Music Melodic MIDI Progressions$10.00
Toontrack Midi Packs - Gospel Grooves$5.00
Toontrack House EZkeys MIDI$5.00
Toontrack EDM EZkeys MIDI$5.00


ProSamples Vol.34 Hip Hop and RnB 3$10.00
ProSamples Vol.40 Breakbeat 2$10.00
ProSamples Vol.43 Real Drum Kits$10.00
ProSamples Vol.45 Techno ID$10.00
ProSamples Vol.47 - Breakbeat 3 [2 CD]$15.00
Harmonica [2 CD]$15.00
Future Trance Anthems [2 CD]$15.00
Virtual Beatz$10.00
MiXtended Drums [2 CD]$17.50
Technoid Guitars [2 CD]$17.50
Upright Piano Collection [2 CD]$17.50
ProSamples Vol.36 Chillout$10.00
ProSamples Vol.37 Dance Synths$10.00
ProSamples Vol.46 Flamenco [2 CD]$15.00
Xtreme House$10.00
UK Garidge and 2-Step Grooves$10.00
EZ Rollers Drum'n'Bass Producer Pack$20.00
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums$10.00
Session Strings [2 CD]$17.50
Drum Fundamentals$20.00
Greg Adams' Big Band Brass$20.00
Sonic Refills: World Instruments$25.00
G-Town Church Sampling Project$10.00
SampleTekk Tubed Keys Mk I Seventy-Three$25.00
Chopped Guitars$20.00
Downtempo Guitars vol. 1$15.00
Downtempo Guitars vol. 2$25.00
Loungin' House$30.00
Soulful House Sessions [2 CD]$15.00
Drum and Bass Producer$10.00
Rush Progressive House and Trance$27.50
Chill: Downtempo Loops and Beats$25.00
Tekniks Breakmatic$10.00
Tekniks Housematic$10.00
Breakbeat Jazz$29.95
Nu Jazz Funk [Multiformat DVD]$32.50
101 Below$30.00
Rotation [Multiformat DVD]$20.00
Urban Jointz$30.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.5 - Hardstyle Leads$10.00
Urban Elementz [DVD]$19.95
Off The Hook Hip Hop: East Coast$19.95
Off The Hook Hip Hop: West Coast$19.95
Drumdrops In Dub vol.1$19.95
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads$10.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2$10.00
Off The Hook Hip Hop: Dirty South$19.95
Drumatic Percussives$25.00
Funk Quartet$30.00
Electro Magnetic Fury$30.00
Hip Hop Exotica$30.00
Hit Zone II$24.95
Heavy Mental Drum Kits$25.00
Funk City$14.95
Funky House Producer$10.00
Complete Hip Hop$10.00
Complete RnB$10.00
Heat Seekers$30.00
Hip Hop City$25.00
Platinum Essentials 2$20.00
VipZone Roxx The Club Vol.1$10.00
VipZone Vinyl Loops$10.00
David Carbone: Drum & Bass Masterclass$10.00
Club Hip Hop$14.95
Glitch Hop$19.95
Complete Urban Flava$19.95
ModernBeats' Brass Elementz 1$10.00
VipZone Trance Arpeggios$10.00
Blazin RnB & HipHop Collection Vol.1$24.95
Smokers Relight Deux [2 DVD]$39.95
Piano Magic Bundle 24BiT [6 DVD]$69.95
Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar$10.00
AI Guitars Vol.2 Chords and Strums$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar$10.00
Anthem House$14.95
Sample Magic Electro House$22.50
Degrees Of Abstract$27.95
Afro Latin Producer$10.00
Producer Essentials$10.00
Slomotion Tokyo Soundscape [2 DVD]$39.95
VipZone Hardcore Essentials$10.00
Zero-G Kocktail Kollection$25.00
Deep Trance and Techno [2 CD]$12.50
Elektro House Producer$10.00
Hardstyle Samples Vol.2$22.50
Ecstatic Grooves$30.00
Seven Seas Grand [3 DVD]$82.50
Suite Grooves$25.95
Primal Drums$19.95
Off The Hook 3$19.95
West Coast Hip Hop Pak$12.95
Punk & Indie Rock: Slammin Sounds of So-Cal$19.95
Blazin RnB & HipHop Collection Vol.2$27.95
Heat Seekers 2$19.95
Atelier Robin Natural Drum Kit [5 DVD]$122.50
Circuit Breaker - Electro House$15.00
Jazz Drums Loop Pak$7.00
Urban Ammunition [2 DVD]$55.00
Classic Disco$32.50
Action Drums: Boom Jinx Breakbeat Edition$29.95
Funky Rex Guitars$15.00
Carnival Drums$27.50
Rush 2: Progressive House$27.50
South American Construction Kit Pak$10.00
SoundSense Old Skool House$19.95
Trance Inducer$15.00
Minimal & Tech-House$32.50
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00
Electron Smasher$27.95
XXL Hip Hop Drums$10.00
RnB Royale Grooves$10.00
UK Funky Producer$10.00
Satin Grooves$27.50
Producer Loops Hard Dance Vocals$10.00
Audio Boutique Tribal Elements$20.00
Ultimate Beats Vol.2$22.50
Total India [4 DVD]$57.50
Progressive House$25.00
SOR FX Revolution Vol.1$22.50
Andromeda A6 [6 DVD]$90.00
Reggaeton Hot Latin Hip Hop$25.00
Driven Machine Drums$30.00
Distorted Dancefloors$25.00
Crunch Rock Guitar Loops$10.00
Modern Rock [2 DVD]$45.00
Tribal Progressive Revolution Vol.1$20.00
The Afterparty: Hip Hop Club Kits$17.50
Urban Legend [2 DVD]$15.00
K-Size Techhouse Edition$25.00
Resonance Sound Vintage Movie Vocals 2$20.00
MVP Loops Electro Dance Grooves Vol.1$10.00
Wave Alchemy Deep House and Garage [DVD]$15.00
Zero-G Club Classics [DVD]$20.00
Zero-G Classical Vocal$20.00
Zero-G Total Bass Drums [DVD]$25.00
Loopmasters Classic 90s House Vol.2 [DVD]$13.50
Samplephonics Intergalactic Robot Orchestra [DVD]$15.00
Zero-G Total Snare Drums [DVD]$15.00
Roundel Sounds Dance Vocals Vol.2 [DVD]$19.95
Urbanistic Da Trap and Da Snake [DVD]$10.00
SM White Label Raw House [DVD]$10.00
Nais Hard EDM [DVD]$15.00
Lucky 7 Funk and Retro Themes [DVD]$25.00
CAPSUN Chill Trap and Future Bass [DVD]$15.00
Producer Loops Deep House Vocals Vol.3$6.95
Sample Magic Neon Disco$10.00
Back To Techno [DVD]$10.00
Prime Loops Hybrid Trap [DVD]$10.00
Funk Soul Productions and Big Fish Audio UK RnB [DVD]$15.00
Samplestate Sax House Riffs$10.00
Desert Tracks$19.95
Legendary Smooth RnB [DVD]$19.95
Sonic Mechanics Tropical Trap [DVD]$15.00
Dark Tech House 2$7.50
10 Packs in 1 EDM vs Future House [DVD]$15.00
Producer Essentials Techno [DVD]$15.00
Class A Samples Sensation Future House [WAV / Sylenth / Massive]$10.00
JDakk & French - The Bounce$10.00
Tidy Bits and Pieces Vol.1 [DVD]$15.00
Sample Tweakers Tomorrow EDM Land [WAV / MIDI / Sylenth / Spire]$5.00
30 EDM Packs Collection$29.90
Urbanistic Ethno Bang [DVD]$10.00
Samplephonics House and Techno Reborn [DVD]$15.00
Sample Magic Dusty House [DVD]$10.00
Future House Sessions [DVD]$15.00
Dark Trap [DVD]$12.50
Future Sound of Ambient [DVD]$12.95
Transmission Uplifting Pop Anthems Session 1 [DVD]$19.95
Transmission Deep Hip Hop Session 2 [2 DVD]$25.00
Underground Tech-House [DVD]$12.50
All Pro Loops The Soul Of Neo 3$5.00
CineSamples Session Drummer Series [DVD]$25.00
Diginoiz Synth Style Sounds 4$7.50
Randy's Celeste$10.00
Industrial Strength DnB Audio Snare$10.00
Triad Sounds Tropical House Vocals And Kits$7.50
Zero-G Legacy$19.90
Sample Magic Ultra Trap$15.00
Incognet Big and Fat EDM Kicks Vol.4$10.00
Ultimate Rides Collection$15.00
PlugInGuru MegaMagic Pads$15.00
Zmey Techno Bullets$10.00
Organic Loops Jazz and Lounge Keys [DVD]$15.00
Raw Cutz Hip Hop Complete [DVD]$15.00
Singomakers Chill Out Electronica [DVD]$12.50
Class A Samples Amsterdam Dance Expansion [DVD]$15.00
Soundtrack Loops Greatest Jazz Beats$10.00
Boutique Hip Hop [DVD]$12.50
Sample Magic Synthwave 2$19.90
Roots Revival [DVD]$19.90
Loopmasters Vocodatron$10.00
Simply House Drums [DVD]$19.90
What About: EDM Melbourne Trumpet Loops [DVD]$9.95
Loopmasters Reso Drum and Bass Intelligence [DVD]$12.50
That Sound Organic Drums [DVD]$19.90
That Sound FUTURE Drums [DVD]$12.50
That Sound Elements [DVD]$12.50
That Sound Cinematic Pop Drums$10.00
Singomakers Drum and Bass Ultra Pack [DVD]$19.95
African Rhythms [DVD]$12.50
Big EDM Sick EDM Trap$15.00
Monster Sounds New York Rap Acapellas Part 3$10.00
Vintage Filmscapes$12.50
Producer Loops European Pop Vocals Vol.1 [2 DVD]$19.95
Samplephonics Cosmic Beats [DVD]$15.00
Cinematic Ambience [DVD]$17.50
Cloud Machines [DVD]$12.50
Liquid Beats [DVD]$15.00
The Loop Loft Indie Rock Drums Vol.1 [DVD]$12.50
Octane Cinematic Industrial Rock Library$19.95
Hit Life Modern Hip Hop [2 DVD]$25.00
What About EDM Essentials 2 [DVD]$9.95
Spire Trance Essentials Vol.2 Full Pack$10.00
Goldbaby Super Analog 909$10.00
Loopmasters Ultimate Vocals [DVD]$19.90
Samplephonics Immortal DnB [DVD]$10.00
Future Loops Nebula Progressive Trance Kits [DVD]$12.50
Singomakers EDM Ultra Pack 3$19.95
Eveson Deep and Liquid Drum and Bass$10.00
Frontline Producer Indie Rock$10.00
Samplephonics Reality Distortion$12.50
Top of The Pop and Deep House Vol.1$5.00
Twisted Drum Machines$10.00
Audentity Groove House$7.50
XXL Hip Hop Horns$15.00
Middle East Percussion Essentials$15.00
Dieguis Productions Cinematic Motion$25.00
Nu Bossa$25.00
Cosmic Hip Hop$7.50
Samplephonics Endless Dusk$12.50
Galactic Abstract$10.00
DopeBoy Drums Vol.1-2$12.50
Entourage Modern RnB Trap and Hip Hop$29.95
Sample Magic Jazztronica$15.00
Kenneth Thomas Detroit Trance$25.00
Singomakers Classic Hip Hop$10.00
Delicious Allstars Funk Constructor Vol.2$15.00
Smokey Loops Tech House for Spire$5.00
Loopmasters Patchworx Hip-Hop And Future Soul$10.00
Sample Magic Chillwave 3$19.90
Atmospheric Garage$10.00
Dirty Production Dirty Trap Beats$5.00
Pulsed Records Pop and Dance Vocals$12.50
World Violins East to West$17.50
Zero-G Phantom Horns$10.00
Trap Royalty$25.00
Trance and EDM Vocals Vol.2$12.50
Big Fish Audio Paranormal 2$17.50
Singomakers Hip-Hop Ultra Pack$25.00
Street Percussion NYC$29.95
Goldbaby 12 Volt Punch Modular Drums and FX$10.00
Latin Jazz 2$29.95
Plush 3$35.00
Tru-Urban Mike Kalombos Golden Keyz$17.50
MPC-Samples Pro Studio Drum Kit$10.00
Frontline Producer Soul Funk$19.95
Drum and Bass Neuro Science$10.00
Pure 909 Stems and Kits$15.00
Surface Tension$19.95
Mellotunes Trap and Future Bass$10.00
Marshmallow Future Bass$7.50
Storm Force Trance 3000$10.00
Trance Rebellion$7.50
Wonky Dream Pop$17.50
Incognet Groove Tools Vol.3$5.00
Found Sound One Shots$5.00
Echo Sound Chainsmoking v.1$10.00
Laniakea Sounds Art Of Chill$10.00
Origin Sound Eastern Trap$5.00
Origin Sound Modern Bass Elements$7.50
Origin Sound Organic Downtempo$10.00
60 Kits Super Pack$10.00
Samplephonics Pretty Little Sounds$10.00
Riya Vocal Acapellas$10.00
Unmute Future Music Vol.1$10.00
Unmute Funk And Soul$5.00
Unmute Modern Vocal Vol.2$5.00
Cr2 Records This Is Techno$5.00
Cycles And Spots Digital Disco$5.00
Cycles And Spots Deep Dub Tech$5.00
Cycles And Spots Disco Loops$5.00
Disco Platinum$25.00
Dark Cinema$12.50
Sacred Indian Chants$15.00
Ambient Skyline Vol.1$25.00
Cinerobotic Fx$10.00
F9 Audio Trax Electric Disco$10.00
F9 Audio 21St Century Soul [Deluxe Version]$17.50
Progressive House MIDI Essentials Vol.1$10.00
Levl Up Sounds Vocal Toolbox$5.00
Zero-G Eastern Flute$19.95
ZTekno Techno Nation$10.00
ZTechno Chemical Techno$10.00
Tech House Movement$10.00
Zero-G Eastern Violin$19.95
Ztekno Madness Techno$5.00
Freaky Loops Intergalactic Beats$10.00
Hybris Drum and Bass Disruption$10.00
Organic Loops Jazz and Lounge Horns$10.00
Producer Loops Progressive Trap Vol.4$5.00
That Sound Boots and Claps$10.00
MPC60 From Mars$15.00
Echo Sound Works Ashes Vol.1$15.00
Prog Mouse Complete Production Package$10.00
Sound Masters Martin Garixx Complete Production Package$10.00
Loopmasters Cinematic FX$5.00
Classical Trap Loops 1$7.50
Bass Boutique Ragga Vocals Vol.1$17.50
Cymatics Titan Samplepack$25.00
Prime Loops Synthwave 2$10.00
Surge Sounds Future Bass$5.00
Laniakea Sounds Chillout Library$15.00
Future Drum & Bass$12.50
Reuben Rogers - Upright Bass Loops Vol. 1$5.00
Dave Seaman Electronic Underground Vol.2$10.00
Elica Le Bon Vocal Acapellas$10.00
Papa Records House and Deep House Drums and FX$5.00
Infinity: Down Tempo and Ambient$12.50
Unmute Delta Vol.1$10.00
Unmute Groovz Vol.1$10.00
Trance and EDM Vocals Vol.2$10.00
Tamra Keenan Vocal Acapellas$10.00
June Miller - The Definitive DnB Collection$17.50
Cymatics Academy The Master Collection$25.00
Mortem Twisted Drum and Bass$10.00
Zero-G Distant Lights$15.00
Katherine Ellis Diva Acapellas$12.50
Aurora Ambient Chill$15.00
Maximal Drum and Bass$12.50
House Nirvana$10.00
Ambient Skyline Vol.3$37.50
PW96 Big Room House EDM Avenger Presets$5.00
Diamond Loopz Trapsoul Melody Loops$10.00
Prototype Samples Bouncepedia Vol.1$5.00
Surge Sounds Indie Future Bass$10.00
Ultimate EDM and Festival Drops$5.00
Sample Magic Expansion Pack - Ambient House$12.50
RV Samplepacks Lofi Breaks$10.00
Shared Tomorrow Analog Downtempo Loops$7.50
Black Techno 3$5.00
Cymatics Strangers Vintage Samples and Presets$10.00
Sample Magic Vaporwave 2$17.50
Sample Magic Cinetronica$15.00
Hit Life 2 - Modern Hip Hop$39.95
Mike Shiver Essentials Vol.2$15.00
Sample Magic Soulection$17.50
Maschine Masters The Forty-Six Expansion Kit (OVO Inspired)$7.50
Iconic Future Bass$10.00
Psytrance Intelligence Vol.2$15.00
Catalyst Samples Elements Drum N Bass$7.50
Big EDM Tech House 2017$7.50
Big EDM Jungle Terror Tools$7.50
F9 Drumtrax iV 21st Century House$25.00
Zero-G Hauntology$25.00
Big EDM Tech Mega Pack$10.00
Pro Sample Packs Dub Techno$7.50
F9 iFunk Nu Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult$19.95
Zenhiser Trap For Serum$15.00
Loopmasters Dream Trap$12.50
ADSR Echo Sound Works Grey Area V.1$10.00
Evolution Of Sound Hexagon Revolution$10.00
Evolution Of Sound Festival Revolution Vol.2$10.00
Angry Parrot 808 Trap$10.00
Ghosthack Neurofunk Arsenal$10.00
Audentity Records: Future Pop Music$7.50
Audentity Records Future Pop 3$7.50
Ghosthack Producers Master Bundle$19.95
Cymatics Project X$25.00
Loopmasters Other Worlds$17.50
Ambient Panoramas 2$10.00
Cymatics Moonlight Instrument Loops$5.00
Cr2 Records Dynamik Sounds$7.50
Sunrise Modern Country$35.00
Sample Magic SM141 - Retro Future$12.50
Sample Magic SM109 - Retrowave$15.00
Zero-G Nordic Noir$17.50
Cymatics Omega Production Suite$27.50
Cymatics Usb Collection$30.00
Kandiland 2: EDM Construction Kits$25.00
Big EDM Deep House Vibes$5.00
King Loops Major Pop Trap and Vocals$7.50
Frontline Producer Soul Funk 2$25.00
Cymatics Signature Series Hip Hop July 2019$10.00
DrumDrops Memphis Soul Kit All Samples Pack$25.00
Cymatics VYPR + Bonuses$35.00
Black Octopus Sound Psychedelic Toolbox Vol.2 by Marula Music$10.00
Guitar Sessions: Indie and Alternative Guitars$25.00
Zenhiser The Drum and Bass Club$19.95
Zenhiser First Light Trance$17.50
Zenhiser Circuits Techno$17.50
Chilled Trap 2$15.00
Cymatics The Ultimate Hip-Hop Collection$17.50
Arturia Trance Delight Presets$5.00
Zero-G Fraktale Fragmente$10.00
Cymatics Black Serum Suite [Serum Presets]$10.00
Ghosthack Ultimate Producer Bundle 2020$55.00
Native Instruments Anima Ascent v.1.0$10.00
Zenhiser Breathe Drum and Bass$10.00
Native Instruments Pulswerk v2.0.1$10.00
Cymatics Chaos$39.95
E-Lab Smokers Delight$20.00
Premier Beats and HipHop Nstrumentals$30.00
Splice Originals Psychedelic Cumbia$15.00
Func Soul Vintage Guitar Loops$17.50
Zenhiser Trap Crusher$15.00
Cymatics Memories Vintage Samples$10.00
Cymatics Tsunami House Sample Pack$5.00
Zenhiser Pulse Drum and Bass$15.00
Loopmasters Original Jungle Breaks 2$10.00
Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials Vol.2$35.00
Zenhiser Psy Breaks$17.50
Future Rave Sessions Vol.1$10.00
SoundSense Street Beatz$15.00
Keepforest Evolution Devastator Warzone [WAV + Kontakt]$39.95
Cymatics Mantra Vintage and RnB Melody$10.00
Ghosthack Skyrealm$35.00
Fantastic Lab Drill Of Africa vol. 1-2$10.00
Cymatics Zodiac Vol.2 Melody Collection$15.00
Delectable Records Deep Tech Inventions$10.00
Elation Sounds Future Bass Essentials Vol.2$5.00
Apollo Sound Ultimate House Presets For Spire$5.00
Lex Luger Smoke Break Sample Pack$10.00
Cymatics Gold MIDI Collection + Bonus$10.00
Test Press Melodic Garage$5.00
Tech House Generator 3$10.00
F9 Audio KICK Argon Drums Vol.1$10.00
Avant Samples Avant Drum & Bass 01$10.00
Singomakers Psytrance Ultra Pack$15.00
Preset Biz Piano House Vol.1$5.00
Cymatics Destiny USB Expansion$15.00
Cymatics Destiny Customer Appreciation Pack$10.00
Cymatics Vibes USB Expansion$15.00
Bingoshakerz Synthpop Song Starters$5.00
EST Studios Drum and Bass Liquid Pads$5.00
Fourward Drum and Bass$10.00
Future Loops Future House MIDI Chords and Progressions$10.00
Singomakers Robo Disco Funk$15.00
Big Fish Audio Acid Jazz City 2$19.95
Thermal Future Rave Sample Pack$10.00
Cymatics Anthem Drill Melody Collection$5.00
Cymatics Horizons Gospel Melody Collection$10.00
Singomakers Reggaeton Shimmer$12.50
Future Loops Southside$10.00
Future Loops Fetty Trap Kits$10.00
Future Loops TRAP808$10.00
Future Loops Atl Trap Kits$10.00
Future Loops Slow Bangers$10.00
Future Loops Future RNB Elements$10.00
Singomakers Reggaeton Freedom$10.00
Singomakers Neurofunk Confession$10.00
Future Loops Swagg$10.00
Cartel Loops Melodic Blue$5.00
Basement Freaks Presents Fusion Beatmaker$10.00
Atlas Audio Lethal Trap Sample Pack$5.00
OST Audio Psynation 2$10.00
Roundel Sounds Melodiholic$5.00
Keep It Sample Experimental Beats$10.00
Big EDM Melodic Dubstep Vocals$10.00
Singomakers Drum and Bass Stratosphere$10.00
Cymatics Zodiac 3 Eternal Expansion$15.00
Niche Audio Creator Series DnB Evolution$10.00
Lbandymusic Lo-Fi Ville Chill Vol. 1$5.00
Singomakers Bass House Therapy$10.00
Blinding Disco Funk Pop$29.95
Faded Lo-Fi House Construction Kits$15.00
Singomakers Psytrance Mantra Vocals 2$17.50
Babyxprod ULTIMATE LNLY Drum Kit V2$5.00
Ztekno My Tech House Mind$10.00
Samplestate Deep & Funky Nu Disco$10.00
Producer Loops Funky House Acidized$5.00
Cymatics Paradox Drill Collection$25.00
Cymatics Paradox Latin Collection$19.95
Cymatics Paradox Phonk Collection$19.95
Cymatics Generations$29.95
Cymatics Alchemy Launch Edition$35.00
Hy2rogen Tech House Weapons$10.00
House Of Loop Justin Marchacos Melodic House And Techno$15.00
Singomakers #1 Hit Progressions$10.00
Cymatics Sessions Launch Edition$35.00
Cymatics Trilogy Launch Edition$25.00
Cymatics Dystopia Launch Edition$29.95
Tech It Samples Gangsta Tech$10.00
Vocal Roads Frozen Love Female House Vocals$10.00
Dropgun Samples Vocal Chill Dance$10.00
Zero-G Celestial Visions$19.95
Cymatics Drizzly Hip Hop Sample Pack$7.00
Test Press Macky Gee Jump Up DNB$10.00
Test Press Leftfield DnB$5.00
Cymatics Mystery Vol X Gold Edition$15.00

REX format

VST Drum Sessions - R'n'B [2 CD]$8.95
VST Drum Sessions - Pop [2 CD]$8.95
VST Drum Sessions - Soul Dance [2 CD]$8.95
Total REX [2 DVD]$49.90

SF2 Sound Fonts

GM / GS SoundFonts vol.1$10.00
GM / GS SoundFonts vol.2$10.00
Club Kicks & Basses & Leads$10.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.5 - Hardstyle Leads$10.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads$10.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2$10.00
VipZone Fantasy Leads$10.00
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006$10.00
SoundBreeze Clubtunes vol.1$10.00
VipZone Hardcore Essentials$10.00
VipZone Electro Basses$10.00
VipZone Multisamples Lucid Dreamer Leads$10.00
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00

Sound Effects

The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library [5 CD]$37.50
The Disney Ideas Sound FX Collection$10.00
Sound Ideas Series 3000 - Ambience I [2 DVD]$55.00
The Network Sound Effects Library [2 DVD]$49.00
VALENTINO Production Sound Effects Library [6 DVD]$99.95
The Mix III Broadcast Music Library - Production Elements$35.00
Best Service StudioBox SFX [4 DVD]$105.00
The Immersion 5.1 Surround Sound FX [7 DVD]$197.50
Theatral SFX [7 DVD]$122.50
Great Speeches of the 20th Century$10.00
Urban Atmospheres 5.1 [9 DVD]$180.00
Datacraft Otojiten vol.01 - Action Game Sound Effects [2 CD]$15.00
Datacraft Otojiten vol.02 - Jingle Loops Sound Effects [2 CD]$17.50
Datacraft Otojiten vol.05 - RPG Game Sound Effects [2 CD]$17.50
The Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library [6 CD]$42.50
Blastwav Imaging Elements Sound Effects Library [5 DVD]$75.00
BOOM Library Close Combat$25.00
Boom Library Thunder and Rain$25.00
Boom Library Magic Bundle [2 DVD]$52.50
BBC Complete Sound Effects Library [5 DVD]$98.50
Boom Library Tropical Forests [2 DVD]$55.00
Sound Ideas Network SFX [Complete Bundle]$89.00
Sound Ideas The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library [2 DVD]$49.00
Sound Ideas De Wolfe Sound Effects Library [DVD]$30.00
Sound Ideas Animal Trax Sound Effects [DVD]$30.00
Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library - The Premier Edition vol. 1$29.95
Boom Library Cinematic Darkness Bundle [3 DVD]$49.90
TM Century Dallas Winning Score radio broadcast music jingles production library$30.00
Classic Games Sound Collection$10.00
Rabbit Ears Audio Metal Machines [DVD]$25.00
Boom Library Wetlands Stereo and Surround [4 DVD]$69.90
Monsters and Creatures Sound Fx Library$10.00
BOOM Library Virtual Foley Artist Footsteps [DVD]$25.00
Cinematic Tension Sound Effects$17.50
Boom Library Silencers Bundle [DVD]$29.90
Boom Library Birds of Prey [DVD]$25.00
World of Warcraft SFX GameRip$10.00
Sonic Mechanics Future Cinematic FX$10.00
Epic Stock Media Universal Game Sounds$10.00
Zenhiser Designer FX$10.00
Tonsturm Volume 2 - Electricity Sound Effects [2 DVD]$35.00
Boom Library Destruction [2 DVD]$39.00
Boom Library Canyons [2 DVD]$39.90
SoundMorph Robotic Lifeforms$30.00
Soundiron SFX Subways and Street Cars$15.00
Boom Library Toons$25.00
Blastwave FX Haunted FX Sound Effects Library$39.95
Pro Sound Effects Library NYC Ambisonics$59.95
Boom Library Horses$35.00
Cinematic Impact Sound Effects$7.50
Motherships - Science Fiction Sound Effects$15.00
Corporation Tripod Invasion$7.50
Spaceships - Science Fiction Sound Effects$19.95
SoundBits Collected Ambiences Series$59.95
Boom Library WW2 Tanks$59.95
Boom Library Debris Bundle$30.00
Boom Library Sci-Fi$35.00
Boom Library Medieval Weapons$35.00
Boom Library Everyday Cars$39.95
Boom Library Guns$29.95
Boom Library Historical Firearms$35.00
Boom Library Cinematic Horror Bundle$55.00
Boom Library Cinematic Trailers$55.00
Abstract Interior Tones$12.50
Epic Stock Media Mobile Game Sound Effects$10.00
Epic Stock Media Vibrant Game Sound Effects$10.00
SoundMorph Portals$10.00
Epic Stock Media Cinematic Music Sound Effects$15.00
Epic Stock Media Cybernetic Weapons$15.00
Epic Stock Media Sound Pack Gravity$15.00
SoundMorph Steampunk Weapons$15.00
Epic Stock Media Hybrid Game$17.50
Lost In Space Sci Fi Cinematic Samples$10.00
Boom Library Crowds Concert Audiences$69.95
Blastwave FX Action Movie Sound Effects Library$19.95
Glitchmachines Dialect$15.00
Glitchmachines Idiom$15.00
Cinetools Disturbia$25.00
Glitchmachines Syndrone$15.00
Epic Stock Media Fantasy World$15.00
Boom Library Medieval Life Bundle$69.95
Boom Library Mechanicals$45.00
Avosound Room Tones Sound Library Bundle [14 DVD]$59.95
SoundBits Just Whoosh 3 - Whoosh Essentials$5.00
SoundBits Crash and Smash$10.00
SoundBits Whooshes and Impacts 2$15.00
Studio Box Mark III$79.95
Cinetools Otherworld$25.00
Cinetools Maximus$25.00
Ghosthack Cinematic Sound FX$12.50
AudioJungle Mega Bundle Music SFX 2018$39.95
Battlecruiser Spaceship Sound Effects$10.00
Bluezone Corporation Dark Mesa (Industrial Ambiences And SFX)$7.50
Carma Studio Sci-Fi Ambiences$5.00
Glitchedtones Noise Elements Electrical and Interference$5.00
Big Room Sound Birds and Nature$15.00
Boom Library Modern UI$30.00
Boom Library Urban Explosions Bundle$35.00
Boom Library Urban & Suburban$25.00
Boom Library Monsters & Beasts Bundle$45.00
Boom Library Harbor & Industrial$25.00
Boom Library Cinematic Metal Titan Bundle$37.50
Engineering Samples Techno Ambiences And Atmos$5.00
Delta 101 Digital Sound Effects - Sounds Of Horror$1.50
Delta 101 Digital Sound Effects - The Machines Of War$1.50
Boom Library March of the Titans$5.00
Boom Library Ambient Tools$5.00
Boom Library Future Technology$3.00
Boom Library Destruction Kit$5.00
Boom Library Kit of Fear$5.00
Big Room Sound - Wind$10.00
Boom Library Geothermal 3D Stereo and Surround Edition$35.00
Boom Library Room Tones Europe 3D [Stereo and Surround Edition]$75.00
Boom Library Cinematic Strikes$35.00
Cinetools Galactica$25.00
Cinetools Mist$29.95
Blastwave FX Water and Aquatic Bible$19.95
Blastwave FX - Roomtones$15.00
Blastwave FX - Ambiance 5.1 Surround$45.00
Boom Library Creature Foley$45.00
Porn Sound Effects - Women Orgasm Vol.1-3$10.00
Boom Library Urban Europe [Stereo + Surround]$49.95
Boom Library Coniferous Forests [Stereo + Surround]$49.95
Glitchmachines Metaphor$15.00
Boom Library European Life [Stereo + Surround]$55.00
Function Loops Astronaut Sci-fi FX$5.00
Zenhiser Prophet 5 FX$10.00
Cinetools Mythica$30.00
Cinetools Machinery$15.00
SFXtools Underwater Lifeforms$10.00
Boom Library SOE Summer [Stereo + 3D]$39.95
SFXtools Stutter and Noises$5.00
Triune Films Monster SFX$25.00
Krotos Sci-Fi Weapons SFX Library$5.00
Krotos Mechanical SFX Library$10.00
Just Sound Effects Clocks and Mechanics$25.00
Big Room Sound Household Appliances$5.00
Just Sound Effects Futuristic Interface$19.95
Boom Library BOOM ONE [80 DVD]$199.00
W.A. Production What About Robotic and Transformers FX$5.00
Epic Stock Media Game Footsteps$10.00
Big Room Sound Swords$10.00
Vandalism Ultra Sound Effects$5.00
Unrealsfx Edge of Cyberpunk$5.00
Big Room Sound Essential Water and Aquatic$10.00
Boom Library Fields and Spaces Outdoor Impulse Responses$35.00
Smokey Loops Terror Drone Background Fx$1.50
Get Down Samples - SFX Vol. 1$5.00
SmartSoundFX Futuristic$10.00
SmartSoundFX Drones Pads$15.00
SmartSoundFX Krypton$15.00
Blindusk Sound Design Collection$15.00
UVI Soundbank Walker 2$15.00

WAV Samples

Naked Drums, Pop/R&B CD 1$10.00
Naked Drums, Pop/R&B CD 2$10.00
Naked Drums, Pop/R&B CD 3$10.00
Naked Drums, Pop/R&B CD 4$10.00
Vinyl Frontier$10.00
Data Becker TechnoMaker XXL CD 1 - Techno/Rap$10.00
Data Becker TechnoMaker XXL CD 2 - Drum'n'Bass/Trance$10.00
Data Becker TechnoMaker XXL CD 3 - Hip Hop : Old and New School$10.00
House Party$10.00
Uncivilised G'rooves$10.00
Drum 'n Bass: Journey to the Light$10.00
Total Trance$10.00
Magix Soundpool 2004 Vol. 6 - Techno / Trance [2 CD]$15.00
Hamburg Loopz$10.00
Cologne Cyclez$10.00
Alibaba [2 CD]$17.50
Loopium CD 1$7.50
Doru Malaia SUPERDRUMS 8000$10.00
Vinyl Attack$10.00
Vengeance Essential Club Sounds Vol. 1$10.00
Drum 'N' Bass X-Citers$10.00
Essential Hardstyle Tools vol.1$10.00
Essential Hardstyle Tools vol.2$10.00
Drum 'n' Bass Elements$10.00
Vengeance Effects vol. 1$10.00
Vengeance Ultimate Bass$10.00
Black Beats from da Block - RnB/HipHop Stylez [2 CD]$17.50
Trance & Epic House$10.00
MAGIX sound essentials vol. 1$35.00
MAGIX sound essentials vol. 3$30.00
Hip Hop High$10.00
Hip Hop Philosophy$10.00
Technomania [3 CD]$20.00
House Musique$10.00
Interactive Rave Machine$10.00
Monster Beats$10.00
Diamond Vocals$10.00
Techno Trance Essentials$10.00
Eurodance [2 CD]$15.00
Disco de Luxe$10.00
Future FX$10.00
Sound Palette Hip Hop$10.00
Vengeance Essential House vol.1$10.00
Dance Ultra Voice vol.1$10.00
Michael Cartellone - Power House Drums$10.00
Tekniks Breakmatic$10.00
Tekniks Housematic$10.00
CutVocals Party 2006$10.00
Club Kicks & Basses & Leads$10.00
Trance Explosion [2 CD]$15.00
Nu Metal City$10.00
Urban Anthemz - Vol. 1$10.00
ClubHipHop Drumz 1$10.00
Diamond Vocals vol.2 [2 CD]$15.00
FX Pearls Vol. 01$10.00
Vengeance Essential Club Sounds Vol. 2$10.00
Vinyl Revolution [2 CD]$17.50
Trip Hop Explosion$10.00
Ambient Dreams$10.00
Breakbeat Explosion$10.00
Da Funky Style$10.00
Dub 'N Trance$10.00
Poison Sounds$10.00
Greatest Beatz$10.00
Vengeance Minimal House$10.00
Hip Hop Progressions$10.00
Drums on Demand Multitrack Edition Vol.3 [2 DVD]$65.00
Housemeister Session One$10.00
House Definition Vol. 1$10.00
Extreme Music Drum and Bass [2 CD]$15.00
Elements: Indian$10.00
VipZone Acapellas Hardstyle Vocals$10.00
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals$10.00
VipZone Tribal Loops$10.00
Vengeance Essential House vol.2$10.00
Nu House - Hard House & Nu NRG$10.00
Killer Hertz vol.1$10.00
Nu Directions-The Phuture Sound of House$10.00
Super Pads And Textures$10.00
Supreme Sounds$10.00
Trip Hop Pandemonium$10.00
VipZone Acapellas Kate Lesing Trance & Dance Vocals 2$10.00
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006$10.00
AI Guitars Vol.2 Chords and Strums$10.00
Loopalicious RnB$10.00
Creative Essentials vol. 06 - Trance Formation$10.00
Creative Essentials vol. 12 - HipHop & Swing Breakdown$10.00
Drum n Bass Fast Forward [2 CD]$17.50
SoundBreeze Clubtunes vol.1$10.00
VipZone Tehnolooper Vol.2$20.00
VipZone FX Collection Vol.2$20.00
Vengeance Electro Essentials$10.00
VipZone Hardcore Essentials$10.00
VipZone ElectroHouse Vol.2 - Synth Loops$10.00
VipZone SuperChords Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Effects vol. 2$10.00
Ultimate Vocals Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Vocal Essentials vol.1$10.00
Loop Definition$10.00
Drumcodes Vol. 1$10.00
Urban Ammunition [2 DVD]$55.00
Hip Hop Definition Vol. 1$10.00
VipZone Electro Pumping Loops$10.00
VipZone Hardstyle Looperz$10.00
Psytrance Explosion Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Essential Club Sounds Vol. 3$15.00
Ultimate Beats Vol.1$10.00
VipZone Tehnolooper Vol.3$20.00
VipZone Drum Elektro$10.00
DEADMAU5 Xfer Samples$10.00
Minimal & Tech-House$32.50
Brazil Electro$10.00
Club Revolution Vol.1$10.00
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00
Thomas Penton Essential Drums & Percussion 24Bit$10.00
Thomas Penton Essential Loops & Effects 24bit$10.00
House Essentials$10.00
Vengeance Future House vol.2$10.00
Vengeance Future House vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Electro Essentials vol.2$10.00
Tech-House Beats vol.1-2$10.00
Satin Grooves$27.50
Full Cycle Drum and Bass Collective$10.00
Pure Minimal Tech Beats vol.1-2$7.50
Producer Loops Hard Dance Vocals$10.00
Vengeance Electroshock vol.1$10.00
Thomas Penton's Essential Series Vol. 3$10.00
Audio Boutique Tribal Elements$20.00
Ultimate Beats Vol.2$22.50
Vengeance Essential House vol.3$10.00
Vengeance Studio Vocals Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol.1$12.95
Dirty Electronics$10.00
Neptunian Drumz 1 vol.1-3$10.00
Vengeance Electroshock vol.2 [DVD]$15.00
Ultimate Producers Drum Kits$35.00
Nu Disco Fundamental Kit 01$2.50
Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol.1$10.00
Mutekki Media Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.1$25.00
Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol.2 Vocals [DVD]$20.00
Prune Loops The Dance Vocals Vol.1$5.00
Vengeance Freakz On Beatz Vol.2$10.00
Sample Magic Ultimate FX 3 [DVD]$15.00
Future Loops Dusty Breaks Vintage Drums [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Essential House vol.4 [DVD]$17.50
Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol. 1 [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol. 2 [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Freakz On Beatz Vol.3$10.00
Vengeance Minimal House vol.2$10.00
Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol.3$10.00
Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol.2 [DVD]$12.00
Vengeance Essential Deep House$10.00
Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol.3 [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol.2 [DVD]$12.00
Vengeance Total Dance Sounds Vol.3$10.00
Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol.2 [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol.1 [DVD]$12.95
Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Effects vol. 3$10.00
Vengeance Pop Essentials Vol.1 [DVD]$19.90
Vengeance Trap Essentials Vol.1$12.50
Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol.2 [DVD]$12.50
Vengeance Analog Drums Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol.1 [DVD]$12.50
Zero-G Total Snare Drums [DVD]$15.00
Fox Samples Electro Disco Funk Guitars$7.95
Fox Samples The Arabian Zim$10.00
Monster Sounds Killer Acapellas 2 [DVD]$15.00
8DM Electro House Vol.2 [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol.3 [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol.1 [DVD]$12.00
Ultimate EDM Kicks Collection$7.00
Turbo Samples UK House Drums$5.00
Mainstream Sounds Mainstream EDM Drops Vol.1$5.00
What About: Ultimate EDM Kicks Collection$10.00
Freaky Loops Heavy and Hybrid Trap$10.00
Rankin Audio Hard Neuro DNB 2$10.00
Day One Audio Brooklyn 2 Bankhead Vol.3 [DVD]$15.00
Audioteknik Techno Drums 2$5.00
Fox Samples Must Have Audio Progressive EDM$5.00
Engineering Samples EDM Power Pack [DVD]$12.50
Audio Masters Future Sound Of French Pop$10.00
Freshly Squeezed Samples Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials [3 DVD]$19.95
Deep Data Loops Vocal Edits$5.00
Cognition Strings Minimal Techno Pack$6.95
In Electro We Trust vol.2$5.00
Tech House Elements$5.00
ThaLoops Urban Music Loops [DVD]$10.00
Evolved Drum And Bass$10.00
Freaky Loops Heavy Bass and UK House$10.00
Faded Samples Deep Dubstep Vol.1$5.00
Cognition Strings Techno Kicks$5.00
Loopboutique Trap$10.00
Vengeance Pop Essentials vol. 2 [DVD]$19.90
EarthMoments Sufi Vocals Mystic Qawwali Collection$10.00
Freaky Loops Dubstep Drums 3$10.00
Voice of Shaharah$10.00
100 Minimal Techno Drum Loops$5.00
Bang Bang Productions Money On My Mind Vol.1$5.00
Planet Samples Acapella Vocals Vol.2$10.00
Zenhiser EDM Attack [DVD]$12.50
House & Dance Vocals$10.00
Urbanistic Nu Music$5.00
Acoustic Revolutions 2 [DVD]$15.00
Latin Acapellas [DVD]$15.00
Underground Beats Vol.1$10.00
Whitenoise Records Dark Techno 2$10.00
Loopmasters Atalanta Chill Vol.3 [DVD]$19.90
Hall Samples Massive EDM$5.00
Little Bit Underground House and Techno [DVD]$9.95
Technique Sounds Underground Techno$7.50
Freaky Loops UK Deep House$10.00
Freaky Loops Drum N Bass Festival$10.00
Audioteknik House and Techno Fx [DVD]$10.00
Vengeance Electro Essentials Vol.3 [DVD]$15.00
Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol.5 [DVD]$25.00
Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD]$35.95
Digital Redux Planet Drum Machine [DVD]$25.00
Epic Stock Media Universal Music [DVD]$25.00
Ultimate House Vocals$10.00
Vocal Atmospheres by Cory Friesenhan$15.00
Biome Digital Premium Claps and Snares$5.00
Biome Digital Premium Hi Hats and Rides$5.00
Vengeance EDM Essentials Vol.1$10.00
Freaky Loops Futuristic Electronica$15.00
Phil Gallardo Trap Vocals Vol.1$5.00
Erik Jackson Smoke Breaks$5.00
Big Fish Audio Eclipse 2 Ambient Guitars$25.00
Cymatics FX Toolkit Vol.1$5.00
Cymatics Vocal Toolkit Vol.1$10.00
SoundMorph Matter Mayhem$29.90
SampleTraxx Voices of the Ages$17.50
Bang Bang Productions Torontos Finest Vol.1$5.00
Woodshed Audio Essentials Cymbals$12.50
CAPSUN ProAudio Soulful Piano and Keys Vol.2$7.50
Shroom Vintage Drum Breaks Vol.2$10.00
Rankin Audio Fundamental Hip Hop Kits$10.00
CG3 Audio D.A.B$7.50
Soundbox Impacts Risers and Drops 4$10.00
SoundMorph Modular UI By Richard Devine$25.00
Cognition Strings Techno One Shots$10.00
Function Loops Astral Trance Vocals$10.00
Rankin Audio Liquid Drum and Bass Vol.2$10.00
HighLife Samples Hybird Trap Weapons$5.00
Vengeance Essential Deep House Vol.2$10.00
Vengeance Pop Essentials Vol.3$10.00
Vengeance Essential Dubstep Vol.3$10.00
Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol.4$12.50
Cymatics FX Toolkit Vol.3$5.00
Vengeance Trance Sensation Vol.4$15.00
Cymatics Savage Drums For Trap [Gold Edition]$25.00
Zenhiser: The Art Of Psytrance$15.00
Dirty 808 Trap Kits$10.00
Cymatics Infinity House Samplepack$30.00
ModeAudio Punch Live Hip Hop Drums$7.50
Shroom Vintage Drum Breaks Vol.4$10.00
Cymatics FX Toolkit Vol.4 - House Edition$10.00
Beat Butcha Pure Protein Drum Kit Vol.6$5.00
The Drum Sample Broker International Breaks 10$5.00
Android Nightmares$15.00
Sunset Deep and Vocals Vol.5$5.00
Vandalism Ultra House Vocals$5.00
Riemann Kollektion Best of Riemann 2016 Techno$10.00
Vengeance World Beats Vol.1$17.50
Soundescape Synthetica for Iris$15.00
Speedsound Nava Sounds Stem Packs Vol.2$7.50
Puma Loops Deep House Essential$5.00
Phuture Wax Records Frankfurt Techno Sample Pack Vol.1$10.00
Black Octopus Sound 300 Vocal Shouts$5.00
Black Octopus Sound Soundscapes Presented By AK$10.00
OB-6 Analog Sweeps feat Culture Vulture$17.50
Sharp Female Vocal Hooks$5.00
Vandalism Ultra FX Essentials$5.00
Shroom Vintage Drum Breaks Vol.5$10.00
Audentity Records Anthem Tools 2$5.00
ARTFX Neurofunk Drums$10.00
Vandalism Ultra Deep House Vocals$5.00
Deep Data Loops Indian Vocals$7.50
Pro Sample Packs FX Essentials$7.50
Engineering Samples Electronic Rave Progressions Vol.4$5.00
Samplesound Techno Volume 2$5.00
Vocal Deep House and Pop$5.00
Shockwave Essential Future Bounce Vol.1$5.00
Sharp Tech Vocal Hooks$5.00
Cymatics Anthem Vocal Loops and One Shots$10.00
Cymatics Pro Drum Bundle$25.00
Immense Sounds Deep House Clubzone$7.50
Cycles And Spots Trap Elements$5.00
Elevated Trance Power Energy Trance$5.00
Ghost Syndicate Dark Bass Vol.1$7.50
Cymatics Prometheus Vocal Loops & One Shots$10.00
Samplestar Future Analog Nu Disko$10.00
Perfectkits Drumstation 1$5.00
Joezee Street Kingdom$5.00
Indian Folk$15.00
Vengeance Nu Disco Vol.1$10.00
Minimal Electronic$10.00
Splice Sounds All Trap Music Vocal Pack$5.00
Soundbox Afro Tech Vocals 3$10.00
Function Loops Trance Vocal Hooks$7.50
Touch Loops Dusty Projections$10.00
Vengeance Sound Trap Essentials Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Dance Explosion Vol.1$12.50
Vengeance Dance Explosion Vol.2$15.00
Vengeance Essential Deep House Vol.1$10.00
Black Octopus Sound Leviathan 2$29.95
Slice UZ Real Trap Samples Vol.1$5.00
Planet Samples Future Pop & Vocals$5.00
2Deep Killer Samples Vol.3$10.00
Future House and Deep House Vocals$5.00
EarthMoments Hamsa Vol.2 - Arabic Percussion$15.00
DrumVault Oxxxygen Stem Kit$10.00
Capsun ProAudio - Hard Trap and Future Wonk$10.00
Fox Samples Pop Bandit$5.00
Metro Boomin Drumkit 2017$10.00
Vandalism Ultra Deep House Guitars$5.00
Retrohandz Essential Sounds 2 Complete Edition$5.00
Trapped In Love: The R&B Trap Drum Kit Vol. V$5.00
Splice Sounds Decap Drums That Knock Vol.5$10.00
Cymatics Boombox Drums for Trap$5.00
Cymatics Techno Essential Samples Vol.1$10.00
ModeAudio Vortex Ambient Loops And Samples$7.50
Origin Sound Takeshi$7.50
Myloops Static Movement Psy Trance Sample$5.00
Black Octopus Sound Zara Taylor In Pieces$15.00
91Vocals Trap Soul Vocals$10.00
Weismann Space Textures$5.00
Crate Digging Vintage Hip Hop Soul$10.00
Cymatics Hybrid Trap Essential Samples Vol.1$10.00
WavSupply Nick Mira Frenzy$5.00
Future Geometrics Audio Library for Psychedelic Trance$15.00
Myloops Trance Claps Vol.1$5.00
Myloops Trance Kicks Volume 2$5.00
Myloops Psy Trance Collection Sample Pack$10.00
Vengeance Essential Tech House Vol.1$15.00
AKAI MPC Software Expansion - Elements Of UK Dance$10.00
Cymatics Organics City Ambience$10.00
KV Balakrishnan Mystical Indian Percussion$15.00
Vengeance EDM Essentials Vol. 2$10.00
Sounds Of KSHMR Vol.3$17.50
Hypnotic Vocals$10.00
Modern Samples The Beatmaker Vol.1$5.00
Karra Vocal Sample Pack Vol. 2$10.00
Lex Luger The Sequel$5.00
Loopmasters Essentials 41 Drum and Bass Vol.3$10.00
Audentity Records Vocal Megapack 5$10.00
Splice Bright Lights Vocal Sample Pack Vol.2$10.00
Truise Nvision Pack$10.00
Origin Sound Vintage Mixtape Soulful Hip Hop Beats$12.50
Julez Jadon Saucey Vocals Vol.2$5.00
Laniakea Sounds Ethnic Vocals$7.50
Hypnotic Female Vocals$7.50
91Vocals Femme Fatale Vocal Hooks$10.00
91Vocals Kate Wild Vocal Hooks$10.00
Laniakea Sounds Soulful Hip-Hop$7.50
Junkie XL Desert Dystopian Pack 1$5.00
Sample Magic SM101 Live Hi-Hats Vol.3$5.00
Nate Smith Drum Loops Vol. 1 and Vol.2$15.00
Turbo Samples Tech House Nights$7.50
Jamie Lidell Time Mod Sample Pack$10.00
Cymatics Trap and 808s Premium Sample Library$15.00
Cymatics FX Essentials$5.00
Cymatics 808 Essentials$5.00
Cymatics Vocal Essentials$5.00
Cymatics Golden Guitars Bundle$5.00
Wave Alchemy Complete Drums 2$30.00
Noiiz Pixelord Cyber Electronic$10.00
Metro Boomin Ultimate Trap Drumkit Collection$10.00
Cymatics Deluxe Vocal Collection$10.00
Sound Ideas Platinum L2 Sound Effects Library by Frank Serafine$20.00
Cymatics Hearts Charity Sample Pack$15.00
Half Time Drum and Bass$12.50
Initial Audio Trap Life Mega Bundle$25.00
Cymatics Dragon$29.95
Splice Sakima Vocal Pack Vol.3$5.00
Wavsupply Vision Fluorescent One Shot Kit$10.00
Travis Barker Drum Kit$10.00
E-Lab Abstract Hip-Hop$10.00
Splice Originals Molly Moore Ecstasy Vocals$10.00
Vandalism Ultra EDM Uplifters$7.50
Vandalism Ultra Deep House Vocals 5$5.00
Vandalism Ultra Future Bass Vocals 5$5.00
Vengeance EDM Essentials Vol.3$15.00
Splice Subtronics Angry Robot Noises Sample Pack$10.00
VSTBuzz Dubstep Drums$7.50
VSTBuzz EDM Drums$5.00
Divine Vocal Mantras Spiritual Indian Chants$15.00
Cymatics Mirage Vocal Loops$5.00
Make Pop Music Radio Ready$10.00
Sample Tools By Cr2 Mousse T Vol.1$10.00
Vengeance Synthwave Essentials 1$15.00
Luke Anderson Snare Collection Vol. 1-3$10.00
Mystical Indian Percussion 2$15.00
Unison Ultimate One Shot Bundle$35.00
Samplestar Platinum Trap Beats$10.00
Samplestar Slo Mo Chilled Beats Vol. 2$10.00
Samplestar Soul Hop Beats Vol.2$10.00
Kaydence Not Another Vocal Kit Vol.1$10.00
Splice Sessions West African Voices$10.00
Triune Digital Sci-Fi Sound Design$25.00
Digit Music Classic Hip Hop Horns$10.00
Black Octopus Sound Katty Heath Vocal Pack$10.00
Sound Haven Voices Vol.1$10.00
Ashka Afriloco Afrobeats Vol.2$5.00
Fantastic Lab Ginger Vibes Afrobeats$5.00
Rare Percussion - Percussion Science Vol.3$10.00
Turbo Samples Tech House Vocals 5$5.00
Sample Magic Classic Jungle$10.00
Image Sounds Pro Percussion Bundle$49.95
Samplestar Melodik Lofi Chill Hop Vol.2$5.00
Exotic Refreshment Melodic House and Techno Vol.2 Sample Pack$5.00
Roland Cloud Groove House Sample Pack$10.00
Dabro Music Bass House Vol.4$10.00
Famous Audio Cosmic Hip Hop$10.00
Zenhiser Dubstep FX$10.00
Soul Surplus Soul Ceremony Compositions and Stems$10.00
Famous Audio Intelligent Foley and Cute Electronics$10.00
Soundbox Vocals Future Pop$10.00
Singomakers Future Disco Sessions$15.00
Bighead Dungeon of Drums Kit$10.00
That Sound Dirty Disco Vol.2$10.00
Zenhiser Ibiza Deep House Sunset$10.00
Zenhiser Lofi Hip Hop 2$15.00
Sample Magic Dance Vocals 2$10.00
Zenhiser Extreme DnB Drum Beats$10.00
Splice Sound Mystro Sugar Sample Pack$5.00
Vandalism Ultra Chillout Vocals 2$5.00
Vandalism Ultra Chillout Vocals 3$10.00
Vandalism Ultra Tech House Vocals$5.00
Cymatics Infinity Production Suite$59.95
Disco In The House$10.00
W.A.Production What About Melodic Dubstep Vocals$10.00
Cymatics Waves Melodic Melody Loops$7.50
Cymatics Illusions RNB Melody Loops$7.50
Black Octopus Sound Deep Trance$10.00
Apollo Sound Memories Emotional LoFi$10.00
Apollo Sound Elysian LoFi Ambient Samples$10.00
Cymatics The Founder Collection Special Anniversary Offer$10.00
Sample Magic Ambient Electronics$10.00
Cymatics Syndicate Drum Loops$5.00
Dabro Music Bass House Vol.6$10.00
Freaky Loops Basstronic$10.00
Loopoholics 90s Hip Hop vol.1-3$10.00
Vandalism Ultra Mainstream Tech House Vocals$5.00
Rare Percussion Live Percussion Breaks Vol.2$10.00
Basement Freaks Presents Latin American Percussion$10.00
Hyperbits Ultimate Guitar Toolkit$10.00
Toolroom Underground House and Tech vol.4$7.50
Black Octopus Sound Last Call Melodic Techno$5.00
Big Room Sound Energy$5.00
Future Loops Ambient Hop$10.00
Drumdrops Vintage Disco$5.00
Zenhiser Dubstep Clash$15.00
Toolroom House Vocals Vol. 1$5.00
Smokey Loops Christmas Kits 2$5.00
Sound of Milk and Honey Cosmic Keys$10.00
Bingoshakerz Organic Jazzy Downtempo$10.00
Vengeance Melodic Techno vol.1$19.95
Zenhiser Journeys Of Beauty$10.00
Producer Loops Under The Sun$5.00
AudioFriend Nu Disco Chords$5.00
Midi Godz Lo-Fi Vocal Loops$5.00
Engineering Samples Sapphire Audio Edition$10.00
Concept Samples Classic House$5.00
Concept Samples Soulful House$5.00
Zenhiser Orbital Progressive Trance$25.00
Samplesound Deep Tech Series vol.1$10.00
Singomakers Slatin Modular House$10.00
Famous Audio EDM Trap$10.00
Future Loops Pixel$10.00
Beat Wizards Beats For Blazin$10.00
Future Loops Hazy Roads$10.00
Cymatics Mystery Sample Pack Vol 4$12.50
Smokey Loops Latin Jazz$10.00
AudioFriend Vinyl Samples$5.00
Zenhiser Extreme DnB Drum Hits$5.00
Image Sounds Reggae Music$10.00
Image Sounds House Essentials$15.00
Image Sounds Deephouse Club Sounds$15.00
Image Sounds Night Lounge$12.50
Sonics Empire Lofi Me Harder$10.00
Test Press Noisia Sample Pack Vol 1$10.00
Vandalism Ultra Dance Vocals 2$10.00
Vandalism Big Room Techno Kicks$5.00
Smokey Loops Drum & Bass Arena$10.00
Image Sounds Pro Drums Metal$35.00
Cymatics Imperium Analog One Shot Collection$5.00
M-Theory Psyfloors Psytrance Sample Pack$10.00
SoundMajorz 90's R&B Sample Pack$10.00
Zenhiser Zone Out$10.00
Sample Magic Rolling DnB$10.00
Sample Magic Trip-Hop and Downtempo$10.00
Bfractal Music Electro Foundation$10.00
Diginoiz African Vocals$10.00
Loopmasters Horns In Motion$10.00
Ghosthack Melodic House Essentials$10.00
Ghosthack Summer Night Funk$10.00
Ghosthack Old School Hip Hop$10.00
Get Down Samples 100 Tech House Top Loops Vol 1$10.00
Cymatics Immortal Hyper Expansion$15.00
Get Down Samples Soulful House Essentials$10.00
Get Down Samples Bass Tech House Grooves$10.00
Get Down Samples Danblast Groove House$10.00
Dropgun Samples Vocal Progressive Deep House 3$10.00
Hy2rogen Gravity Tech House$10.00
Aim Audio Hip-Hop Lo-Fi & Scratch$10.00
Toolbox Samples Nu-Disco Drums$5.00
Pelham and Junior Heart Talk$10.00
Smokey Loops Drum & Bass Energy$5.00
Smokey Loops Turkish Style 1$10.00
Epic Stock Media Vanilla Drip$10.00
Kaifu Gun Kit vol.1-2$10.00
Zenhiser Aurora$10.00
AudioFriend Noise Beats$0.01
Samples Choice Trap and Soul$10.00
Black Octopus Sound Warping Psy Trance Vol. 1$10.00
AudeoBox Chill Afrobeats$10.00
Drumdrops Pop Punk$10.00
The Sound Of Toolroom Vol 2$10.00
DKanee Magic Duo Drum And One Shot Kit$10.00
Pelham and Junior Alt Hip-Hop$10.00
Orange Groove Samples House & Garage Drums$10.00
Orange Groove Samples FX$10.00
Looptone Soulside House Vocals$10.00
Cycles & Spots Chicago House 3$5.00
Tribe Caribe Bossa Nova Sounds of Brazil$10.00
Discotheque Essentials Disco Percussion$5.00
Discotheque Essentials Disco Drums$5.00
Cymatics Apocalypse 2$25.00
Soundtrack Loops Soul LoFi Vibes$10.00
Gio Israel Sounds Cinematic Flutes$5.00
Toolroom Academy Tech House Essentials Vol 2$10.00
91Vocals Soulmates Vintage Classics$10.00
Rubicon Hybrid Drums and Atmospheric Percussion$10.00
That Sound Nu-Funk Drums$10.00

Fruity Loops

Fruity Loops Studio v5.0.0 XXL Producer Edition [Full version]$10.00
Fruity Loops Studio v6.0.8 Producer Edition$10.00
Fruity Loops Studio v5.0.0 XXL Samples DVD Collection$25.00
Sample Fusion - Amped$10.00
Sample Fusion - Bass Case$10.00
Killer Tweaks 2$10.00
Fruity Loops Studio v7.0.0 XXL Producer Edition$10.00
Fruity Loops Studio XXL v9.0$10.00

Reason Refills

260dB: The Drum&Bass Interface$8.33
2rAw Club Trackbuilders$8.33
2rAw Uptown Breaks$8.33
AMG Gigarefill [2 CD]$20.00
Airbase Trance Refill 2003$8.33
Club TrackBuilders$8.33
Creative Essentials 1$10.00
Creative Essentials 2$10.00
Creative Essentials 3$10.00
Cuckooland Ambience$8.33
Dirty Ol' Relics$8.33
DNB Sensations X Productions$8.33
2rAw Dub Tactic Manual$8.33
Fat Marley$8.33
2rAw Funk Master$8.33
Hip Hop and Breakbeat Nemesis$8.33
Jungle Warfare 2$8.33
Jungle Warfare 3$8.33
Komputer Inside$8.33
X-Productions Mad Kits$7.50
Modulemania Penta Pack$7.50
MS-2000 Massive Funkin Family Music$7.50
NN19 Dance Instruments$8.33
Skip To My Loops$8.33
O.Range MicroWave XT$8.33
Prototype Drum&Bass - Steve Proctor$8.33
Pocketfuel 3 - Techno Drums$8.33
Quadrasynth Story$8.33
Roots of Disco$8.33
Sample Messiah$8.33
Sonic Mayhem Rex Noize Loops Mayhem$8.33
Sonic Refills Vol. 06: OmniSoundz GM$7.50
Sonic Stop Table Manners Scratches$8.33
Space Invader$8.33
Propellerheads Strings$8.33
Underfire: Future Funk - Terminalhead$8.33
The Electro Jazz Retro Funk$8.33
Total Chillout Kender$8.33
Trance Construction Kits$8.33
Wired. The Elements of Trance Refill$10.00
2rAw Club Spectrum$7.50
E-MU Dance 2000$7.50
History of Roland [Reason]$7.50
Futurist Drum n Bass$7.50
Jungle Warfare 1$7.50
Xtreme House$10.00
Retro Funk (with Groove Control)$10.00
Reason 3 [3 CD]$30.00
Analog Night$7.50
Novation Nova Refill$7.50
Chemical Beats For Reason$7.50
Psychedelic Trance and Goa Refill$7.50
Reason Drum Kits 24 bit$25.00
EZ Rollers Drum'n'Bass Producer Pack$20.00
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums$10.00
Trancemission Refill$7.50
HIP HOP Essential Reason Refills$32.50
Waldorf Club Edition Refill$12.50
Def House Drums Refill$7.50
Kazhawanna drumCORE Refill$7.50
Quicksilver Refill$7.50
Down in Progress [2 CD]$15.00
Sonic Refills Vol. 11: Retro Keys$10.00
Sonic Refills Vol. 01: Synths 1$10.00
Chemical Synths Refill [DVD]$20.00
Sonic Refills Vol. 14: Ethnic Instruments$10.00
Sonic Refills Vol. 20: Mello-T$7.50
Reason Drum Kits 2$30.00
Flatpack 2$10.00
Sonic-O-Tool 2$10.00
Tekniks Housematic$10.00
TOTAL DANCE Refill$25.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.7 - Virus Leads$10.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.5 - Hardstyle Leads$10.00
Sonic Refills Gold$35.00
Miroslav Refills Vol. 6: Woodwinds$25.00
Miroslav Refills Vol. 5: String Ensembles$25.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads$10.00
VipZone Multisamples vol.2 - Leads 2$10.00
Drumatic Percussives$25.00
Reason Pianos$30.00
Sample Messiah: Harder Faster Louder$10.00
Heavy Mental Drum Kits$25.00
2rAw New World Order$10.00
Miroslav Refills Vol. 4: Solo Strings$22.50
Miroslav Refills Vol. 3: Percussion and Keys$25.00
Dance Refill$10.00
Master Songwriter$32.50
The BIG Reason Refill$35.00
XSynth Library$10.00
2rAw - Fx In Time$10.00
Analog BASStard Refill$10.00
VipZone Fantasy Leads$10.00
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar$10.00
Abbey Road Keyboards Refill [2 DVD]$50.00
PinkNoise DeepFlight$10.00
Analogue Monsters Refill$32.50
VipZone Hardcore Essentials$10.00
Reason 4.0.1 Update$10.00
Groovebox Music Production With Reason 4$25.00
WaveFront ReFill$35.00
Reason Electric Bass 24 Bit$35.00
Viral Outbreak Refill$25.00
VipZone Electro Basses$10.00
Minimal & Tech-House$32.50
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00
Satin Grooves$27.50
Tekniks Ultimate Urban Breakz Refill$10.00
Ultimate Beats Vol.2$22.50
Push Button Bang Infinite Elements Refill$12.50
Digital Sound Factory - Studio Orchestra Refill$19.95

VST Instruments

Garritan Harps [DVD]$17.50
Artist Drums [2 CD]$20.00
Atmosphere Dream Synth Module [6 CD]$45.00
Battery Studio Drums CD 1$10.00
Battery Studio Drums CD 2$10.00
Battery Synthetic Drums$10.00
BFD DRUMS [2 DVD]$29.95
Bosendorfer 290$35.00
Charlie - Retro Organ Module$35.00
Cult Sampler v1.0$20.00
Drumkit From Hell 2$35.00
Drumkit From Hell Superior  [9 DVD]$107.50
Edirol HQ Orchestral$10.00
Elektrik Piano [3 CD]$25.00
Galaxy Steinway 5.1 [3 DVD]$75.00
Garritan Personal Orchestra$35.00
Groove Agent$10.00
HALion Strings Edition [9 CD]$55.00
Kompakt [4 CD]$30.00
KONTAKT I [Full version]$35.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra - WOODWINDS [5 DVD]$122.50
KORG Legacy Collection$10.00
LinPlug RM-4 [Full Version]$10.00
LM-4 DrumKit From Hell$10.00
LM-4 MarkII [2 CD]$17.50
LM-4 Wizoo Kit Connection - Acoustic Drums$10.00
LM-4 Wizoo Kit Connection - Big Beats The XXL Compilation$10.00
LM-4 Wizoo Kit Connection - Electronic Drums$10.00
Moog Modular$10.00
M-Tron Tape Banks CD 1$10.00
M-Tron Tape Banks CD 2$10.00
M-Tron Tape Banks CD 3$10.00
Nu Jointz$25.00
PLP120 Percussive Live Performances VSTi [3 CD]$27.50
PlugSound 1 Keyboard Collection$10.00
PlugSound 2 Fretted Instruments$10.00
PlugSound 3 Drum&Percs Elements$10.00
PlugSound 4 HipHop & R'nB$10.00
PlugSound 5 World of Synthesizers$10.00
PlugSound 6 Global Collection$10.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra - PERCUSSION [2 DVD]$55.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra - BRASS [5 DVD]$122.50
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra - STRINGS [7 DVD]$155.00
Stylus - Vinyl Groove Module [5 CD]$20.00
The Grand [3 CD]$25.00
Trilogy [5 CD]$20.00
Hypersonic 2 [32 Bit Edition]$25.00
SYNTH #1$15.00
Samplers & Drum Machines$10.00
VCP120 Vintage Chord Progressions$25.00
Virtual Guitarist VSTi [3 CD]$25.00
VLP120 Vintage Licks + Phrases VSTi [5 CD]$35.00
Vocaloid LEON - Virtual Male Soul Vocalist$10.00
Vocaloid LOLA - Virtual Female Soul Vocalist$10.00
Wired The Elements of Trance$25.00
Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition [3 CD]$25.00
Yellow Tools Culture [7 CD]$50.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra PLATINUM Edition [19 DVD]$375.00
The Operating Table$10.00
Vapor Virtual Synth$35.00
SYNTH #2$15.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra SILVER Edition$30.00
Ultra Focus [2 DVD]$30.00
Imperial Drums [3 DVD]$67.50
Koncept & Funktion$35.00
Stormdrum [2 DVD]$62.50
Percussive Adventures 2$25.00
Afrolatin Slam$10.00
Hardcore Bass$25.00
Vienna Symphonic Library Complete Orchestral Package PRO EDITION$625.00
Miracle Beats$10.00
BPM120 Beat and Percussion Module$30.00
Artist Grooves$25.00
Sounds Of The 70's$25.00
Vocaloid MIRIAM - Virtual Female Vocalist$10.00
Sounds Of Polynesia$25.00
Absynth 3$10.00
Altered States$35.00
Broomstick Bass$25.00
Sonik Synth 2 [2 DVD]$62.50
SwarShala 1.2 Full Edition$10.00
X-Treme FX [2 DVD]$62.50
WusikStation 3$10.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra GOLD Edition [4 DVD]$112.50
Intakt [3 CD]$22.50
BFD XFL Expansion Pack [5 DVD]$57.50
BFD 8 Bit Kit [3 DVD]$70.00
BFD Drums MEGA PACK [20 DVD]$362.50
Battery [4 CD]$25.00
ARP2600 V$10.00
VirSyn CUBE$10.00
SwarShala 2$10.00
KONTAKT 3$10.00
KONTAKT II Sample Library [2 DVD]$70.00
Reaktor 4 + Best Ensembles$15.00
Quantum Leap RA [4 DVD]$65.00
Quantum Leap COLOSSUS [8 DVD]$95.00
Electronic Instruments 2 XT$10.00
ASL - Analogue Sequencer Loops$25.00
Beats Working - in Cuba [2 DVD]$55.00
REAKTOR 5.1$12.50
Darbuka & Latigo$35.00
Reaktor Session$10.00
DFH Superior Custom & Vintage [9 DVD]$110.00
Real Guitar 3$10.00
SaxLab Saxophone Synthesizer$10.00
Xphraze - Trance Xpansion$7.50
Halion 3 [2 DVD]$70.00
LinPlug CronoX 3$10.00
Battery Synthetic Drums 2$10.00
M-Audio Drum & Bass Rig$10.00
M-Audio Key Rig$10.00
Hardcore Bass XP Full Edition$55.00
FXpansion DR-008 Drum Machine$30.00
Waldorf Attack [Full Version]$10.00
FXpansion GURU$30.00
EVE II Electronic Vintage Ensemble$10.00
EVE Soundset vol.3 - Evalon$7.50
EVE Soundset vol.2 - Minimoog$7.50
EVE Soundset vol.1 - FS1r$7.50
Prosonus Orchestral Collection VSTi$20.00
Quantum Leap Symphonic CHOIRS [9 DVD]$97.50
KONTAKT Experience$15.00
MOTU MachFive Sampler v1.2 [Full Version]$30.00
PlugSound Special Edition - PPG$10.00
DrumCore 2 [2 DVD]$39.95
Reaktor User Library 2006$19.95
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Burning Grooves$30.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - BackBeat$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Retro Funk$25.00
Guitar Combos$10.00
Liquid Instrument vol. 1 - Saxophone$20.00
Akoustik Piano [4 DVDs]$100.00
Hartmann Neuron VS v1.0$25.00
Northmood VSTi [2 DVD]$49.90
Native Instruments B4 II [Full Version]$10.00
Virtual Bassist$15.00
The Grand 2$35.00
Groove Agent 2$15.00
Latin World$35.00
Liquid Instrument vol. 2 - Electric Bass$12.50
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Metamorphosis$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Liquid Grooves$25.00
Art Vista Virtual Grand Piano VSTi$30.00
GForce Oddity [Full version]$10.00
GForce Minimonsta:Melohman [Full Version]$10.00
KORG Legacy Collection - DIGITAL EDITION$10.00
Vocal Forge$25.00
Garritan Jazz and Big Band VSTi$35.00
Hypersonic XXL$10.00
Hypersonic 2 [64 Bit Edition]$25.00
Liquid Instrument vol. 3 - Guitar$20.00
Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition 3$10.00
Chris Hein - Horns vol. 1$35.00
Outer Limits$35.00
Dimension Pro [2 DVD]$39.90
SYNTH #3$15.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra GOLD Pro XP [5 DVD]$157.50
LinPlug Octopus$10.00
Xphraze - Mad Synth$7.50
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Stark Raving Beats$10.00
Real Guitar 4$10.00
IVORY - Grand Pianos VSTi v1.5 [10 DVD]$120.00
The Resource [2 DVD]$60.00
BFD Deluxe [5 DVD]$57.50
Luxonix PURITY$10.00
Cakewalk Rapture VSTi [Full version]$10.00
60s a GoGo VSTi$25.00
Peter Siedlaczeks Complete Classical Collection [3 DVD]$97.50
Quantum Leap Stormbreakz$25.00
Hip Hop Underground$25.00
Yellow Tools Majestic [4 DVD]$55.00
Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials [5 DVD]$70.00
Ethno World 3 Complete$30.00
Orient World$35.00
LinPlug Sophistry$30.00
BFD Jazz & Funk [5 DVD]$57.50
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra PLATINUM Pro XP [18 DVD]$362.50
Oriental RnB$25.00
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra SILVER Pro XP$27.50
First Call Horns$25.00
INetSynth [Full Version]$10.00
DFH EZdrummer$20.00
LinPlug Albino 3$10.00
Linplug RM-IV Drum Addiction$10.00
iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced$10.00
DFH Superior Vintage Addon Limited Edition [2 DVD]$65.00
Liquid Instrument vol. 6 - Horn Section$20.00
Absynth Sounds [biolabs] vol.1-3$10.00
Xphraze - At the Club$7.50
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Skippy's Big Bad Beats$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Ethno Techno$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Skippy's Noizbox$25.00
Liquid Instrument vol. 5 - The Voice Vol.2$25.00
URS Professional Plug-Ins$10.00
DiscoDSP Highlife VSTi [Full Version]$10.00
Rapture Pro v2.0.4.25 [2 DVD]$39.90
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Latin Percussion$20.00
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Drumkit From Hell$20.00
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Vintage Rock$20.00
Raging Guitars [3 DVD]$72.50
BFD Percussion [2 DVD]$49.90
Native Instruments FM8$10.00
Native Instruments Massive$10.00
Native Instruments Kore v 1.1$10.00
Miroslav Philarmonik [2 DVD]$62.50
ABSYNTH 4$10.00
Artist Complete [2 DVD]$57.50
WusikStation 3 Gold Deluxe [2 DVD]$50.00
KOMPLETE 4 [8 DVD]$37.50
Electro ID: Feel The Impact$25.00
Drums Overkill$29.90
Nexus Expansion: Dance Orchestra$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Dance Vol.1$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Perpetual Motion$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Minimal House$10.00
Nexus Expansion: House Vol.1$10.00
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection [5 DVD Set]$72.50
Nexus Expansion: Psytrance$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Dance Drums$10.00
Fixed Noise OTTO$30.00
Sample Logic A.I.R. [2 DVD]$57.50
XLN Audio Addictive Drums$27.50
Vir2 Instruments Acoustic Legends HD [5 DVD]$60.00
BFD Andy Johns Classic Drums [6 DVD]$60.00
E-MU Proteus VX v2.0.1$10.00
Trance ID$19.95
Hardtechno vs Schranz$30.00
Groove Shadow$32.50
Nexus Expansion: Store'n'Forward$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Hardstyle / Hardtrance / Rave$10.00
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Nashville$20.00
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Claustrophobic$20.00
Liquid Instrument vol. 7 - Trumpet$25.00
Miroslav Philharmonik Classic Edition$25.00
DFH EZdrummer EZX - The Twisted Kit$20.00
IVORY Italian Grand [5 DVD]$72.50
Chris Hein - Guitars [4 DVD]$60.00
Sample Moog$32.50
Nexus Expansion: Stratosphere$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Hardstyle$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Bass$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Analog$10.00
Galaxy II Grand Piano Collection [8 DVD]$197.50
Analog FX$32.50
Gary Garritan Gofriller Solo Cello$17.50
Dancehall Madness$30.00
Vir2 Instruments syntAX$32.50
Vir2 Instruments VI One [6 DVD]$79.90
Minimal House$27.50
VOCALOID2 Prima$22.50
VOCALOID2 Hatsune Miku$10.00
VOCALOID2 Kagamine Rin / Len$10.00
VOCALOID2 Sweet Ann$22.50
Ethno World 4 Pro [3 DVD]$82.50
BFD 2 Drums [6 DVD]$160.00
BFD Joe Barresi Evil Drums [6 DVD]$140.00
Virtual String Machine$27.50
Nexus Expansion: Peter Siedlaczek's Total Piano$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Crank$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Bigtone Signature$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Guitars$10.00
Nexus Expansion: Minimal House 2$10.00
Phaedra Ultimate Analog$30.00
Chris Hein Bass [4 DVD]$62.50
Sample Logic The Elements [4 DVD]$62.50
Native Instruments KORE 2$35.00
KOMPLETE 5 [10 DVD]$55.00
KONTAKT 3 Sample Library [6 DVD]$47.50
Superior Drummer 2.0 [5 DVD]$70.00
Minimal Techno$27.50
Trance ID 2$25.00
Waldorf The Waldorf Edition v1.2.2$10.00
Spectrasonics Omnisphere [8 DVD]$197.50
Balkan Lines$27.50
Viral Outbreak VSTi$25.00
T-RackS Deluxe 3$10.00
LinPlug RM-V Drum Addiction VSTi v5.0.3$30.00
Liquid Instrument vol. 4 - The Voice Vol.1$25.00
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Funk Masters$10.00
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Jazz$10.00
Fixed Noise KREATE$30.00
IZotope Ozone 4.01$10.00
Superior 2 New York Studios Vol.2 Expansion [3 DVD]$37.50
Ueberschall RetroFit Series vol.5 - Sensory Disruption$25.00
ManyTone ManyBass$20.00
True Pianos$10.00
Vir2 Instruments BASiS [2 DVD]$60.00
Vir2 Instruments Elite Orchestral Percussion [5 DVD]$72.50
Red Wings Piano$10.00
Peavey Electronics ReValver Mk III$10.00
Cycling 74 Plug-Ins$10.00
Club Toolz$25.00
Studio Works$25.00
Superior 2 The Metal Foundry SDX Expansion [7 DVD]$80.00
Piano Trilogy$10.00
Score FX [2 DVD]$50.00
XLN Audio Addictive Drums - Retro$25.00
Finest R&B$25.00
Minimal Electro Vibes$25.00
Analog Attack$25.00
Vir2 MOJO: Horn Section [4 DVD]$97.50
Pop Music$30.00
Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition [11 DVD]$275.00
Mixosaurus Expert Virtual Drums [29 DVD]$197.50
ABSYNTH 5$10.00
KONTAKT 4$10.00
KOMPLETE 6 [11 DVD]$75.00
Native Instruments Evolve Mutations$22.50
NEXUS 2.2$30.00
Electro Producer Pack 1$27.50
Electro Producer Pack 2$27.50
Chillers Joint$25.00
TRILIAN [5 DVD]$67.50
Native Instruments KORE Sounds - Essential Bass$25.00
Native Instruments KORE Sounds - North India$25.00
Pure Fire$20.00
Scarbee Pre-Bass$27.50
HumBox VM1 v1.0 VSTi$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Omnicron$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - SID$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Rom Extension$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Pop$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Bigtone Signature 2$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Bigtone Signature 3$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Vocoder$15.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Vintage DrumKits$10.00
SONiVOX DVI Ramirez Nylon Guitar v2.0$10.00
SONiVOX DVI Ramirez Symphonic Harp v2.0$10.00
BFD2 Big Orchestral Marching Band Expansion Pack [2 DVD]$52.50
BFD2 Decatom Expansion Kit$10.00
BFD2 JEX Expansion Kit$20.00
M-Tron Pro v1.0 [DVD]$30.00
Berlin Concert Grand [2 DVD]$47.50
New York Concert Grand [2 DVD]$47.50
Scarbee Jay-Bass$25.00
80s Punk & New Wave$20.00
Reggae Fundamentals$25.00
BFD2 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Expansion Kit$25.00
BFD2 Yamaha Oak Custom Expansion Kit$25.00
Vir2 Instruments World Impact Global Percussion [4 DVD]$97.50
Waldorf Largo 1.5.0$10.00
Synergy [5 DVD]$80.00
Sample Modeling Mr.Sax-T$10.00
Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 [4 DVD]$79.95
DFH EZdrummer EZX - Electronic$20.00
Rob Papen SubBoomBass$10.00
Rob Papen RG$10.00
M-Audio GM Module VSTi v1.0$7.50
Vir2 Electri6ity [7 DVD]$70.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - Dance Vol.3$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass$10.00
Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2$10.00
Prominy SR5 Rock Bass [3 DVD]$82.50
Art Of Sounds$25.00
C.R.U.N.K. Southern Storm$32.50
Indie Rock$32.50
Liquid Instruments Ambient Works$25.00
Liquid Instruments Score FX II [2 DVD]$37.50
Sounds of Berlin$17.50
Vir2 Instruments Violence$20.00
Sample Modeling The Trumpet v1.0$10.00
Glam Rock$25.00
Urbanic Producer Pack 2$20.00
Urbanic II$20.00
KORG Legacy Collection Special Bundle$15.00
KONTAKT 7.4$10.00
Ample Sound AGG v1.2.6$25.00
Best Service Forest Kingdom II [2 DVD]$50.00
Helios Ray Expansion For Maschine$7.50
Planet Trance$30.00
Future Garage$10.00
SampleTank Instrument Expansion Platinum for Sampletank [4 DVD]$65.00
Guitar Ballads$17.50
XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 + All Libraries [2 DVD]$65.00
Rob Papen BLUE II$10.00
XLN Audio Addictive Keys v1.0.6 [DVD]$30.00
MeldaProduction MDrummer Large v5.00 [2 DVD]$32.50
iZotope BreakTweaker$25.00
Ample Sound Ample Bass P v1.0.0$19.90
Toontrack EZdrummer 2 [2 DVD]$65.00
SampleTank 3.6.3 [Full version]$59.95
Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon v1.0.0$10.00
Credland Audio BigKick v1.5.2$10.00
MusicLab RealRick [DVD]$25.00
Xfer Records Serum$10.00
Native Instruments Polyplex v1.0.0$10.00
iZotope Iris 2 [2 DVD]$35.00
MeldaProduction MPowerSynth v8.06$10.00
Roland Plug-Out SH-101 v.1.0.0$10.00
Roland Plug-Out SH-2 v.1.0$10.00
Kirk Hunter Diamond Orchestra [10 DVD]$60.00
GForce Virtual String Machine v2.1$25.00
Arturia V Collection 4$32.50
Rob Papen RAW v1.0.1a$10.00
FXpansion Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol.1 [3 DVD]$62.50
Garritan World Instruments v1.0$20.00
Garritan Instant Orchestra v1.0$20.00
Garritan Concert And Marching Band 2 v2.0$10.00
Garritan Classic Pipe Organs v1.3 [DVD]$15.00
BeepStreet Sunrizer v1.2.1$10.00
Waldorf Nave v1.0.1$10.00
Xfer Records Nerve v1.1.2.1 [DVD]$25.00
Spectrasonics Omnisphere v2.0 [12 DVD]$99.90
Synapse Audio Dune 2.2.1$10.00
Synapse Audio Dune 2.2.1 + Additional Presets$19.90
MusicLab RealEight$10.00
Best Service Galaxy X Virtual Instrument [3 DVD]$69.90
AAS Lounge Lizard 4.0.5$10.00
AAS Strum GS-2$10.00
AAS Ultra Analog VA-2$10.00
AAS String Studio VS-2$10.00
Patchworx Tropical House Synths For NI MASSiVE$5.00
Tone2 Gladiator v2.3 + Electronic Expansion$10.00
Tone2 ElectraX Additional Presets$10.00
Tone2 ElectraX v1.2$10.00
Lone Forest Maschine Expansion$10.00
Garritan Personal Orchestra v4.02 [DVD]$17.50
Chromaphone v1.0.6$5.00
Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VSTi v2.2.1.1$10.00
The Giant v.1.2$25.00
EZkeys Pipe Organ v1.0.0 [DVD]$19.95
Maschine Expansion - Neon Drive$10.00
Velvet Lounge Maschine Expansion$10.00
Ueberschall Jazz Lounge$19.90
Crystal Daggers Maschine Expansion$10.00
U-he BeatZille v1.0$5.00
Techno ID$15.00
Volko Baglama v2.0$10.00
Roland PROMARS v1.0.2 Plug Out Synth$5.00
Xclusive Audio New Era 808 and Bass Module [DVD]$25.00
Dark Sirens - Expansion Pack for NI Absynth$10.00
Audiobro LA Scoring Strings 2.0 (LASS)$95.00
Patchworx 72 Atmospheric Electronica For NI MASSiVE$10.00
What About: Massive EDM Essentials$5.00
Native Instruments Cavern Floor Maschine Expansion$10.00
Electric Vice v1.1.0 Maschine Expansion$10.00
Amplified Funk Maschine Expansion$10.00
Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion$10.00
Arcane Attic Maschine Expansion$10.00
Magnate Hustle Maschine Expansion$10.00
Prospect Haze Maschine Expansion$10.00
Golden Kingdom Maschine Expansion$10.00
XILS-lab R.A.M.S.E.S. v1.0.1$10.00
Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra v1.1.0$10.00
Maschine 2 Software v2.2.0 [2 DVD]$49.90
EZkeys Electric Grand v1.0.0$19.90
EZkeys Retro Electrics [DVD]$25.00
EZkeys Grand Piano v1.0.2$19.90
EZkeys Small Upright$15.00
SuperWave Ultimate Bundle v1.2$10.00
2CAudio - Kaleidoscope$15.00
Reaktor 6$15.00
Rob Papen Predator v1.6.5$10.00
Ample Bass P II$29.90
Ample Bass J II$29.90
Ample Guitar T II$29.90
Ample Metal Eclipse II$29.90
Ample ABJ2 Extension Vol.1 - Pick Bass$19.90
Vintage Heat Maschine Expansion$10.00
True School Maschine Expansion [DVD]$12.50
Native Instruments Flesh$10.00
EZkeys Studio Grand v1.0.0$10.00
Toontrack EZmix 2$10.00
Guitar Ballads Vol.2 [DVD]$19.95
Reveal Sound Spire v1.1.1$10.00
BFD Sphere v1.0.0 [DVD]$17.50
BFD Signature Snares Vol.2 v1.0.0 [DVD]$19.95
BFD Sleishman Snares v1.0.0 [DVD]$17.50
BFD Imperial Drums [2 DVD]$44.95
BFD Oblivion [2 DVD]$45.95
Metal Guitar Gods 3$10.00
BFD Sleishman Drums v1.0.0 [DVD]$19.90
BFD Signature Snares Vol.1 [DVD]$19.95
Roland Sound Canvas VA v1.0.0$10.00
discoDSP Corona v5.1$10.00
Rob Papen Punch-BD$10.00
AIR Music Tech Hybrid v3.0.7$10.00
Patchworx 71 Future House Massive Presets$5.00
Patchworx 74 Neuro Drum & Bass 2 Massive Presets$5.00
Patchworx 75 Trap Serum Presets$5.00
112db Morgana v1.2.8$10.00
Rapture Pro UP3 v2 [2 DVD]$25.00
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2$10.00
Drumagog Platinum v5.11 [DVD]$25.00
AIR Music Tech Xpand2 v2.2.7 [DVD]$19.90
The Riser v1.0.7$10.00
Loom v1.0.7$10.00
Mini Grand v1.2.7$10.00
Sample Modeling The Soprano and Bass Clarinets v1.0.3$10.00
AudioRealism ReDominator v1.0.2 R2$10.00
AIR Music Tech DB-33 v1.2.7$10.00
AIR Music Vacuum Pro v1.0.7$10.00
Air Music Transfuser v2.0.7 [DVD]$19.90
AIR Music Velvet v2.0.7$10.00
Humanoid Sound Systems Enzyme$10.00
Audiority Magnitude for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2$7.50
Audiority Magnitude II Hybrid Impacts for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2$10.00
Audiority Relative Dimension for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2$10.00
Virtual Guitarist IRON v1.0.1$25.00
Cakewalk Studio Instruments Suite v1.0.0.10$10.00
Rapture Session v2.0.4.25$25.00
Studio One Pro V3 Content Soundsets [8 DVD]$89.00
Symphonic String HD for Dimension Pro$25.00
Cakewalk Z3TA Plus 2 v2.2.0.95$5.00
AIR Music Technology Structure v2.0.7 [8 DVD]$79.95
Trap Boom 2 [DVD]$25.00
Vocal Runs Module$19.95
Cymatics Animals for Serum Gold Edition$10.00
Strike v2.0.7 [5 DVD]$59.95
Hauptwerk Prague Baroque Organ$29.95
XILS-Lab XILS4 v1.0.3$5.00
Big Bang Cinematic Percussion v2.5$29.90
Eighty Eight Ensemble v2.5 [2 DVD]$39.90
Big Bang Universal Drums v2.3 [2 DVD]$39.90
OVO Future RnB Vol.3 [for NI Massive]$5.00
2nd Sense Audio Wiggle v1.1.3$10.00
RealLPC 4$10.00
Arturia Spark 2$12.50
Arturia V Collection 5$29.95
SubsonicArtz Interstellar for Omnisphere 2$10.00
Sonic Academy KICK 2$10.00
StudioLinkedVST Universe Pads$17.50
Nutty Traxx NI Massive Soundset Vol.1$5.00
Unmute Future Of Sounds For Sylenth1$5.00
Toontrack EZX2 HipHop$19.95
EDIROL Orchestral and Super Quartet for Windows x64$10.00
Ueberschall Metal 2$19.95
AKAI MPC Software v1.9.4 CE$10.00
Guda Audio KickR v1.6$5.00
D16 Group PunchBox v1.0.1$10.00
Queensbridge Story Maschine Expansion$10.00
Rising Crescent Maschine Expansion$10.00
Lilac Glare Maschine Expansion$10.00
Molten Veil Maschine Expansion$10.00
StudioLinkedVST Certified Module$19.90
Sonivox Wobble v2.3$10.00
Sonivox Tony Coleman Drums$25.00
SONiVOX Twist v2.3$10.00
Sonivox Orchestral Companion Strings v1.4$35.00
Sonivox Orchestral Companion Woodwinds v1.4$35.00
Sonivox Orchestral Companion Brass v1.4$25.00
Toontrack EZX Post Rock$25.00
Toontrack EZX2 Progressive v1.0.0$25.00
u-he Hive v1.1.0 + Additional Presets$15.00
FXpansion Geist 2$30.00
Maschine Expansion Sierra Grove v1.0.0$10.00
Sonivox Singles Harpsichord v1.0$5.00
Sonivox Singles Classic Bass v1.0$5.00
Sonivox Singles Harmonica v1.0$5.00
Addictive Drums 2 ADpak United Pop$10.00
MegaMagic Guitars Part 1 for Omnisphere 2.1$10.00
Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 Plug-in v2.1.2$10.00
80s Synthwave$19.95
Future Bass For NI Massive$10.00
OMG Drums Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2$10.00
AudioThing Hand Clapper v1.2.0$10.00
Maschine Expansion Motor Impact$10.00
Future Chillout Vol 3 For Sylenth1$5.00
Sugar Bytes Egoist$10.00
Sugar Bytes Factory v1.0.1$10.00
Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.2.0$10.00
Sample Magic Stacker$10.00
Luftrum 14 for Omnisphere 2$10.00
MegaMagic Guitars Part 2 for Omnisphere$10.00
Hexagon Highway for Maschine$10.00
Sound Arte Nuovo Delight For Omnisphere$5.00
Steven Slate Drums 4 - Chris Lord Alge Expansion$25.00
Steven Slate Drums - David Bendeth Expansion$25.00
Steve Slate Drums Terry Date SSD4 Expansion$25.00
Steven Slate SSD4 - Blackbird Studio Drums Expansion$35.00
ARTFX Cinematic Creations for Xfer Records Serum$10.00
Instant Score Galactik Omnisphere 2$10.00
Unmute Future Bass Vol.2 for Sylenth1$7.50
Jerome Isma-Ae Progressive Essentials for Sylenth1$10.00
Toontrack EZX2 Dream Pop$10.00
Virtual Guitarist Amber v1.0.1$25.00
Virtual Guitarist Sparkle$25.00
Ian Boddy Dark Ambience Patches for Omnisphere 2$10.00
Solar Breeze Maschine Expansion$10.00
Kreaturesque for Omnisphere 2$10.00
LP24 House Foundations for Serum$7.50
Deadmouse Complete Synth Collection For Serum$10.00
GuDa Audio DrumR v2.2$10.00
Audiority Shimmer Sky for Omnisphere 2.1$10.00
Celtic Atmospheres for Omnisphere 2$10.00
Dark Silence Serum SoundBank Vol.1 for Serum$10.00
Black Arc Maschine Expansion$10.00
StudiolinkedVST Modernize$25.00
StudiolinkedVST EDM Trap Modernize Expansion$10.00
Ueberschall Saxophone 2$19.95
Spectrasonics Keyscape$99.90
Cymatics Future House for Serum$17.50
Cinematic Guitar Loops$25.00
The 1020 Collection for Omnisphere 2$10.00
Airwave vol.2 for Omnisphere 2$10.00
SoundMorph Evil Twin for NI Reaktor$10.00
Radiant Horizon Maschine Expansion$10.00
Omnisphere Bob Moog Tribute Library Addon$19.95
BeatMaker 808 Bass Module$5.00
Modo Bass$10.00
EZkeys String Machine$17.50
Tracktion Software BioTek v1.5.1$10.00
Regroover Pro$10.00
KiloHearts The Works v2016$10.00
Plogue Chipspeech v1.502$10.00
Plogue Chipsounds v1.877$10.00
VoxWave ALYS$10.00
TimewARP 2600 v1.6$10.00
Garritan Personal Orchestra 5$25.00
Cymatics Nightmares Vol.2 for Serum$15.00
u-he Diva v1.4.1$10.00
Kong Audio Chinee Orchestra FE v2.1.2$19.95
Seventies Rock EZX$19.95
Big Rock Drums EZX$22.50
Traditional Country EZX$15.00
Twisted Tools Ultraloop v1.1.5 for Reaktor$10.00
Twisted Tools SCAPES v1.2.2 for Reaktor$5.00
UVI UltraMini 1.5$25.00
Dmitry Sches Tantra v1.13$10.00
Ignite VST Heat Up v2$55.00
Vintage Synth Pads Concentrated for Serum$5.00
Prismatic Bliss Maschine Expansion$15.00
Untopia for Omnisphere 2$10.00
Cymatics Helix for Serum$10.00
Waldorf PPG Wave 3 v1.2$10.00
XILS-lab PolyKB III v3.0.3$5.00
Infected Mushroom Manipulator$10.00
Cycles And Spots Modular Machines For NI Reaktor$10.00
Cymatics Nuclear for Xfer Serum$10.00
Ample Sound ABP2 v2.5.0$29.95
Headland Flow Maschine Expansion$10.00
Native Instruments Form v1.1$10.00
Soundescape Synthetica for Omnisphere 2$12.50
LinPlug SaxLab 2 v2.2.1$10.00
Reveal Sound Into The Deep Vol.2 [for Spire]$10.00
Rob Papen Predator 2$10.00
Trance Euphoria Future PSY Trance For Spire$5.00
Deep Data Loops Absynth Atmos$5.00
NI Maschine Expansion - Elastic Thump$10.00
Ample Ethno Ukulele (AEU)$25.00
UJAM VG-SILK v1.0.0$25.00
Ample Guitar M II (AGM2) v2.2$29.90
NI Battery 4 Complete$30.00
GForce The Oddity 2$10.00
Cymatic Titan Serum Expansion$10.00
Tracktion Software Collective$19.95
Waves Grand Rhapsody Library SD + HD$15.00
Univesal Piper 4$10.00
NI Reaktor 6 Full Complete User Library (04-17-2017)$35.00
Vandalism Shocking Deep House for Serum$5.00
Roland VS JUNO-106 v1.0.1$5.00
Roland VS JUPITER-8 v1.0.3$5.00
Roland VS D-50 v1.0.1$5.00
Roland VS SYSTEM-100 v1.0.5$5.00
Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol.1 for Concerto v3.2.0$15.00
Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol.2 for Concerto v3.2.0$15.00
Roland VS SYSTEM-1 v1.0.5$5.00
Roland VS Concerto v3.3.0$5.00
Roland VS Tera Guitar for Concerto v1.9.0$5.00
Roland VS Tera Piano for Concerto v3.2.0$15.00
Addictive Drums 2 ADpak - United Heavy$10.00
MeldaProduction MDrummer Large 7$39.95
UVI Vintage Legends$45.00
Roland VS Anthology 1987 for Concerto v3.2.0$19.95
Roland VS SYSTEM-8$5.00
Roland VS FLAVR Grit for Concerto v3.2.0$10.00
Roland VS Anthology 1990 for Concerto v3.2.0$19.95
Infinite Structures by Futurephonic Serum Soundset$10.00
Surge Sounds Future Pop Serum Soundbank$10.00
Waves Clavinet Library$10.00
KV331 SynthMaster New v2.8.10$10.00
Waves Electric Grand 80 Piano Library$15.00
Waves Electric 200$10.00
Waves Electric 88 Library$10.00
String Audio LIGHTless for Omnisphere 2$17.50
Echo Sound Works CODA for Serum$10.00
Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger v1.2.2$30.00
IK Multimedia Syntronik$59.95
Ample Metal Ray5 (AMR) v2.6$25.00
Superior Drummer 3 [54 DVD]$119.95
Miroslav Philharmonik 2$49.95
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Moombahton and Trap$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - EDM 1$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Funky House$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack Future Chill$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - PSY$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Future House$10.00
RealGuitar 5$20.00
Avenger Expansion - Classic Drum & Bass$5.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - BigTone$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Future Pop$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Euro Party$10.00
Steven Slate Drums 4 + SSD4 Library Platinum$39.95
Nozytic Music Annabella for Omnisphere 2$5.00
AIR Music Loom II$5.00
Dmitry Sches Thorn$10.00
AudioRealism ABL3 v3.1.1$5.00
GG Audio Blue3 v1.2$5.00
BeatMaker Dirty Chords v.1.1$10.00
Lethal Bass Vol.1 for xFer Serum$5.00
Decoded Forms Maschine Expansion$10.00
Deep Matter Maschine Expansion$10.00
Ujam Virtual Drummer Solid$10.00
Knight Savage for Omnipshere$7.50
Roland VS Concerto v4.0.1$59.95
Ujam Virtual Drummer Heavy$15.00
Sugar Bytes Aparillo v1.0.1$10.00
Sugar Bytes Obscurium v1.0.5$10.00
Ujam Virtual Drummer Phat$10.00
Sugar Bytes Guitarist v1.0.4$15.00
Audio Assault Westwood Drums$10.00
Arturia V Collection 6$30.00
u-he Repro-1 v1.1$5.00
SuperWave Plugins Bundle$10.00
Surge Sounds Slushy for Serum$5.00
Glitch Hero$22.50
LBandy Music Productions Fingerprint$19.95
London Grit Maschine Expansion$10.00
Sonic Academy ANA 2$10.00
BFD Crush for BFD3$25.00
Triple Spiral Audio Zodiac for Izotope Iris 2$12.50
FXpansion BFD3 v3.2.2.2 + Core Library$75.00
Pagan III Impacts for Omnisphere 2$5.00
Vandalism Shocking Future Pop for Serum$5.00
Del Norte EDM Chill for Omnisphere 2$10.00
Northern Impakt V1 for.Omnisphere 2$10.00
Cymatics Element Plucks for Serum Vol. 1-2$10.00
Unmute Awake for Serum$10.00
Roland VS TR-808$5.00
Roland VS SRX Orchestra v1.0.1$10.00
Unison Psytrance Collection Vol.1 for Serum$5.00
Audiority Darkscapes for Omnisphere$15.00
u-he Zebra2 v2.9.0$10.00
Arturia Clavinet V v1.2.0$10.00
Arturia B-3 V v1.3.0$10.00
Arturia ARP 2600 V3$10.00
Arturia Buchla Easel V$10.00
Arturia CMI V v1.2.0$10.00
Arturia DX7 V v1.2.0$10.00
Arturia VOX Continental v2.3.0$10.00
Arturia Mini V v3.3.0$10.00
Arturia Piano V2$10.00
Arturia Farfisa V v1.3.0$10.00
Zaytoven Funky Fingers$49.90
Arturia Jup-8 V$10.00
Arturia Prophet V$10.00
Arturia Modular V v3.3.0$10.00
Arturia SEM V v2.3.0$10.00
StudioLinked Trophies by Bryan Michael Cox$35.00
AngelicVibes Uphoria$15.00
Togu Audio Line TAL-Mod 1.1.1$10.00
Arturia Analog Lab 3$10.00
Arturia Wurli V$10.00
Arturia Solina V$10.00
StudioLinked Drumma v1.1$15.00
Meteoric Rise Maschine Expansion$10.00
Basement Era Maschine Expansion$10.00
Street Swarm Maschine Expansion$12.50
Arturia Stage 73 V$10.00
Arturia Synclavier V$10.00
Propellerhead Europa by Reason$10.00
Robotica for Omnisphere 2.1$10.00
Hardwired for Omnisphere 2.1$10.00
Fire Water v1.1 for Omnisphere 2.1$5.00
Maschine Expansion - Carbon Decay$10.00
Soundethers Dreaming for Omnisphere 2$5.00
Native Instruments TRK-01$10.00
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion - Global Shake$15.00
Rob Papen Go2$10.00
Arturia V Collection Additional Presets$10.00
D16 Group Phoscyon v1.9.5$10.00
GSi VB3-II Tonewheel Organ Simulator$5.00
StudioLinkedVST Scott Storch$39.95
IndustryKits Vibe Pro$19.95
Audio Damage AD046 Quanta$10.00
Beatskillz Synthwave Drums$25.00
BigWerks New Soul$15.00
ProduceRnB Chord Master PKS$10.00
MegaMagic Viola for Omnisphere v2.4$10.00
Initial Audio Sektor v1.2.2$25.00
Cymatics Supernova for Xfer Serum (Dubstep)$5.00
Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger Rhodes Affair v2.4.2$10.00
Maschine Expansion - Polar Flare$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - SWAM Clarinets 2.8.1$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - SWAM Cello v2.0.1$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - Double Bass v2.0.1$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - SWAM Violin v2.0.1$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - SWAM Flutes v2.8.1$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - Double Reeds v2.8.1$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - SWAM Soprano Sax v2.7.0$10.00
Audio Modelling SWAM Engine - SWAM Viola v2.0.1$10.00
Yamaha Vocaloid 5$25.00
Roland VS TR-909$5.00
Novation V-Station and Bass-Station$10.00
Roland VS Flavr Sugar for Concerto v4.1.2$15.00
Roland VS Flavr Trapped for Concerto v4.1.2$15.00
BeatMaker Analog Techno Drums$10.00
DiscoDSP Discovery Pro v6.8.0$10.00
Roland VS Concerto Library v5.7$75.00
Roland VS JV-1080 v1.05$5.00
Roland VS SRX-KEYBOARDS v1.01$10.00
Native Instruments Expansion - Infamous Flow$15.00
Pianoteq STAGE v6.2.2$10.00
GG Audio Blue3 v2.0.5$10.00
IndustryKits Urban Flame$25.00
Roland Cloud FLAVR Series RESIN for Concerto v4.1.2$15.00
Rob Papen RAW-Kick$5.00
Roland VS JX-3P$5.00
Loopmasters Bass Master$10.00
Native Instruments Expansion - Midnight Sunset$15.00
OmniPulse 2 Perspektiv v1.1 for Omnisphere 2$7.50
Ample Sound AGL2 v2.1.0$29.95
Sample Logic Expeditions$19.95
Steinberg PadShop Pro v1.2$10.00
Steinberg Retrologue v2.2$10.00
Groove Agent 5$59.95
Native Instruments Expansion - District Xeo$12.50
Initial Audio Heat Up 3 Essentials Bundle$59.95
UJAM Virtual Bassist Royal$35.00
Unison Trap Collection Volume.1 for Serum$5.00
Synapse Audio Dune v3.0.4$10.00
Roland VS SRX - Dance Trax$10.00
Naughty Seal Audio Perfect Drums v1.6$29.95
Zenhiser Psytrance For Sylenth$15.00
Future Trance Spire Presets$5.00
Native Instruments Opaline Drift Expansion$15.00
Waves Complete 10 v2019$35.00
Virtual Bassist Mellow$25.00
Virtual Bassist Rowdy$25.00
RealStrat 5$25.00
Loopmasters Khords v1.0.1$10.00
Zenhiser Omnisphere Psytrance Presets$10.00
BeatSkillz RetroHit$15.00
Toontrack EZX2 Reggae$17.50
Ample Sound Guitar M v3.0.1$30.00
Wavediggerz Oberon 808 Engine$10.00
Rob Papen Vecto$10.00
Vast Dynamics Vaporizer 2$10.00
Roland SRX World$10.00
Native Instruments Indigo Dust Expansion$15.00
Thenatan X-Eight 808 VST$15.00
Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand$45.00
Roland VS FLAVR RoboHop$15.00
Roland VS FLAVR Funky Fever v1.1$17.50
Roland VS TB-303 v1.0.1$5.00
Roland VS Drum Studio - Acoustic One v1.1.0$15.00
Roland VS FLAVR Sector-7 v1.1$10.00
XLN Audio XO$10.00
Synapse Audio The Legend v1.28$10.00
Native Instruments Super 8 for Reaktor$5.00
Native Instruments Lockdown Grind Expansion$15.00
W.A.Production Ascension v1.0.1$27.50
StudioLinked Infiniti Player$17.50
u-he Ace v1.4.1$10.00
u-he Hive v2$10.00
u-he Bazille v1.1$10.00
Native Instruments Warped Symmetry Expansion$15.00
Ample Sound Ample Bass Upright III v3.00$29.95
Native Instruments Massive X$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion - Hardstyle 1$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion - Retrowave 80s$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion - Doomstep$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion - Granular XP1$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion - Dubstep 1$10.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion - Effects EDM$10.00
BFD Jazz Noir Expansion Pack$35.00
String Audio Unhuman for Omnisphere$15.00
String Audio DARKless for Omnisphere$19.95
StudioLinked Vocal Runs 2 Vocal Plugin$15.00
Arturia Analog Lab 4$10.00
Evolution Of Sound The Kraken for Xfer Serum$7.50
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Effects House$10.00
Native Instruments Pure Drip Expansion$15.00
Sonic Academy ANA2 Slate Bundle v2.0.92$10.00
StudioLinked Infiniti Expansion - Trap Stabz$10.00
StudioLinked Infiniti Expansion - Trap Mafia$10.00
Ueberschall Easy Sixties$25.00
FXpansion Strobe2 v2.5$10.00
FXpansion Cypher 2 v2.5$5.00
Ueberschall Scoretrax$45.00
Ueberschall African House$35.00
IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X$10.00
IK Multimedia Modo Drum$65.00
Devious Machines Texture v1.5.15$10.00
Infinit Essentials Trapsoul$10.00
Infinit Essentials Vocalist$10.00
Triple Spiral Audio Discovery Horror Deluxe for Omnisphere 2$5.00
Triple Spiral Audio Discovery Trailer Deluxe for Omnisphere$5.00
Toontrack EZkeys Cinematic Grand v1.2.5$10.00
AIR Music Technology Drumsynth 500$10.00
Toontrack Alt-Rock EZX$25.00
Ueberschall Breaking Beats$25.00
Hauptwerk v4.2.1$25.00
Pluginguru MegaMagic Violin for Omnisphere 2.5$10.00
SampleTank 4 MAX + Complete Sound Library [22 DVD]$89.95
Electronik SoundLabs ESL-Pads$7.50
Toontrack UK Pop EZX$25.00
Toontrack Pop Punk EZX$25.00
Red Sounds Ultimate Bundle For Cthulhu$5.00
Black Octopus Sound Leviathan 3$19.95
Anamorphosis for Sonic Academy ANA 2$10.00
Ample Sound Ample Guitar LP III v3.0.0$39.95
Korg Triton VST v1.0$10.00
Korg Arp Odyssey v1.1.2$10.00
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Nucleus v1.3.16$10.00
KORG M1 v1.8.2$5.00
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Twelve III v3.0.0$35.00
Triple Spiral Audio Nordic 2 for Omnisphere 2$7.50
Tone2 Saurus v2.5$10.00
Tone2 Gladiator v3$10.00
Tone2 RayBlaster v2.5$10.00
Tone2 Electra v2.7.5$10.00
Rob Papen BIT v1.0.2$10.00
Rob Papen Punch 2$15.00
Tone2 Nemesis v1.6$10.00
Sugar Bytes DrumComputer$10.00
Arturia Pigments v2.0$10.00
Roland VS XV-5080 v1.0.2$7.50
GForce Virtual String Machine v3$30.00
WA Production Imperfect v1.0 [Retail]$5.00
Native Instruments Magnetic Coast Expansion v1.0$15.00
Cymatics Outbreak for Xfer Serum [Presets and Wavetables]$10.00
XILS-lab XILS 505 v1.0$5.00
U-he The Dark Zebra v2.8.0$10.00
Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Faded Reels v1.0$12.50
GForce M-Tron Pro v3.0$35.00
LennarDigital Sylenth1 v3$10.00
MusicLab RealLPC 5$19.95
Roland VS SRX Strings v1.0.1$10.00
Roland VS SRX Electric Piano v1.0.2$10.00
FAW SubLab v1.1.3$10.00
Ample Sound Ample Ethno U (Ukulele) v3.1.0$25.00
Roland VS SRX Brass v1.0.2$10.00
Toontrack Kicks and Snares EZX v1.0$19.95
Native Instruments DJ Khalil v1.0$12.50
Adam Szabo JP6K v1.7$5.00
Discovery Blockbuster Deluxe for Omnisphere 2.6$5.00
Luftrum 23 for Arturia Pigments 2$5.00
Red Sounds Trap for XFer Serum$5.00
Modartt Pianoteq PRO v6.7$10.00
Initial Audio 808 Studio II v2.0.5$10.00
OZ-Soft Genesis Pro v1.0.2$0.01
Steinberg PadShop 2$19.95
Steinberg BackBone$19.95
Toontrack EZbass v1.0$25.00
Toontrack EZkeys - Dream Machine$10.00
Reveal Sound Spire Synthwave Pack Vol.1$10.00
Reveal Sound Spire Synthwave Pack Vol.2$10.00
Native Instruments Infinite Escape$15.00
Native Instruments Stradivari Violin v1.0$55.00
Sample Magic Serum Future Groove Patches$10.00
Ample Sound Ample Bass P III v3.1$30.00
Ample Sound Ample Bass Yinyang v3.1$30.00
Ample Guitar Vintage Cherry AGVC III v3.1$30.00
Toontrack EZkeys Hybrid Harp v1.0.1$17.50
Ample Sound Ample Bass Acoustic v3.2$30.00
Mok Waverazor v2.5$5.00
DS Audio Thorn v1.2.2$10.00
Ample Bass Jaco Fretless v3.1$25.00
Krotos Concept Bundle v1.1$10.00
Ample Guitar Semi Hollow v3.1$30.00
Ample Guitar Telecaster v3.1$30.00
StudioLinked Bit Machine$5.00
Ample Guitar Stratocaster v3.1$35.00
Toontrack Rock EBX V1.0 for EZBass$19.95
StudioLinked Trap Plucks v1.0$10.00
Revealed Serum Bass House Vol.1$10.00
The Sounds Of Revealed Vol.1$10.00
Ample Guitar Super Jumbo v3.2$35.00
Ample Guitar Metal Hellrazer v3.2$27.50
Ample Bass Yingyang v3.2$25.00
Studio Trap 808 Machine$10.00
Rob Papen Blade 2$10.00
Thenatan Brain Intelligent Synth v1.0$5.00
Steinberg Xphraze v1.2 for Windows X64 + All Expansions$19.95
Steinberg LM4 Mk2 v1.1 for for Windows X64$10.00
Roland Zenology Pro v1.52$17.50
Steinberg Universal Sound Module v1.1.2 [Unlocked For Any DAW]$5.00
Audio Modeling SWAM Trombones v1.0$10.00
Audio Modeling SWAM Trumpets v1.0.1$10.00
Audio Modeling SWAM Horns And Tubas v1.0$10.00
Sonivox Essential Keyboard Collection v1.0.1$15.00
Softube Statement Lead v2.5.9$19.95
NEXUS 3 v3.3.9$49.95
Nexus 3 Complete Sound Pack [40 DVD]$299.00
Nexus Festival EDM XP for Nexus 3$15.00
Nexus Hardstyle 2 XP for Nexus 3$10.00
Nexus Hardstyle 3 for Nexus 3$10.00
Nexus Trance Anthems XP for Nexus 3$10.00
Nexus Trance Anthems 2 XP for Nexus 3$15.00
Nexus Dubstep-Electro XP for Nexus 3$10.00
Inphonik RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer v1.0.5$5.00
Softube Modular v2.5.9$10.00
Softube Parallels v2.5.9$15.00
Togu Audio Line TAL-J-8 v1.2.2$10.00
UJAM Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS v1.0$19.95
Ujam Beatmaker Kandy v2.1$10.00
Ueberschall Jazz Works 3$19.95
Robotic Bean Hand Clap Studio v1.2$5.00
Hexachords Orb Producer Suite v2.0.3$10.00
Toontrack Fretless EBX$10.00
AAS Plug-ins Bundle 2021$15.00
Ueberschall Electric Disco$25.00
Slate Digital ANA2 Ultra Bundle v2.0.98$25.00
Ample Sound Ample Ethno Banjo v1.0$25.00
Orchestral Percussion for SampleTank 3 and 4$10.00
Electronika Deep House for SampleTank 3 and 4$10.00
Toontrack EZkeys - Cinematic Pads v1.3$10.00
Stingray Instruments Granular Dreams for Omnisphere 2$7.50
Native Instruments Expansion Sacred Futures$15.00
Native Instruments Expansion Bumpin Flava$15.00
Audiomodern Chordjam v1.0$10.00
Splice Astra v1.0$10.00
Splice Beatmaker v1.0$10.00
Synthetic Serum Collection Vol.2$25.00
Korg Triton Extreme v1.0$10.00
KORG Prophecy v1.0$10.00
Korg miniKORG v1.0$10.00
Tone2 Nemesis v2.0$10.00
Unfiltered Audio LION v1.3$10.00
W.A.Production Babylon v1.0.3$10.00
Arturia B-3 V2.2.4$10.00
Tone2 Saurus v3.0$10.00
Arturia SQ80 V v1.0$10.00
Revealed Sylenth1 Ultimate Bass Vol.1$10.00
Revealed Spire Bass Vol.1-2$10.00
Revealed Serum FX Vol.1$7.50
Wavesequencer Hyperion v1.11$10.00
Tracktion Software BioTek 2 v2.2.3$20.00
Synapse Audio Obsession v1.1.1$10.00
Native Instruments Expansion Electric Touch v1.0$12.50
Unison Drum Monkey v1.0$15.00
Output Arcade v2.0.5 [16 DVD]$99.95
Rob Papen Predator3$10.00
Ujam Finisher Retro v1.0$10.00
Toontrack Hard Rock EBX v1.0$10.00
Ujam Groovemate One v1.0$10.00
Ujam Beatmaker Glory v1.2.3$10.00
Channel Robot Accent Audio Leadz v1.0$10.00
Ujam Symphonic Elements Drums v1.0$10.00
Channel Robot Kick Factory 2 v1.0$10.00
Channel Robot Snare Factory 2 v1.0$10.00
Reason RE Propellerhead Electric Bass v1.0.1$25.00
Ujam Virtual Drummer BRUTE v2.1.1$25.00
Channel Robot Atmosia 2$25.00
Sonic Extensions Nylon Sky For Omnisphere 2$35.00
Sonic Extensions Undercurrent For Omnisphere 2$35.00
Sonic Extensions Unclean Machine For Omnisphere 2$25.00
Martinic AX73 v1.0.3$5.00
Native Instruments Expansion Rhythm Source$12.50
East West 25th Anniversary Collection - 56 Strat v1.0.1$25.00
East West 25th Anniversary Collection - Funky Ass Loops v1.0$10.00
East West 25th Anniversary Collection - Electronica v1.0$10.00
East West Fab Four v1.0.4$55.00
East West Hollywood Pop Brass v1.0$59.95
East West Ministry of Rock 1 v1.0.9$59.95
East West Silk v1.0.2$59.95
East West The Dark Side v1.0.2$65.00
East West Voices Of Opera$65.00
East West Ghostwriter v1.0.1$65.00
W.A.Production Chords v1.0$10.00
ERA II Medieval Legends v1.3$45.00
Best Service Celtic ERA v1.0.1$45.00
Best Service NADA$39.95
Best Service Ancient ERA Persia v1.1$45.00
Rob Papen Quad v1.0.1c$10.00
UVI Falcon v2.5.3 + Factory Library$25.00
UVI Titanium v1.0.0 for Falcon$15.00
UVI Plurality v1.0 for Falcon$12.50
UVI Ether Fields v1.0.1 for.Falcon$12.50
UVI Cinematic Shades v1.1 for Falcon$17.50
UVI SubCulture v1.0 for Falcon$12.50
GForce Software Oberheim OB-E v2.0$10.00
Native Instruments Lunar Echoes Expansion$12.50
Steinberg Groove Agent SE 5 v5.1 [Full Version]$29.95
Steinberg HALion Sonic SE 3 v3.5$19.95
Cubase Pro 12 Content$45.00
Cymatics Keys Sources$25.00
Algonaut Atlas v2.2.0$5.00
KORG Opsix Native v1.0$10.00
KORG Wavestate Native v1.0.1$19.95
Initial Audio Heat Up 3 v3.3$35.00
AIR Music Technology TubeSynth v1.0.1$10.00
AIR Music Technology Solina v1.0.1$10.00
AIR Music Technology Bassline v1.0.1$10.00
Togu Audio Line TAL-Drum v1.0$10.00
Ample Sound Ample Guitar L - Alhambra Luthier v3.5$25.00
AIR Music Technology Electric v1.0.1$5.00
AIR Music Technology Hype v1.0.1$10.00
Arturia Augmented Strings v1.0$15.00
Mercurial Tones Premium Artist Diva Preset Pack$10.00
Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2022.4$25.00
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Peregrine Falcon v3.6.0$35.00
Toontrack EZdrummer 3$35.00
Native Instruments LORES [16 DVD]$69.95
Modo Bass 2$10.00
GForce Oberheim SEM v1.0$5.00
Initial Audio Slice v1.2$15.00
Toontrack Acoustic EBX Expansion$10.00
Toontrack Duality II EZX$17.50
IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 MAX [31 DVD]$85.00
Nexus 3 Expansion Tropical House 4$15.00
Nexus 3 Expansion Feel Good House$12.50
Nexus 3 Expansion Commercial Dance$15.00
Nexus 3 Expansion EDM Voices$12.50
D16 Group Phoscyon 2$10.00
Toontrack Big Stage EZX$29.95
Toontrack Into the Dark EZX$25.00
Native Instruments Young Phantom Maschine Expansion$15.00
uJAM Virtual Drummer Hot v2.3$35.00
Brandon Chapa 808 Lab$10.00
Native Instruments Mother Board Expansion$15.00
Kontakt 7 Factory Library$55.00
Arturia Augmented Grand Piano$25.00
Steinberg The Grand 3$55.00
Heavyocity Avant$29.95
Diamond Loopz Mood$10.00
Future Audio Workshop SublabXL v1.0.2$10.00
Zero-G Enigma$29.95
FeelYourSound Trance Engine Pro$5.00
Waldorf Streichfett v1.0$10.00
Rob Papen Blue3$10.00
AIR Music Technology Fabric v1.1$25.00
AIR Music Technology Stage EP v1.1$10.00
AIR Music Technology Studio Strings v1.1$15.00
AIR Music Technology Stage Piano v1.1$15.00
AIR Music Technology Electric v1.1$5.00
Cherry Audio GX-80 v1.0.9$10.00
uJAM Virtual Pianist VOGUE v1.0$25.00
KORG Collection 4$25.00
Thenatan Brass v.1.0$10.00
reFX Vanguard 2$10.00
KORG microKORG v1.0.1$10.00
Korg Electribe-R v1.0.1$10.00
Arturia MiniFreak V v1.0$10.00
KORG Modwave Native v1.0$15.00
Black Octopus Sound The Kraken Vol. 2 for Serum$10.00
Rhizomatic Plasmonic v1.2.5$10.00
Ample Sound Ample Guitar Rickenbacker v1.0$25.00
reFX NEXUS v4.5.4$35.00
ReFX Ambient Sci-Fi XP for Nexus 4$15.00
ReFX EDM 7 XP for Nexus 4$15.00
discoDSP DIscovery Pro v7.5$10.00
Plugin Alliance MEGA Sampler 2022$45.00
Toontrack Hitmaker SDX v1.0.2 [21 DVD]$69.95
UJAM Usynth Caramel v1.0.1$10.00
UJAM Usynth Deluxe v1.0$15.00
UJAM Usynth 2080 v1.0.1$15.00
Ujam Usynth Euphoria v1.0.1$10.00
Toontrack Post Metal EZX$35.00
Infinite Audio Bansuri Flute$5.00
UJAM Beatmaker Rico v2.2.1$10.00
UJAM Beatmaker Idol v2.2.1$10.00
Ujam Virtual Guitarist Sparkle 2 v2.1$25.00
Arturia Pigments 4$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune Slice v1.2$19.95
Ujam Virtual Bassist Slap v2.1.1$35.00
Ujam Symphonic Elements Braaass v1.1$19.95
Ujam Beatmaker Berserk v2.2.1$10.00
Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2023$29.95
GForce Minimonsta 2$10.00
Steinberg HALion 7$69.95
Toontrack EZkeys Synthwave v1.0$25.00
GForce Oddity 3$10.00
FeelYourSound House Engine Pro v1.3$10.00
XILS-lab KaoX$5.00
Tone2 Electra v3.1$10.00
Tone2 Saurus 4$10.00
Arturia V Collection 9$89.95
Toontrack Session Player EBX$15.00
Ava Music Group Elitist Loop Vocal Hook Generator v.1.0$15.00
Shreddage 3 Telos$35.00
Inphonik RX1200 v1.0.1$10.00
8Dio Hybrid Tools 4 Modern Cinema v1.2$19.95
Toontrack EZkeys v2$25.00
D16 Group Lush 2 v2.0$10.00
Steinberg Polarities Padshop Expansion$15.00
Steinberg Apollo Padshop Expansion$5.00
BABY Audio BA-1 v1.1$10.00
Steinberg Joystick Padshop Expansion$5.00
Steinberg Kingdom Padshop Expansion$5.00
Rob Papen eXplorer v8.0.6$30.00
Bleass SampleWiz 2 v1.2$10.00
Toontrack EZbass MIDI Packs Bundle 2023$15.00
TAQS IM Solo v2.0$10.00
Dan Dean Essential Bass$30.00
W.A. Production InstaComposer v2.0$10.00
Roland Cloud TR-606 v1.0.3$5.00
Roland Cloud TR-727 v1.0.1$5.00
Roland Cloud TR-707 v1.0.1$5.00
UVI Digital Synsations Vol 1 v2.0.0 for Falcon$35.00
Nexus 4 Expansion Techno 2$15.00
Plugin Alliance WEDGE FORCE Hydro v1.0.1$25.00
Apisonic Labs Speedrum v1.5.3$10.00
Audialab Emergent Drums v2.0$10.00
reFX Drill Nexus 4 Expansion$10.00
Nexus 4 Expansion Vintage Synths 2$15.00
Phil Speiser The_Pattern$10.00
Arturia Acid V v1.0$10.00
Phil Speiser The Instrument$19.95
Cherry Audio Harmonia$5.00
Slate Digital ANA 2 Ultra Expansion Packs$15.00
Native Instruments Battery 4 Now Library$15.00
Klevgrand Speldosa$10.00
GForce Oberheim OB-X v1.0$10.00
Lunacy Audio Cube v1.5$15.00
Toontrack Stories SDX Soundbank [35 DVD]$89.95
UJAM Virtual Drummer Legend v2.4$19.95
D16 Group Drumazon 2$10.00
Channel Robot Empire Of Bass$15.00
UVI Soundbank UVX80$15.00
UVI Soundbank Bit Zone$25.00
EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos Platinum$99.95
Audio Imperia Ember and Lunar for Serum$10.00
Drumforge Classic v2.1.1$35.00
UVI Soundbank Quadra Traveler$19.95
UVI Workstation 3$0.01
reFX Nexus 4 Expansion Italo Disco$10.00
Kong Audio Kirk Symphony v3.0$15.00
Kong Audio Chinese Orchestra Full Edition v3.0$25.00
GForce Axxess$10.00
Toontrack Signature Part 1-2$45.00
UVI Soundbank Xtreme FX v1.5$19.95
Sonic Charge Synplant 2$10.00
Best Service Celtic Era 2 v2.1$45.00
Nexus 4 Expansion - Sound of the 70s$10.00
Nexus 4 Expansion - Drum and Bass 2$10.00


Battery Studio Drums CD 1$10.00
Battery Studio Drums CD 2$10.00
Battery Synthetic Drums$10.00
Xtreme House$10.00
Battery [4 CD]$25.00
Battery Synthetic Drums 2$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums$10.00
Junebug's Battery Box vol.1$10.00
Drumatic Percussives$25.00
BATTERY 3 [2 DVD]$47.50
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00
Boutique Electric Elements$20.00
Audio Boutique Tribal Elements$20.00

HaLion samples

Bosendorfer Imperial Grand [4 CD]$30.00
HaLion Strings Edition [9 CD]$55.00
Scarbee Imperial Drums [3 DVD]$67.50
Scarbee R.S.P.73$30.00
Scarbee W.E.P.$35.00
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 1$10.00
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 2$10.00
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 3$10.00
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 4$10.00
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 5$10.00
Platinum 24 Latin Percussion$10.00
Halion 3 [2 DVD]$70.00
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums$10.00
Stefan Langner Library - 24Bit Bass Guitars$10.00
SampleTekk Tubed Keys Mk I Seventy-Three$25.00
GrooveStyle Lead Guitar$10.00
Tekniks Breakmatic$10.00
Tekniks Housematic$10.00
Drumatic Percussives$25.00
Heavy Mental Drum Kits$25.00
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection [5 DVD Set]$72.50
Peter Siedlaczeks Advanced Orchestra Extended Edition [2 DVD]$65.00
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006$10.00
Piano Magic Bundle 24BiT [6 DVD]$69.95
Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar$10.00
Seven Seas Grand [3 DVD]$82.50
Atelier Robin Natural Drum Kit [5 DVD]$122.50
Minimal & Tech-House$32.50
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00
HALion 3.5$30.00
Steinberg HALion 6 [Complete]$69.95
Steinberg Iconica Sketch for HALion$19.95

Kontakt format

KONTAKT I [Full version]$35.00
Bosendorfer Imperial Grand [4 CD]$30.00
Kontakt CD 1$10.00
Kontakt CD 2$10.00
Kontakt CD 3$10.00
Kontakt CD 4$10.00
Kontakt CD 5$10.00
Kontakt CD 6$10.00
Hardcore Bass$25.00
KONTAKT 3$10.00
KONTAKT II Sample Library [2 DVD]$70.00
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums$10.00
Olson Audio Synthetic Instruments Library for KONTAKT$10.00
SampleTekk Tubed Keys Mk I Seventy-Three$25.00
Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin$5.00
Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVD]$65.00
Tekniks Breakmatic$10.00
Tekniks Housematic$10.00
Drumatic Percussives$25.00
Heavy Mental Drum Kits$25.00
Soundlabel Piano Attack$30.00
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection [5 DVD Set]$72.50
Sample Logic A.I.R. [2 DVD]$57.50
Puremagnetik P-50 Linear$10.00
Piano Magic Bundle 24BiT [6 DVD]$69.95
Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar$10.00
AI Guitars Vol.2 Chords and Strums$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar$10.00
Kirk Hunter Chamber Strings Emerald$32.50
Kirk Hunter Symphony Orchestra Emerald [4 DVD]$107.50
Renaissance Flutes$25.00
Hang Drum$25.00
Seven Seas Grand [3 DVD]$82.50
Atelier Robin Natural Drum Kit [5 DVD]$122.50
Pettinhouse DirectBass$27.50
Pettinhouse DirectGuitar 2.1$35.00
Minimal & Tech-House$32.50
Club Revolution Vol.1$10.00
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3$10.00
Diva Revamp$20.00
Satin Grooves$27.50
Sampled Landscape Ambient World$25.00
Symphobia [5 DVD]$107.50
Scarbee Pre-Bass$27.50
LA Scoring Strings [10 DVD]$212.50
Berlin Concert Grand [2 DVD]$47.50
New York Concert Grand [2 DVD]$47.50
Scarbee Jay-Bass$25.00
Scarbee MM-Bass Amped [3 DVD]$49.90
Audio Boutique Tribal Elements$20.00
Ultimate Beats Vol.2$22.50
Abbey Road 60s Drums [2 DVD]$50.00
Vienna Concert Grand [2 DVD]$49.90
Morphestra [8 DVD]$100.00
Native Instruments Evolve Mutations 2$20.00
Scarbee Red Bass$20.00
Garritan Stradivary Solo Violin 2$10.00
Prominy SC Electric Guitar [15 DVD]$272.50
Electro House Revolution Vol. 1$20.00
Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings [2 DVD]$57.50
Galaxy II K4 German Baby Grand [2 DVD]$35.00
Scarbee Funk Guitarist [2 DVD]$47.50
VOXOS Epic Virtual Choirs [5 DVD]$87.50
Scarbee A-200$17.50
Symphonic Strings Collection [3 DVD]$57.50
Native Instruments Session Strings [DVD]$20.00
Vintage Organs$20.00
Steven Slate Drums Platinum Library v3.5 [2 DVD]$37.50
Vir2 Instruments Q [3 DVD]$65.00
OrchestraTools Orchestral Strings Run [2 DVD]$37.50
Scarbee Clavinet Pianet$12.50
Analogue Drum Plastique$17.50
Spitfire Audio LLP BML Sable Strings FULL v.1.1 [19 DVD]$150.00
Cinema Sessions Symphonic Effects$25.00
Realsamples Orphica Piano$25.00
Rhythmic Aura Vol.2 - Synthetic$20.00
Rhythmic Aura Vol.1 - Acoustic$20.00
Samplephonics Nevo Analogue Machines$30.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds v1.6 Update [4 DVD]$45.00
Analogue Drums Bombastix$25.00
Claire Oboe Virtuoso [2 DVD]$40.00
Zeus Drum [2 DVD]$55.00
8Dio Adagietto [3 DVD]$62.50
Spitfire Audio Albion 1 [5 DVD]$72.50
Native Instruments RISE and HIT [2 DVD]$37.50
Zero-G EPICA [2 DVD]$60.00
Heavyocity Damage [4 DVD]$75.00
Native Instruments Session Horns Pro [7 DVD]$80.00
Sample Logic Morphestra Generations [4 DVD]$72.50
Angelic Keys$15.00
West Coast Rider Classic Edition$15.00
Straight Ahead Bass v1.0.1$20.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings [27 DVD]$375.00
Sample Logic HAVOC$27.50
Big Fish Audio Goth [2 DVD]$40.00
Sample Logic Arpology v.1.2 [2 DVD]$37.50
Embertone Blakus Cello$25.00
SonicCouture The Attic [2 DVD]$60.00
ARIA Sounds Violinist$10.00
Premier Sound Factory Mark1 Stage Premier 96k$25.00
Analogue Drums Smoker$25.00
Best Service Mystica$25.00
Soundiron Voice of Gaia Bryn$27.50
Best Service Chris Hein Winds Vol.2 - Clarinets [3 DVD]$60.00
Best Service Chris Hein Winds Vol.1 - Flutes [3 DVD]$60.00
Samplephonics Sonas Philicorda$25.00
Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion [3 DVD]$67.50
Sample Logic Cinematic Keys [2 DVD]$45.00
Big Fish Audio SMACK Claps Snaps and Stomps$10.00
Native Instruments The Maverick v1.2 [2 DVD]$30.00
Embertone Friedlander Violin [2 DVD]$45.00
Output REV [2 DVD]$35.00
Best Service Chris Hein Winds Vol.3 - Oboes [2 DVD]$45.00
Paper Stone Instruments Vibraphone$17.50
Native Instruments The Gentleman v1.2$25.00
Spitfire Enigma [DVD]$25.00
Evolution Electric Guitar Stratosphere$25.00
Soniccouture Vibraphone [2 DVD]$30.00
Soniccouture Geosonics [2 DVD]$50.00
Sonokinetic Shahrazad [DVD]$25.00
Soniccouture Grand Marimba [DVD]$30.00
Native Instruments Session Guitarist and Strummed Acoustic [2 DVD]$37.50
London Symphonic Strings - First Violins [DVD]$17.50
Big Fish Audio FUSE [2 DVD]$37.50
Spitfire Audio Producer Portfolio Frank Ricotti Crotales$25.00
Best Service Chris Hein Winds Vol.4 - Bassoons [2 DVD]$45.00
Ricotti Marimba [2 DVD]$39.90
Spitfire Audio Frank Ricotti Glockenspiel$27.50
Spitfire Audio Producer Portfolio Andy Findon Kit Bag$25.00
CAGE Brass [3 DVD]$67.50
SonicCouture The Hammersmith Professional Edition [12 DVD]$64.95
London Symphonic Strings Violas II [2 DVD]$27.50
Impact SounDworks Celestia [2 DVD]$39.00
Vir2 Instruments Apollo Cinematic Guitars [4 DVD]$59.95
Best Service Emotional Cello v1.1 [2 DVD]$37.00
Heavyocity Master Sessions Ensemble Drums Collection$25.00
ProjectSAM Symphobia 3 Lumina [9 DVD]$119.00
Orchestral Tools Orchestral String Runs v.2.2 [5 DVD]$75.00
Spitfire Audio Albion II Loegria REDUX V.3 [8 DVD]$89.00
Soundiron Little Wooden Flutes$19.90
Shreddage Drums [3 DVD]$49.90
Impact Soundworks Juggernaut Cinematic Electronic Scoring Tools [DVD]$29.90
Big Fish Audio and Dieguis Productions Ambient Piano$15.00
Spaectrum Arts The Container [3 DVD]$35.00
Big Fish Audio Funk Soul Horns 2 [DVD]$19.95
Best Service Galaxy Vintage D [2 DVD]$39.90
Best Service Galaxy II K4 Vienna Grand [2 DVD]$35.00
Sampletekk The Big One 24 Bit [2 DVD]$35.00
Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia v1.5$10.00
Cinematique Instruments Lute$10.00
Cinematique Instruments Hammered Dulcimer [DVD]$14.90
Sample Logic Stadium Instruments [DVD]$13.50
Ambient Black$25.00
RealiVox Blue - Player Edition [DVD]$25.00
Emulator II OMI Universe of Sounds Vol.1 [2 DVD]$35.00
Realivox The Ladies [2 DVD]$39.90
RealiTone RealiWhistle$10.00
Nord Stage 2 Piano [DVD]$15.00
Bravura Scoring Brass Complete [6 DVD]$79.95
Sonokinetic Desert Voice [DVD]$24.95
Sonokinetic Tigris And Euphrates$24.95
Sonokinetic Masaai [DVD]$14.95
Sonokinetic Carousel$7.95
Sultan Strings$24.95
Sonokinetic Hurdy Gurdy [DVD]$12.50
Voices of Israel$10.00
Sonokinetic H.I.P.P. [2 DVD]$35.00
Sonokinetic Kemence [2 DVD]$39.90
Sultan Drums$10.00
Sonokinetic Vivace 24bit [4 DVD]$69.95
Sonokinetic Mallets [DVD]$19.90
Fe: Iron & Metal Elements$19.90
Felt Force One Orchestral Percussion [Full Version]$17.50
Sonokinetic Arpeggio [DVD]$12.50
Sonokinetic Ney v1.1 [2 DVD]$35.00
Evolution Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings [DVD]$27.50
Sonokinetic Minimal [7 DVD]$89.95
PettinHouse AcousticGuitar 2.0 [DVD]$27.50
Sonokinetic Toll [DVD]$19.90
Sonokinetic Qanun [2 DVD]$35.00
Sonokinetic Sleigh Bells$10.00
Sonokinetic Gediz$10.00
Sonokinetic Rojin v1.2 [DVD]$12.50
Sonokinetic Da Capo 24Bit [2 DVD]$39.90
Sonokinetic Tutti [DVD]$30.00
Broken Wurli [DVD]$27.50
Native Instruments Session Strings Pro [7 DVD]$89.95
Liberis - Epic Childrens Choir [2 DVD]$59.90
Music Box$10.00
Studio Solo Violin [DVD]$29.90
Adagio Violins [6 DVD]$79.90
Adagio Basses Vol.1 [3 DVD]$55.00
1969 Steinway Legacy Grand Piano$30.00
Adagio Cellos Vol.1 [6 DVD]$79.90
Glass Marimba [DVD]$15.00
Claire Bassoon Virtuoso [2 DVD]$35.00
Claire Flute Virtuoso [2 DVD]$35.00
Adagio Violas Vol.1 [4 DVD]$59.90
Claire Clarinet Virtuoso [2 DVD]$39.90
Evolution Strawberry Electric Guitar v2.0$25.00
Kawai EX PRO Concert Grand Piano [3 DVD]$49.90
Academic Grand [DVD]$19.90
BML Low Brass [3 DVD]$59.90
Spitfire Audio LLP Solo Strings Full [2 DVD]$49.90
Skaila Kanga Harp REDUX V.2.1 [2 DVD]$49.90
HZ01 Hans Zimmer Percussion London Ensembles [16 DVD]$149.90
Scraped Percussion [2 DVD]$35.00
Spitfire Inder Goldfinger Percussionist [2 DVD]$49.90
Harpsichord [DVD]$25.00
BML Flute Consort Vol.1 [3 DVD]$69.90
Spitfire Orchestral Grand Piano [DVD]$30.00
BML BONES Vol.1 [3 DVD]$69.90
PP017 Evo Grid 01 Strings [5 DVD]$75.00
BML308 Mural Strings Vol.1 [8 DVD]$99.00
Spitfire Audio BML Horn Section Vol.1 [3 DVD]$65.00
Spitfire Audio Grand Cimbalon [DVD]$25.00
French Horn$10.00
Celtic Harp$10.00
London Symphonic Strings Cellos [2 DVD]$35.00
Pipe Organ [DVD]$12.50
London Symphonic Strings Double Basses [DVD]$29.90
ARIA Sounds London Symphonic Strings Violin II [2 DVD]$35.00
Cellist Solo Cello [DVD]$10.00
PEARL Concert Grand [9 DVD]$59.90
E-Instruments Session Keys Grand Y ver 1.1$30.00
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Banshee [2 DVD]$49.90
Grand Concert Harp$10.00
Daniel Belik Liner Horn$5.00
Daniel Belik Siberian Samples Domra$5.00
Sax Appeal$5.00
Shou Drum [DVD]$12.50
Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars Infinity [6 DVD]$89.90
Motion [Kontakt Version]$30.00
Balinese Gamelan II [3 DVD]$59.90
E-Instruments Session Keys Grand S$30.00
ProjectSam Orchestral Essentials [2 DVD]$49.95
ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic 1.2 [2 DVD]$49.95
ProjectSam Symphobia 2 v.1.3.3 [6 DVD]$89.95
Era Medieval Legends [2 DVD]$35.00
Soundiron Voices of Rage [DVD]$24.95
PdH Factory Voice of Monks$6.95
Output Sounds REV X-Loops [DVD]$19.95
Furia Staccato Strings$10.00
Sonicsmiths The Foundry [3 DVD]$59.90
Strezov Sampling Cornucopia Strings v1.4 [2 DVD]$39.95
ProjectSAM True Strike [4 DVD]$69.95
Berlin Woodwinds EXP B Soloists I [2 DVD]$49.95
The Orchestral Grands [4 DVD]$59.95
Orchestral Tools The Timpani [2 DVD]$35.00
Output Sounds SIGNAL v1 [5 DVD]$69.95
Sound Dust Modular Chaos Engine v1.1 Found$10.00
Cinesamples - Cine Percussion Bundle 1.1 [21 DVD]$199.95
CineWinds Pro [4 DVD]$69.95
Cinesamples CineBells [3 DVD]$45.95
Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato$25.00
Piano In Blue [2 DVD]$35.00
Deep Percussion Beds [DVD]$30.00
Audiofier SEQui2R v1.1 [DVD]$25.00
Iron Guitars$10.00
Signor Paganini Solo Violin$10.00
Jeremiah Pena Photosynthesis Vol.2 Mystic$17.50
Overtone Flute$10.00
Drums of War 2 [DVD]$25.00
Alive Cymbals$10.00
Xosphere [2 DVD]$35.00
GBR Loops Dream Accordions$10.00
Wavesfactory W-TubularBells$7.50
Wavesfactory Suspended Cymbals [DVD]$12.50
Funk Soul Productions Vintage Rhythm Section [2 DVD]$39.90
Djsh Music Nova$25.00
Shreddage 2 IBZ$29.90
Shreddage Bass Picked Edition [DVD]$15.00
Audio Imperia Shredders Vol.1 Cinematic Tool Kit$19.90
Everything Turns Alien Cinematica [3 DVD]$19.90
Sample Magic BLOQ [DVD]$19.90
Retro RnB$17.50
Soundiron Sick 666 The Sickening$25.00
Hollow Sun Tubelitzer$10.00
Soundethers Subtle World$10.00
Big Fish Audio Cinematic Synth FX [DVD]$19.90
Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar v 1.00c [10 DVD]$99.00
Prominy V-Metal v1.20b [2 DVD]$35.00
Spitfire Audio BML SABLE vol.2 [5 DVD]$65.00
Output Exhale [2 DVD]$39.95
Sound Dust Flutter EP [DVD]$17.50
Wavesfactory Tea Towel Drum [DVD]$15.00
SonicCouture Box of Tricks [3 DVD]$59.90
K 101 Keyboard$10.00
Wavesfactory Ossifar Drum$5.00
Wavesfactory StrumGTR Vol II Acoustic [DVD]$12.50
Audio Imperia Event Horizon Vol.1 [DVD]$17.50
Native Instruments Symphony Series - Brass Solo [5 DVD]$69.95
Dark Dimension Vol.1$10.00
ARIA Sounds Hybrichord Vol.1 [DVD]$19.90
4Scoring Solo Violin Virtuoso 2 [DVD]$19.95
CL-Projects Hypernova [DVD]$12.50
Native Instruments Symphony Series - String Ensemble [8 DVD]$99.00
Dream Audio Tools Dream Kalimba 1.2$10.00
Auddict Celestial Voices Ceres$25.00
Native Instruments Una Corda [3 DVD]$49.90
Sonic Faction Archetype [DVD]$19.95
OvO RnB 2 [DVD]$15.00
Drum Direktor FNK-4 [DVD]$19.90
Crypto Cipher Swarmandal [DVD]$17.50
Native Instruments Studio Drummer 1.4.0 [2 DVD]$39.90
Westgate Studios Modular Series Bassoons [DVD]$17.50
Westgate Studios Modular Series French Horns [DVD]$19.95
BigSwingFace BSF Tenor Trombone$10.00
BigSwingFace Big Swing Grand 2.0 [DVD]$25.00
Muletone Audio Strashed$5.00
Grand Glass Marimba$10.00
Brazilian Series Pandeiro$7.50
Percussion Redux v1.3 [6 DVD]$79.90
Surdos and Snares [DVD]$25.00
Wave Alchemy Mutate$25.00
ARIA Sounds Colossal Toms$25.00
SampleCraft Havoc Guitars [DVD]$12.50
Precisionsound Dusty Electric MkII$5.00
FrozenPlain Arctic Strings$7.50
Hephaestus Sounds Clarinet$5.00
Gran Coda v1.4$10.00
The Last Haven Subtle Piano$5.00
The Last Haven Elements Guitar$10.00
Sample Modeling French Horn and Tuba v1.03$10.00
Sample Modeling The Sax Brothers$10.00
Rast Sound Ceremonial Vocals$10.00
Funky Gumbo: Music from New Orleans$15.00
Soundsdivine MMPlus [2 DVD]$35.00
Aviram Music Box 1.0$10.00
Aviram Arabic Strings v1.5$10.00
Grand Kalimba$10.00
Cherry Electric Bass [DVD]$19.90
Rhapsody Orchestral Colors [2 DVD]$39.90
Prosoundz Wrath [DVD]$15.00
Auddict Virtuoso Violin [DVD]$25.00
Indiginus Solid State Symphony v1.5.1 [DVD]$19.90
Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass [2 DVD]$39.90
Modwheel Angklung [DVD]$7.50
Native Instruments Discovery Series India [DVD]$25.00
Analogue Drums DeadBeat [DVD]$15.00
Output REV Beautiful Pads Expansion Pack$5.00
Soundethers The Light [DVD]$12.50
Adam Monroe Music Honky Tonk Piano v2.4 [DVD]$9.95
Americana Songwriter [Kontakt Version]$19.90
BBassV Electric Bass [DVD]$19.90
Puremagnetik Infinite Spaces$7.50
Sinister Strings$10.00
Auddict Octohorn$25.00
CineSamples CineStrings Runs$19.90
Shreddage Bass 2 [DVD]$29.95
The 88 Series Model 7 Grand [2 DVD]$39.00
Skaila Kanga Harp REDUX v2.1 [2 DVD]$39.90
Fluffy Audio Trio Broz Solo Cello [2 DVD]$39.90
Wavesfactory BlackToms 2.0$15.00
Speaker Buster 808 and Analog Synth Bass$10.00
Soundiron Iron Pack Bundle [DVD]$25.00
Modwheel The Bends$10.00
Precisionsound Folk Lute Guitar$10.00
Wavesfactory Retro Keys I$10.00
Homegrown Sounds Kosmology Evolution [2 DVD]$29.95
Pop Rock Studio Drum Sessions$15.00
Ice Hip Hop and Trap Construction Kits$15.00
Steinway Walnut Concert Grand Pro [2 DVD]$39.95
Wavesfactory VQ Drums$25.00
Jeremiah Pena Photosynthesis vol.4 - Realms$15.00
Wavesfactory Guzheng$7.75
The 88 Series Model 80 Electric Grand$19.90
Native Instruments Symphony Series - Brass Ensemble 1.1 [7 DVD]$79.95
Wavesfactory 1850 Pipe Organ [Pro Version]$10.00
Wavesfactory Newmello I$10.00
Wavesfactory The Tack$12.50
SSO Pro Drumz$10.00
Westgate Studios MS Woodwinds [2 DVD]$49.90
The 88 Series Pianos Steinbach Upright [2 DVD]$35.00
Future Pop$25.00
Sample Logic Synergy X [4 DVD]$69.95
Stefano Maccarelli Clara's Vocal$10.00
Soundiron Mercury Boys Choir [2 DVD]$39.95
Dream Audio Tools Dream Keys$10.00
Auddict Master Brass Trombones$25.00
Soundiron Tape$10.00
Fluffy Audio Trio Broz Solo Viola$25.00
unEarthed Sampling Stealth Wind$5.00
Spiritoso - Live Cello Phrases [2 DVD]$29.95
Adam Monroe Music Beats Drum v.2.3$12.50
Soundiron Petroglyph$10.00
AudioWarp GAS - Cinematic Ambient Guitar Synthesis$17.50
Fluffy Audio My Vibes v.1.0$19.90
White Label Warehouse Rave$12.50
Antidrum 3$25.00
Modwheel The Lowdown$19.90
Chocolate Audio The 88 Series Model D Grand [2 DVD]$39.00
Vocalisa Slavic Womens Choir$25.00
CL-Projects Old School Arps$10.00
CL-Projects JD-850$15.00
CL-Projects Golden Pad Factory Inspiring Pad Sounds$5.00
Forgotten Voices Francesca$10.00
Strezov Sampling RHODOPE Ethnic Bulgarian Choir$10.00
Solo Frame Drums$19.90
Renegade Electric Guitar$19.90
Orange Tree Samples Angelic Harp$19.90
Klavier Gravitas Piano [3 DVD]$45.00
The Underscore$17.50
Heavyocity Natural Forces$25.00
Heavyocity Vocalise$25.00
Heavyocity Gravity [2 DVD]$55.00
Stefania Maratti Solo Flute [2 DVD]$35.00
Temple Drums$15.00
Paradise Marimba$19.95
Evolution Modern Nylon$25.00
Acoustic Songwriter$19.90
Big Fish Audio Cyborg [2 DVD]$39.90
Aztec Death Whistle$7.50
Chris Hein Solo Violin$25.00
Trinity Drums$25.00
Soundiron Crystal$10.00
Shreddage 2 SRP$25.00
Traveler Organ$19.95
DayTone Audio The Source$10.00
Abbey Road 60s Drummer v1.3 [2 DVD]$49.90
Auddict Drums of the Deep Vol.1 [2 DVD]$29.90
Soundiron Tablas$19.95
Pure Jazz Vibes$25.00
Voice of Gaia Francesca [2 DVD]$35.00
Angelic Chimes$35.00
Cinematic Percussion 3 [2 DVD]$39.95
Sample Logic Bohemian$55.00
Morphestra 2$79.95
Sample Logic Gamelan [3 DVD]$59.95
CinemorphX [7 DVD]$89.95
Cinesamples Rio Grooves!$19.90
Composers Tools Thing Thong$15.00
Fluid Harmonics$25.00
Voice of Rapture The Alto$27.50
Abbey Road Classic Upright Pianos$49.95
Ethera Cinematic Vocal Instrument$25.00
Soul Trilogy Collection$25.00
John Diamanti Fox Solo Clarinet$37.50
Sonic Forest$5.00
Big Fish Audio Plush 2 [KLI]$25.00
Vintage Vibe$39.95
CineBrass CORE V.1.6$59.95
CineSamples CineStrings CORE V.1.2$115.00
Embertone Crystal Flute$10.00
Embertone Herring Clarinet$25.00
Findasound Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings$19.95
Best Service Kwaya$30.00
Rattly And Raw 60s Organs and Oddities$5.00
Rattly and Raw The Cassamplerette Renaissance$10.00
Replika Sound Dark Piano Composer$19.95
SampleTraxx Rhythm Kontrol Voltage$7.50
Soundiron Steel Tones$19.95
Hans Zimmer Piano$129.95
Voice of Rapture The Bass$39.95
Super Audio Cart$25.00
Suspense Cinematic Percussion and Soundbeds [KLI Version]$25.00
Strezov Sampling Storm Choir 1$25.00
Native Instruments Symphony Series - Woodwind Solo$69.95
Native Instruments Symphony Series - Woodwind Ensemble$99.00
CL-Projects Saffron Bass Synthesizer v1.5$10.00
Rigid Audio Padstation Vol.2$5.00
Sonokinetic Yemenite$15.00
Echo Sound Works Evoxa$10.00
Echo Sound Works Sub Zero 808$10.00
Vir2 Instruments Aeris Hybrid Choir Designer$49.90
StudioLinkedVST Trap Stabz$10.00
Prominy SC Virtual Electric Guitar v1.11b$79.00
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Rick 12$25.00
SampleTraxx STIGMA Vocal Textures Atmospheres Drones$15.00
ARIA Sound London Solo Cello$25.00
Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres$29.95
Cyclone Retwisted$25.00
Wobblophones Harmonic Machinery$15.00
Alto Glockenspiel$10.00
Evolution Sitardelic$25.00
Gothic Instruments Dronar Hybrid Module$25.00
Cinesamples CineStrings Solo$115.00
SonicCouture Clav$30.00
MegaMagic Bells Winds$10.00
Loops de la creme Clap Pack Deluxe 2$12.50
Wave Alchemy Spectrum$35.00
Umlaut Audio Pads$30.00
Realivox Teresa$19.95
Realitone RealiBanjo$10.00
GGD Matt Halpern Signature Pack$25.00
Dream Audio Tools Indie Bouzouki$10.00
Dream Audio Tools Indie Dobro$7.50
Auddict Master Brass Tubas v1.1$29.95
Auddict Master Brass Trumpets v1.1$29.95
Realitone RealiDrums v1.0$30.00
Drum Masters 2 Platinum [18 DVD]$99.95
Hephaestus Sounds Fairy Tale Harp$5.00
Hephaestus Sounds Celtic Harp$5.00
Flying Hand Percussion$45.00
Handheld Sound MAD Drum Kit Series$19.95
Evolution Flatpick 6$35.00
Embertone Leonid Bass$25.00
Ample Bass Upright II (ABU2) v2.4.1$30.00
Formation Formant Sound Creator$19.95
Big Fish Audio Velocity$25.00
ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator$29.95
ProjectSAM Swing! v1.1$79.90
VOXOS 2 Epic Choirs$89.95
Ventus Ethnic Winds Shakuhachi$25.00
Native Instruments Symphony Essentials - Woodwind Solo$22.50
Native Instruments Symphony Essentials - Woodwind Ensemble$25.00
Native Instruments Symphony Essentials - String Ensemble$25.00
Native Instruments Symphony Essentials - Brass Solo$22.50
Native Instruments Symphony Essentials - Brass Ensemble$29.95
Sonokinetic Yiddish$17.50
SoundsDevine The 2600$19.90
Struck Grand v.1.0$25.00
Orange Tree Evolution Rosewood Grand mkII$39.95
Best Service Cantus$25.00
Shevannai the Voices of Elves$25.00
Sonokinetic Guzin$15.00
Dronar Guitarscapes by Gothic Instruments$19.95
Output Substance$29.95
Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar$30.00
Drumforge I Ultimate$39.90
FrozenPlain The Chordophones v2.0$10.00
METROPOLIS ARK 1 The Monumental Orchestra v1.1$159.00
Sonic Cat PopSynth$10.00
Cinematique Instruments Fabrique$10.00
Trio Broz Solo Violin v2.0$39.95
Fable Sounds - Broadway Big Band 1.3$139.90
Evolution Mandolin$19.95
Newmello II$10.00
Wavesfactory Harmonix$15.00
Cinematic Studio Strings v1.1$79.95
Musical Sampling Soaring Strings$30.00
Musical Sampling Adventure Brass$30.00
Studio Sopranos$25.00
Epic SoundLab Maliki$17.50
1990 Studio Grand Piano$59.95
Cinematic Studio Piano$19.95
Berlin Strings EXP A - Special Bows I v2.1$59.95
Sensual Saxophone$10.00
Epic SoundLab The Forge$25.00
Pendleonium 3$15.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings v2.5 Update$59.95
Orchestral Tools Soloists II Nocturne Cello$30.00
Orchestral Tools Soloists I Nocturne Violin$35.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds EXP B v2.1$49.95
StrezovSampling Thunder X3M Instruments v1.2$55.00
Wassolou Balafon$5.00
1901 Upright Studio Piano$69.95
Ukulele Trio$10.00
Cinematique Bowed Guitar and Bass 2$10.00
Cinematique Marble$10.00
Spitfire Audio LLP Albion 3 Iceni$55.00
Drumforge Eyal Levi Expansion for Kontakt Sampler$25.00
The New Epic Toms Ensemble$19.95
The New Epic Frame Drum Ensemble$25.00
The New Epic Taiko Ensemble$19.95
Mountain Dulcimer$25.00
Embertone Fischer Viola$39.95
Embertone Recorders$29.95
Master Sampling Hybrid Elements Core$25.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds$139.90
Indie Fingers 5 - Nylon Edition v1.5$10.00
Xiao Flute$10.00
LSS Solo Strings Solo Violin$25.00
Audio Animals Live Drums Bundle$59.95
LSS Solo Strings Solo Viola$25.00
Bansuri Flute$10.00
London Solo Double Bass$25.00
Instant Guitar Series 12-String Guitar Bundle$30.00
Strezov Sampling TUPANS X3M$25.00
Umlaut Audio uBEAT Bundle$25.00
Mars Symphonic Men's Choir$69.95
Refractor Audio Transport$25.00
Modwheel Timphonia$25.00
Modwheel Strained Wire & Garote$12.50
African Marimba and Udu$5.00
Berlin Brass EXP C SFX French Horns v2.1$35.00
Deeva Dance Vocal Phrase Instrument$10.00
Velvet Vocal Song Kit Instrument$10.00
Fluffy Audio Aurora v1.1$35.00
Double Bang Music - Destroy Bank$10.00
SonicXpansion Red Synergy$19.95
Sonica Koto 13$49.95
Berlin Percussion Bundle [20 DVD]$139.90
Realitone Fingerpick v1.2$19.95
Discovery Series Cuba$25.00
Soundiron Theremin + Ambient Electronic Theremin Tones$10.00
Bechstein Digital C Bechstein Digital Grand$59.95
CineBrass Descant Horn$30.00
Aura Studio Percussion$79.95
Claire English Horn Virtuoso$29.95
Tina Guo Artist Series$59.95
Viola da Gamba$25.00
Cinematic Strings 2.1$79.95
Voice of Rapture The Soprano$25.00
Ethera Soul Edition$12.50
Master Sessions Ethnic Drum Ensembles$25.00
Puremagnetik Vespine MicroPack$5.00
Shreddage X Expansion Guitar Samples Reloaded$10.00
Berlin Strings EXP B - Special Bows II v2.1$39.95
Berlin Strings EXP E SFX String Effects v1.1$59.95
Berlin Strings EXP D First Chairs$69.95
Pettinhouse FunkyGuitar 2.0$19.95
Voices of Ancient India$19.95
8Dio Qanun$27.50
Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2$37.50
Xtant Audio Michaelas Harp$10.00
Songwriting Guitar Vol.2$17.50
Composers Tools Eris$39.95
Metropolis Ark 2 - Orchestra Of The Deep$129.95
Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds - Oboe$25.00
Sonic Ocean$7.50
Mega Brass$10.00
Ventus Ethnic Winds Tin Whistle$29.95
Evolution Jazz Archtop$19.95
Lacrimosa Epic Choir$79.95
VI-elements Core Kit$35.00
Ethera 2 Cinematic Vocal Instrument$25.00
Wave Alchemy Revolution$39.95
Track God Sound Bakin Soda Trap Bank$19.95
Embertone The Charmer$5.00
Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Strings 2$69.95
String Audio Dark Matter v1.5.1$35.00
Elysium Harp$49.95
Bigwhite Beatz The Vault$12.50
Wavesfactory Mercury$69.95
Sonokinetic SteelPan$15.00
Dieguis Productions Modern Country Vol.2 [KLI]$25.00
Gothic Instruments SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes$29.95
Bollywood Sounds IndiaVoice$10.00
Suitcase 54 Piano$59.95
The Metal Factory Drums Bundle$25.00
Heavyocity AEON Collection$69.95
Antonov Samples LP Guitar$25.00
Berlin Woodwinds EXP D - SFX Woodwind Effects$55.00
Berlin Woodwinds EXP A - Additional Instruments$39.95
Berlin Woodwinds EXP C - Soloists II$39.95
Strezov Sampling Freyja Female Choir v1.1$59.95
Strezov Sampling WOTAN Male Choir v1.1$39.95
Strezov Sampling ARVA Children Choir$65.00
California Keys$99.95
Dan Dean Signature Bass Collection$15.00
Voices of the Aztecs$10.00
Ethno World 6 Complete$89.95
Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass v1.1$199.95
Scarbee Classic EP-88s$39.95
Funk Soul Productions Grindhouse$35.00
Finishing Move Posthuman$19.95
Dubstep Impact 2$7.50
VIP Soundlabs Illmatic Drum Machine$10.00
The Last Haven Hybrid Fluids Vol.1$35.00
Cinematic Autoharp$15.00
Chris Hein Solo Strings Complete$89.95
Breath Of Anatolia$15.00
Rigid Audio Kontakt GUI Maker$10.00
Straight Ahead Jazz Horns v2.0$79.95
KeepForest Evolution Dragon v1.1$30.00
8Dio Hybrid Tools Vol.3$30.00
8Dio Free You$30.00
Sample Logic Impakt$79.95
Artvera ART Pyrite$10.00
Project Sam Orchestral Essentials I v1.2$55.00
Soniccouture Ondioline$19.95
ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 v1.5$89.95
Sample Modeling French Horn and Tuba 3.0$10.00
Sample Modeling The Trumpet 3.0$10.00
Sample Modeling Trombone 3.0$10.00
ZapZorn Solstice Blue v1.1$10.00
ZapZorn Solstice Green$15.00
Kirk Hunter Studios Concert Strings 3$59.95
Strezov Sampling Storm Choir 2 [17 DVD]$109.95
Strezov Sampling Oracle$25.00
Production Voices Production Grand LE V.1.1.16$49.95
Hidden Path Audio Barrage$25.00
VENTUS Ethnic Winds - Bansuri$39.95
Production Grand Modern Edition Platinum v1.1.16 [26 DVD]$119.95
8dio Hybrid Tools Synphony$69.95
Vital Series Mallets$19.95
String Audio Alchemist Cinematic Textures and Impacts$39.95
Sonuscore Lyrical Cello Phrases V.1.1$25.00
Sonica Instruments Tsugaru Shamisen$39.95
Koron Traditional Instruments of Iran$39.95
Strings of Anatolia$25.00
Output Analog Strings$59.95
Sonokinetic Grosso$69.95
GetGood Drums Matt Halpern Signature Pack v2.0$25.00
Sonokinetic Tutti Vox$65.00
Sonokinetic Ostinato Strings$49.95
Sonokinetic Minimal v2 24 Bit$75.00
Italian Concert Organ v1.5$10.00
Sonokinetic Capriccio 24 Bit$89.95
Auddict Celestial Voices Calypso$19.95
KeepForest Evolution Atlantica$35.00
Sonokinetic Woodwinds Ensembles [Extended Edition 24 Bit]$99.95
ProjectSAM Swing More!$89.95
Sonokinetic Sotto 24 Bit$79.95
Bela D Media Vocal Tools Bass$10.00
Sonokinetic Maximo 24 Bit$79.95
Hybrid Tools Synphony Opus 1$39.95
Heavyocity DM-307$35.00
NOVO Modern Strings$99.95
Spitfire Glass and Steel$17.50
Evolution Series World Percussion Taiko$39.95
Blendstrument Strange Pulses$35.00
Blendstrument Motion Textures$35.00
Soundiron Voices Of Rapture$49.95
Ensemble Woods Collection$25.00
Cornucopia String Ensembles 2$49.95
Hypnotic Trapsoul [KLI Version]$19.95
Puremagnetik Opus$5.00
Strezov Sampling LIPP Piano v1.1$35.00
Blendstrument Alive Percussion$25.00
Blendstrument Hybrid Pulses v1.1$35.00
Macabre Solo Strings v1.1$25.00
Heavyocity Media Scoring Guitars$19.95
Drums of the Deep II - Unleashed$59.95
Agitato Grandiose Ensemble Cellos$19.95
Soniccouture Electro-Acoustic$59.95
Ensemble Metals Collection$19.95
Musical Sampling Trailer Brass$25.00
Musical Sampling Trailer Strings$35.00
Agitato Grandiose Ensemble and Divisi Violas$19.95
Sample Logic Rhythmology$35.00
Agitato Sordino Strings$39.95
Agitato Grandiose Ensemble Violins$29.95
CineBrass Twelve Horn Ensemble$19.95
Sitar Nation v2.0$22.50
Ethera Soundscapes$35.00
Koto Nation v2.0$25.00
Ultimate Pro Oriental Strings: Arabic Turkish Indian$19.95
Findasound Oriental Soloist 2$25.00
Liberis Angelic Choir Instrument V.2$59.95
Cinematique Instruments Grand Harp$15.00
Agitato Legato Arpeggio V1$29.95
Acoustic Grand Ensembles Vol.1$69.95
Native Instruments Thrill$79.95
Studio Vocals: Jenifer$10.00
8Dio Studio Percussion Exotic$35.00
Hybrid Drums 8D8$25.00
Micromorph Morphzilla v2.0$10.00
Kontakt 5 Factory Library v.1.3.0$79.95
CAGE Woodwinds$49.95
Vienna Symphonic Library - Bass Trombone [Kontakt]$25.00
CAGE Strings$89.95
Advanced Drum Series Blackbird$39.95
Greek Percussion$19.95
Aura Guitars$49.95
XO: The Overdose Vol. 1 - Studio Sounds$15.00
The New Epic Dhol Ensemble$15.00
Instant Ukulele Guitar Bundle$25.00
The New Ambient Guitar$19.95
Solo Cello Designer$25.00
Ventus Ethnic Winds Pan Flutes$35.00
North 7 Vintage Keys$69.95
Evolution Hollowbody Blues$30.00
Anthology Strings Instrument$129.95
Albion III Iceni REDUX v2.1$79.95
Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit$69.95
Red Cola Trailer Giant$69.95
Olafur Arnalds Evolutions$55.95
Union Chapel Organ$35.00
eDNA 01 Earth$49.95
Enigma 2 The Rapture$79.95
Samuel Sim Chrysalis$45.00
PP020 Evo Grid 2$65.00
David Fanshawe Earth Encounters 1$65.00
Joey Santiago$49.95
PP021 Evo Grid 3$59.95
Native Instruments Kinetic Toys$19.95
Mandolin Swarm$45.00
Marimba Swarm$55.00
The Grange$49.95
PP025 Evo Grid 4$49.95
BML Mural Symphonic String Ensembles$89.95
Requiem Light Symphonic Choir v3.0$35.00
Spitfire Masse$69.95
Spitfire Symphonic Brass [15 DVD]$139.95
Spitfire Symphonic Strings [22 DVD]$179.95
Spitfire Audio Albion IV - Uist$89.95
Spitfire Audio Albion V - Tundra$89.95
Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds [16 DVD]$119.95
BML Mural Symphonic Evolutions$89.95
Audiofier Abstrung v1.1$29.95
Sacconi Strings Quartet [17 DVD]$109.95
HZ02 Hans Zimmer Los Angeles$65.00
Sonuscore The Orchestra$45.00
Gothic Instruments Dronar Dark Synthesis$29.95
Audiomodern Atom$39.95
HZ03 Hans Zimmer London Soloists - Solo Epic Drums$69.95
Puremagnetik Mark Two Berlin$5.00
Spitfire Chamber Strings [18 DVD]$139.95
Spitfire Orstphone (Aluphone)$25.00
Strezov Sampling VIBE Instant Drumkit$35.00
PinkNoise Studio Lemon v1.40$10.00
Westphalen Electric Violin$10.00
Westphalen Baritone Violin$10.00
Aria Sounds Aurora Choir$49.95
Aleatoric Modular Series Low Bundle$65.00
Strezov Sampling Belarus Piano$10.00
Vintage Horns 2$19.95
Martin Britz Invictus Guitar$25.00
Divergent Audio Group Chordscape$25.00
Sound Dust Hammr Growler$15.00
Big Bad Horns 2 [KLI Version]$25.00
Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Drops$15.00
Gothic Instruments Sculptor Epic Risers$10.00
Joey Sturgis Miles McPherson Drums$30.00
Cinematic Studio Solo Strings$89.95
Sonokinetic Accordion$25.00
Trailer Xpressions$25.00
Synthesizer 2000$5.00
Versilian Studios Etherealwinds Harp II$17.50
Big Fish Audio Zen [KLI]$15.00
Groove Bias 2$15.00
Embertone Joshua Bell Violin$45.00
Orange Tree Slide Acoustic$19.95
CASE Solo Strings FX$69.95
Nozytic Medusa$15.00
The Tronto Trilogy$10.00
Eastern Percussion Module$10.00
Ventus Ethnic Winds Ocarinas$35.00
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Songwriter$39.95
Voices Of Gaia$55.00
Ecliptiq Audio Haiku$7.50
Ecliptiq Audio Cryo$35.00
Shepard Tones$35.00
Ostinato Brass$37.50
Native Instruments Symphony Series - Percussion$69.95
E-Instruments Session Keys Upright v.1.0$39.95
Empire 2 Trap Construction Kits [KLI + Multiformat]$20.00
Cinesamples CineHarps$49.95
Ethera Soundscapes 2.0$35.00
Venus Symphonic Womens Choir$79.90
Cinesamples Kalimba$19.95
BigWerks Rigel$17.50
Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst$29.95
Umlaut Audio Motors$25.00
Orange Tree Samples Evolution Infinity$30.00
BigWerks Soundscape Paradise$19.95
SampleTraxx Torsion$10.00
BigWerks Emphasis$19.95
BigWerks The Morpheus$25.00
In Session Audio Riff Generation$25.00
8Dio Hybrid Tools Neo$49.95
BigWerks Trap Influenced$25.00
SampleHero Cyber Crime$10.00
SampleTraxx Old Broken Piano$17.50
Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion$19.95
Allura vol.1$15.00
Versilian Studios The Strumstick$12.50
Bechstein Digital C Bechstein Digital Grand v1.1.0$69.95
Cinesamples Tonal Ticky Tackies$29.95
Chris Hein Ensemble Strings$79.95
Native Instruments Session Strings Pro 2$79.95
Hideaway Studio Presents - Orbitone Collection II$10.00
Marcos Ciscar Fingerpicked Guitars$10.00
Spitfire Ollie Waton Drums$10.00
Sound Dust Cloud Viola 2$15.00
Desert Winds$25.00
Acoustic Revolutions 3$35.00
Sonespheres 2 Origins$15.00
Zero-G Inspiring Guitars$19.95
Zero-G Ethera EVI$49.95
Native Instruments Discovery Series - Middle East$39.95
Rigid Audio Granulat v1.1$10.00
Trapture Trap and Hip Hop$19.95
Modwheel Mystichord$10.00
Orchestral Swarm$59.95
KeepForest Vikings Cinematic Hybrid Punk Folk v1.1$35.00
KeepForest Vikings Expansion Metal Cinematic Toolkit v1.1$35.00
Heavyocity Scoring Guitars 2$29.95
Angel Cano The Fresh$5.00
Century Ostinato Strings$45.00
Vintage Series Studio Organ$45.00
The New Forgotten Voices - Cait$10.00
Hyperion Strings Micro$15.00
GetGood Drums Modern and Massive Pack$35.00
Orchestral Shepards$19.95
Sonokinetic Oud$25.00
Wave Alchemy Evolution$30.00
Ecliptiq Audio Vault$7.50
Bigwerks Elysian$12.50
Ztekno Big Techno Synth$15.00
Spitfire Audio PP018 DC Noisemaker$25.00
Output Analog Brass and Winds$49.95
Spitfire PP013 Igneous Electric Cello$30.00
Sound Dust ODDular$19.95
Pink Noise Evolver 2$10.00
Studiolinked Melody Machine$19.90
Palette Symphonic Sketchpad v1.1$65.00
Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions$65.00
Spitfire British Drama Toolkit$39.95
Evolution Dracus$37.50
Heavyocity AEON Melodic$59.95
Heavocity AEON Rhythmic$25.00
Heavyocity NOVO Pack 02 - Rhythmic Textures$49.95
Gothic Instruments DRONAR Glitchscapes$19.95
Luftrum Lunaris Pads v1.3$30.00
Evolution Rock Standard$39.95
Renegade Acoustic Guitar$25.00
8Dio Insolidus Choir$89.95
Impact Soundworks Cosmos$25.00
Sample Magic Klip v1.0.5$15.00
8Dio Steel String Guitar Bundle$39.95
Cinematique Instruments Landscape$0.01
Native Instruments Ethereal Earth$15.00
Native Instruments Hybrid Keys$25.00
Native Instruments Analog Dreams$25.00
Heavyocity Evolve$39.95
Electric Funk Instruments$19.95
Shreddage 3 Stratus$35.00
Best Service Emotional Violin$45.00
The New Ambient Guitar$19.95
Native Instruments Mallet Flux$35.00
Pulsesetter-Sounds Epic Babes$15.00
Rigid Audio Cinematrix$15.00
Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra v2.6 Pro Edition$49.95
Keepforest AizerX Classic Trailer Toolkit$45.00
Keepforest AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit$29.95
Keepforest AizerX Modern Trailer Designer Toolkit$29.95
Echo Collective Swell [Full]$19.95
Premier Sound Factory Drum Tree$55.00
Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle$89.95
Gothic Instruments Dronar Metal and Glass$25.00
NoiseAsh Audio Tools - Epic Piano$15.00
Insusurro Dark$15.00
Auddict Master Solo Strings - Solo Viola$35.00
Logan Stahley Instruments Lil Bit$5.00
Sound Yeti Collision FX$39.95
Logan Stahley Instruments Home Piano$10.00
Insanity Samples New Orleans Brass$19.95
Heavyocity Novo Pack 03 - Synthetic Strings$45.00
Heavyocity FORZO Modern Brass$79.95
Cinematic Studio Brass$85.00
Plectra Series 5 Guzheng$25.00
Native Instruments Action Strings v1.5$59.95
BigWerks Book Of Sounds II$25.00
BigWerks Book Of Sounds III$19.95
Orchestral Tools Glory Days Big Band Horns [18 DVD]$149.95
Sonic Scores Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra$37.50
Sonokinetic Ostinato Woodwinds$45.00
Traveler Series Celtic Fiddle$17.50
Vir2 MOJO 2 Horn Section v1.0.3 [14 DVD]$99.00
Soniccouture Haunted Spaces v1.1$37.50
London Contemporary Orchestra Strings$79.95
Spitfire Solo Strings$89.95
Sonuscore Lyrical Violin Phrases$15.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Orchestral Inspire$45.00
Dream Guitars 2$12.50
Wave Alchemy Drumvolution$27.50
Orchestral Tools Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2$45.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass EXP A - Additional Instruments$49.95
Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass EXP B - Muted Brass$69.95
Tina Guo Vol.2$35.00
Orchestral Tools Berlin Symphonic Harps$69.95
Orchestral Tools Time Macro$69.95
Heavyocity Novo Essentials$30.00
Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces$95.00
Sample Logic Xosphere 2$69.95
Sample Logic Drum Fury$37.50
Arpology Cinematic Dimensions$79.95
Ensemblia 2 Orchestral$25.00
Vir2 Cinematic Thunder Epic Orchestral Toms v1.5$25.00
Impact Soundworks Turkish Oud$19.95
Light and Sound Chamber Strings 2$49.95
Light and Sound Concert Grand v1.14$37.50
Best Service Accordions 2$37.50
Berlin Strings EXP D - First Chairs v2.0$69.95
Strezov Sampling Afflatus Chapter I Strings v1.1$139.95
Rigid Audio Aquiver v1.2$25.00
Sonica Instruments Shakuhachi$35.00
Sonica Instruments Sho v1.0.1$25.00
Performance Samples Oceania$17.50
Ancient World Instruments of Antiquity$25.00
Cinesamples 90s Retro Trumpets$19.95
Indiginus Blue Street Brass$15.00
Voices of War Men of the North$27.50
Planet Of The Breaks$10.00
Audio Imperia Cerberus$45.00
Misfit Harmonica$15.00
Performance Samples Con Moto Cellos$15.00
Native Instruments Noire$39.95
Heavyocity Novo Pack 01 - Intimate Textures$39.95
Shreddage 3 Serpent$25.00
Beyron Audio Altron$25.00
Shreddage 3 Archtop$35.00
Jaeger Essential Modern Orchestra v1.2$99.95
Shreddage 3 Jupiter$30.00
PEARL Concert Grand 2.0$47.50
Audio Imperia Talos Volume One - Horns$25.00
Zero-G Psycho Acoustics$15.00
Orchestral Tools Symphonic Sphere v2.1$65.00
Fluffy Audio Dominus Choir$75.95
Evolution Flatwound Bass$30.00
Orchestral Tools Orchestral String Runs v3.1$55.00
Trailer Xpressions II - The Boom Experience$39.95
Musical Sampling Adventure Strings$30.00
Sound Dust Cloud Bass$10.00
Audio Ollie Scoring Synths [16 DVD]$75.00
ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours Orchestrator v1.3$30.00
Canyon Cinematic Texture Guitars [KLI]$25.00
E-instruments Session Keys Electric W$19.95
Keepforest AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk$29.95
In Session Audio Taiko Creator$19.95
E-instruments Session Keys Electric S$27.50
Cinesamples CineWinds Monster Low Winds$19.95
Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Extended$79.95
Soundiron Waterharp v2.0$19.95
Spitfire Audio Albion ONE v1.2$89.95
Prominy SR5 Rock Bass 2$39.95
Sonex Audio Electric Guitars$12.50
Sonex Audio Acoustic Guitars$15.00
Native Instruments Modular Icons$17.50
Orchestral Tools Berlin Harpsichords$35.00
GetGood Drums Invasion$35.00
Evolution Roundwound Bass$39.95
Soundiron Bontastic$10.00
Sonuscore Origins Vol.3 - 12-String & Balalaika$10.00
Sonuscore Origins Vol.4 - Oud and Qanun$10.00
Heavyocity Mosaic Keys$25.00
Native Instruments Straylight$25.00
Imagine EDM Construction Kits [KLI]$15.00
CineStrings Solo True Legato$55.00
Evolution Texas Twang$35.00
Strezov Sampling The Performers Anonym Gregorian Choir$25.00
Cinesamples CinePerc v1.2 [22 DVD]$145.00
Native Instruments Emotive Strings$65.00
TO - Strings of Winter$30.00
Indiginus Torch Electric Guitar$15.00
Embertone Whistler Ensemble$10.00
Pedal Steel$35.00
Zero-G Beat Master$12.50
Best Service The Orchestra Complete$59.95
Splash Sound Indie Voices$5.00
Best Service Altus v1.1$15.00
Orchestral Tools The Orchestral Grands v2.0$59.95
Evolution Jumbo 12$35.00
Mimi Page Light and Shadow$25.00
Cinesamples Sew What$10.00
Karanyi Sounds Vapor Keys$7.50
Ventus Ethnic Winds - Duduk$19.95
AudioBro Genesis Childrens Choir$79.95
Organic Samples Organic Voices Vol.2 - Ethnic Inspiration v1.1$19.95
Rigid Audio Atheos$35.00
AudioThing Satellite$5.00
Organic Samples Majestic Horn v1.1$15.00
Organic Samples Organic Voices Vol.1 - Solo Opera v1.1$17.50
Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic$35.00
Zero-G Northern Lights Pad Machine$17.50
Voice of Wind Adey$25.00
Sonex Audio Strings Ensemble$35.00
String Audio Alchemist 2 Cinematic Impacts v2.5$25.00
String Audio Monolith Bundle v1.1$39.95
String Audio Alchemist 2 Cinematic Textures v2.5$39.95
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Melodic EDM$15.00
Vengeance Avenger Expansion Pack - Trance One$10.00
Sonespheres 1 Distance$12.50
Soundiron Cube$5.00
Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars Motion$89.95
Shreddage 3 Legacy$25.00
Soniccouture The Attic 2 v3.0.0$39.95
Soniccouture Nyckelharpas$19.95
Soniccouture Moonkits$39.95
Soniccouture Sheng Khaen Sho$19.95
Native Instruments Discovery Series - Balinese Gamelan v1.5.2$15.00
ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 - Pandora v1.0.5 [16 DVD]$119.00
Soniccouture Array Mbira v1.1$17.50
Native Instruments Play Series Selection$17.50
8Dio Claire Alto Flute Virtuosso$35.00
Shreddage 3 Precision$25.00
Sonuscore Ethnic Flute Phrases$19.95
Scarbee MARK I v1.4.0$17.50
Soundiron Apocalypse Elements v1.5$19.95
Kirk Hunter Spotlight Strings 4D$45.00
Kirk Hunter Front Row Violins$25.00
Heavyocity Ascend Modern Grand$39.95
Kong Audio Chinee ChineeGuQin$17.50
Kong Audio SanXian The Bajo of the East$15.00
Kong Audio Chinee Series PiPa and LiuQin$30.00
Native Instruments-Lo-Fi Glow$10.00
Native Instruments Mysteria$65.00
ProjectSam Orchestral Essentials 2 v1.2$55.00
Fluffy Audio Venice Modern Strings$79.95
Sample Logic Motion Keys$45.00
Auddict Angel Strings Vol.2 - Flurries$25.00
Splash Sound Epic Percussion v1.1$17.50
Fluffy Audio Rinascimento v1.1$65.00
Audiowarp Blossom [3 DVD]$25.00
Sonokinetic Espressivo 16 and 24 Bit$59.95
Sonokinetic Bowls$15.00
Sonokinetic Carillon$25.00
Sonokinetic Ostinato Noir v1.2$17.50
Sonokinetic Chime$17.50
Chris Hein Solo Violin v2.0 [Extended]$49.95
Chris Hein Solo Viola v2.0 [Extended]$39.95
Chris Hein Solo Cello v2.0.2 [Extended]$49.95
Chris Hein Solo ContraBass v2.0.2 [Extended]$39.95
Sonokinetic Capriccio v1.7.0$79.95
Sonokinetic Largo v1.1 [16 DVD]$79.95
Fluffy Audio Scoring Piano$37.50
Sonokinetic Noir v1.2 [17 DVD]$89.95
Sonokinetic Indie v1.1 [14 DVD]$89.95
Native Instruments Pharlight v1.0$25.00
Fluffy Audio Dominus Choir Pro [12 DVD]$119.00
Soundethers Motion$15.00
Ben Osterhouse Cello Textures v1.4$10.00
Strezov Sampling Taikos X3M$25.00
CP70 Electric Grand Piano$35.00
Solo Violin Designer 2.0$25.00
Keepforest Risenge Pro$39.95
Fluffy Audio Spaghetti Western$59.95
Silka Choir$115.00
8Dio Studio Saxophones v1.2$49.95
8Dio Studio Percussion Orchestral$65.00
Audio Imperia Nucleus$89.00
Native Instruments Arkhis$35.00
Strezov Sampling Lightning X3M$39.95
Strezov Sampling Storm Choir Ultimate$99.00
Intimate Studio Strings v1.3$59.95
Uplifting Music Studio Indie Rock Vocal$15.00
Audiofier AetherArp$19.95
Strezov Sampling JADE Ethnic Orchestra [24 DVD]$119.00
Blendstrument Paranormal Guitars$25.00
Legion Series 33 Drummers Batucada$55.00
Native Instruments Cloud Supply v1.0$17.50
Spitfire Ambient Guitars [11 DVD]$69.95
Soundiron Circle Bells v2$12.50
Best Service Emotional Viola$30.00
Heavyocity Damage 2$65.00
Spitfire Hauschka Composer Toolkit$69.95
London Contemporary Orchestra Textures$55.00
GetGood Drums One Kit Wonder Modern Fusion v1.0$15.00
Organic Loops Tower Of Funk$17.50
Best Service To Horns Of Hell$30.00
Best Service The Orchestra Complete 2$89.95
Native Instruments Butch Vig Drums v1.0$10.00
Strezov Sampling Muted Guitars$15.00
Luftrum Bioscape$25.00
Olafur Arnalds Stratus$59.95
Ambient Minimalism 2 - The Dark Side$19.95
Big Fish Audio Street Percussion$19.95
8dio Studio Vintage Series - Wurlitzer Electric Piano$35.00
Native Instruments Amati Viola v.1.0$55.00
Native Instruments Stradivari Cello v.1.0$55.00
8dio Studio Vintage Series - Studio Clavinet$25.00
Ambient Minimalism$17.50
Symphonic Shadows$30.00
Cinematique Instruments Vertigo Flute$10.00
Audiomodern Opacity II$19.95
Christopher Young Textural Worlds$65.00
Christopher Young Orchestral Touch$39.95
ProjectSAM True Strike 2 v1.1$35.00
8dio Studio Vocals - Laurie$30.00
ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic v1.3$35.00
8Dio Hybrid Tools - Terminus$39.95
Iron Throne 2.0$10.00
ProjectSAM Colours Orchestrator v2$25.00
ProjectSAM Colours Animator v2.0$19.95
Sonixinema Brute Flute$25.00
Soundiron Frendo v2.0$10.00
Echo Sound Works Loft Piano$12.50
CineBrass Horns of the Deep$19.95
Zero-G Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals$17.50
Soundiron Alpha Organ$19.95
Native Instruments Yangqin v.1.0$10.00
Native Instruments Soul Sessions v1.0$10.00
Pettinhouse FunkyBass 2.0$10.00
Soundiron Sick 7 - Voices Of The Dead$25.00
Soundiron Bizarre Sitar v3.0$12.50
Soundiron Luminabells v2.0$5.00
Heavyocity Mosaic Bass$25.00
Heavyocity Mosaic Tape$25.00
Wavesfactory Le Parisien$19.95
Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Vintage$29.95
Spitfire Orchestral Grand Piano v2.1$19.95
Cinesamples Continuum Guitars$19.95
Heavyocity Vento Essentials$25.00
Chris Hein Horns Pro Complete$119.90
CASE Solo Woodwinds FX$35.00
Sonuscore Ha Pi Concert Harp$15.00
Muze PA Aquarius$19.95
Cinematic Studio Series - Cinematic Studio Woodwinds [23 DVD]$85.00
Cinesamples CineBrass Pro v1.8$85.00
Indiginus Generation Electric Guitar$15.00
Orange Tree Samples - The Famous E Electric Piano$25.00
Ventus Native American Flutes$25.00
Audio Imperia Artifact Reanimate$35.00
Native Instruments Action Strings 2$55.00
Audio Imperia Solo [20 DVD]$99.95
Wavesfactory Strum Guitar$22.50
Spitfire Studio Strings Professional [45 DVD]$129.95
Sample Logic Drum Fury 2$19.95
Audio Ollie LA Modern Percussion v1.1$60.00
Ben Osterhouse Sospiro Strings v1.2$15.00
Native Instruments Cremona Quartet v1.0.1 [22 DVD]$99.95
Kirk Hunter Studios Traveling Pianos$25.00
Audio Ollie Nashville Scoring Strings$59.95
Native Instruments Spotlight Collection East Asia v1.0$19.95
Native Instruments West Africa v1.4.1$19.95
Soniccouture All Saints Choir$49.95
Sonixinema Saxophone Explorations v1.0$19.95
weyrerTon Tyrolean Harp v1.1$35.00
Bitley Sounds Way Beyond Fairlight$25.00
Dark Intervals Deep Blue$15.00
Sounds From Hell - Ambience and Underscore$35.00
Spitfire Studio Brass$45.00
Spitfire Studio Woodwinds$49.95
Sounds From Hell - Hits and Transitions$25.00
Rigid Audio Limerence$19.95
Native Instruments Piano Colors v1.0$49.95
Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic String Motion Engine$25.00
Spitfire Studio Brass Professional [25 DVD]$99.95
Spitfire Studio Woodwinds Professional [23 DVD]$89.95
Voice of Wind Connie v1.0$19.95
Strezov Sampling Kambanite Church Bells$15.00
Native Instruments Play Series Glaze v1.0$15.00
Zero-G Epica Redux$17.50
Strezov Sampling Trombone Ensemble$19.95
Strezov Sampling French Horn Ensemble$29.95
Strezov Sampling Flute Ensemble$25.00
Strezov Sampling Bassoon Ensemble$19.95
Emergence Audio Quantum v1.2$25.00
The New Rhythmic Aura Vol.1$19.95
The New Rhythmic Aura Vol.2$19.95
Cinesamples O Forbes Pipe Organ$35.00
Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy$45.00
Voice Of Wind Audrey$19.95
Rast Sound Persian Vocals$10.00
Slate and Ash Landforms [16 DVD]$79.95
Native Instruments Ashlight v1.0$25.00
Native Instruments Session Guitarist Picked Nylon$25.00
Musical Sampling Vocal Bundle$25.00
Zero-G Elements Modern Scoring Synth$39.95
Native Instruments Guarneri Violin v1.2$55.00
Polaris Audio Magnetar Cello v1.0$15.00
Nami Audio Hammer and Felt v1.1$19.95
Evolution Series Chronicles Brass and Wood v1.0$49.95
Heavyocity Symphonic Destruction$55.00
Native Instruments Sequis v1.0$25.00
Soniccouture Toy Pianos v1.0$10.00
Realitone Screaming Trumpet v2.0$15.00
Strezov Sampling Sambhala Textural Orchestra$69.95
Native Instruments Spotlight Collection India v1.1.1$19.95
Best Service Elysion 2 The Encounter$59.95
Audio Imperia Solo Boy Soloists v1.0$10.00
Spitfire Albion NEO v1.0$75.00
Sonuscore Ancient Duduk Phrases$12.50
8Dio Case Solo Brass FX$35.00
Wave Alchemy Triaz$25.00
Wavelet Audio Ashen Scoring Cello$19.95
Wavelet Audio Groth$55.00
Heavyocity Mosaic Leads$25.00
Heavyocity Aspire$25.00
Zero-G Ethera Gold Atlantis$25.00
Strezov Sampling Harpsichord$29.95
Strezov Sampling The Felt Seiler Pro v1.1$37.50
MixWave Tony Royster Jr$29.95
Best Service Dark Horizon$15.00
ProjectSAM Symphobia 2 v2.0$89.95
Native Instruments Playbox v1.0.1$15.00
Native Instruments Session Bassist Prime Bass$35.00
Zero-G Sahara Beats$15.00
Muze Enigma$10.00
Sonuscore Medieval Phrases Lute and Theorbo$15.00
Orange Tree Samples Dry Relic$35.00
BigWerks Virus$15.00
Spitfire Audio Albion Solstice v1.0.1 [16 DVD]$99.95
Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic Woodwinds Motion Engine$19.95
FluffyAudio Jazz Bass$25.00
Aaron Venture Infinite Brass v1.6$65.00
Evolution Series Prepared Colors Steel$7.00
Spitfire Audio Kepler Orchestra$55.00
Strezov Sampling Diamond Jazz Orchestra [18 DVD]$75.00
Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Mint$35.00
Native Instruments Empire Breaks$15.00
Heavyocity Vocalise 3$25.00
Zero-G Elements Cinematic Rhythms$35.00
Heavyocity Mosaic Pads$30.00
Strezov Sampling Architecture Of Sound$29.95
Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic Percussion Motion Engine$45.00
Evolution Series Vocal Colors Bronte$15.00
Impact Soundworks Charisma Volume 1$15.00
Modern Cinematic And Symphonic Choir [15 DVD]$89.95
Getgood Drums - One Kit Wonder Dry And Funky$15.00
Fluffy Audio Simple Opera Singer$15.00
Royal Albert Hall Organ$45.00
ProjectSAM Symphobia 3 Lumina v2.0$89.95
Global Audio Tools Enigma$12.50
Sound Dust Drift 002$19.95
Audiofier Veevum Beat$17.50
Audiofier Veevum Luna$15.00
Best Service The Orchestra Complete 3$79.95
TO Woods Of The Wild$25.00
Native Instruments Choir Omnia [16 DVD]$89.95
Chris Hein Octa$69.95
Audiobro LA Scoring Strings 3$85.00
Native Instruments Duets Library v1.0$12.50
Baklava Sounds Orient Express$15.00
Dark Intervals Artefact$15.00
8Dio Claire Piccolo Flute Virtuoso$25.00
Native Instruments Karriem Riggins Drums Library Play Series$15.00
Cinesamples CineStrings Core v2.0$85.00
Keepforest Watchkeeper$69.95
Strezov Sampling JADE Evolutions$45.00
8Dio Lyre$15.00
Mixwave Jay Weinberg$39.95
Heavyocity Mosaic Neon$25.00
Fluffy Audio Simple Whistle$15.00
Zero-G Extreme Modular Environments$10.00
Native Instruments Play Series FEEL IT v1.0$10.00
Cinematic Tools Zenith The Modern Trailer Archtype$25.00
Have Audio Balkan Clarinet$10.00
Tokyo Scoring Drum Kits [16 DVD]$79.95
Native Instruments Session Bassist Icon Bass$25.00
ThePhonoLoop Tapes 01 v1.5$39.95
Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Extreme Edition [35 DVD]$99.95
Inletaudio Kayvon Violin Intimate$29.95
Fallout Music Group Trailer Braams II$19.95
Westwood Instruments Electric Home Piano$19.95
MixWave Underoath Aaron Gillespie Library$35.00
Water Piano$15.00
Ethera Gold Prometheus$35.00
Artistry Audio Staccato$25.00
Heavyocity Damage Rock Grooves$15.00
Hearth and Hollow Plucked Folk Ensemble$29.95
Native Instruments Valves$19.95
Fracture Sounds Hemisphere Guitars$35.00
GetGood Drums Benny Greb Signature Pack$35.00
Heavyocity Damage Guitars$45.00
Observant Sound Veiled Ashes$10.00
Denovaire Robofriends$10.00
Disciple Samples Sharks Color Bass Vol 1$15.00
Sample Logic Key Fury$45.00
The New Studio Sopranos$19.95
Evolution Baritone Electric$35.00
Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic Woodwinds Plus$19.95
Teletone Audio Ondine$10.00
Fracture Sounds Spotlight Piano$39.95
Luftrum Lunaris 2.1 Unparalleled Pads$35.00
Teletone Audio Le Gibet$10.00
Teletone Audio Tympo$10.00
Native Instruments Play Series - Bazzazian Tapes$15.00
Native Instruments Fables$49.95
Best Service The Score$69.95
Spitfire Audio Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit [32 DVD]$159.95
Native Instruments Vocal Colors$49.95
Native Instruments Valves Pro$49.95
Native Instruments Homage$10.00
Spitfire Audio Skyscapeparadise Gaze$25.00
Native Instruments Low End Strings$19.95
Strezov Sampling AFFLATUS Chapter II Brass [25 DVD]$139.95
Heavyocity Gravity 2$39.95
Ergo Kukke Trails$25.00
Spitfire Audio Tape Rooms by Peter Flint$12.00
Submission Audio EuroBass 3$19.95
Fluid Brass Cinematic Brass Shorts$35.00
Audio Imperia Chorus$99.95
Ergo Kukke Virtual Symphony$19.95
Audio Imperia Dolce$119.95
Spitfire Chamber Strings Essentials$39.95
Ergo Kukke Aleatoric Keys$12.50
Sonixinema Contemporary Soloist Violin$29.95
Spitfire Audio Symphonic Organ$45.00
Spitfire Audio Percussion Swarm$85.00
Spitfire Audio Fred Poirier Afterglow$19.95


Sample Tank 2L [4 CD]$17.50
Sample Tank 2XL [8 CD]$29.95
Sample Tank CD 1$10.00
Sample Tank CD 2$10.00
Sample Tank CD 3$10.00
Sample Tank CD 4$10.00
SampleTank Library - Bass Collection$10.00
SampleTank Library - Piano Collection$10.00
SampleTank Library - Sonic Synth CD 1$10.00
SampleTank Library - Sonic Synth CD 2$10.00
SampleTank Library - Sonic Synth CD 3$10.00
SampleTank Library - Acoustic Drums$10.00
SampleTank Library - Brit Horns$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums$10.00
Heavy Mental Drum Kits$25.00
Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar$10.00
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar$10.00
Spaceport 77 Sound Content for Sampletank 4$15.00


Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Burning Grooves$30.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - BackBeat$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Retro Funk$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Metamorphosis$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Liquid Grooves$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Stark Raving Beats$10.00
Total REX [2 DVD]$49.90
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Skippy's Big Bad Beats$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Ethno Techno$25.00
Stylus RMX S.A.G.E. Xpander - Skippy's Noizbox$25.00
Minimal & Tech-House$32.50
In Session Audio Chroma for Stylus RMX$25.00
Momentum Stylus RMX$35.00

VST Plug-ins

SIR 2 Impulse Response Processor$10.00
PLUG-INS #1$15.00
Waves IR-1 [2 CD]$20.00
Guitar Rig 5.2.1$10.00
AmpliTube 4$10.00
PLUG-INS #2$15.00
WizooVerb W2$10.00
Waves Professional Plug-Ins$10.00
Altiverb 6.1$22.50
URS Professional Plug-Ins$10.00
Amplitube Jimi Hendrix$10.00
Waves Professional Plug-Ins 2$10.00
SONY Oxford Professional Plug-Ins$10.00
Amplitube Metal & X-Gear$10.00
Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle v3.0.0$10.00
Roger Nichols Digital Plug-Ins$10.00
Guitar RIG 4$10.00
Aether Algorithmic Reverb VST v1.0.1$10.00
AmpliTube 3.0.1$5.00
Rob Papen RP-Verb$10.00
Waves Complete v7.1.1.6$20.00
IZotope Ozone Advanced 5.0$10.00
Native Instruments Supercharger GT v1.1.2$10.00
Acustica Audio Silk Eq [DVD]$15.00
Acustica Audio D361A Special Edition$10.00
Acustica Audio Cooltec EQP1 [DVD]$15.00
Stillwell Audio All Plugins Bundle v3.0.0$10.00
Overloud REmatrix Reverb v1.0.0$10.00
iZotope RX 4 Advanced v4.00$15.00
IK Multimedia T-RackS CS Complete v4.7$10.00
Sugar Bytes WOW2 v2.1.0$10.00
Waves All Plugins Bundle v9 r21$30.00
D16 Group SilverLine Collection v1.4.0$10.00
iZotope Ozone 6 Advanced$10.00
Waves SoundGrid And Native Applications v9 r6$20.00
Focusrite Red Plug-In Suite v1.0$10.00
Acustica Audio Neo Console Plugin Suite$10.00
Acustica Audio Stradipad Platinum Collection$17.50
iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite v2.02$10.00
Peavey ReValver 4 [PC / MAC]$10.00
AudioThing Valve Filter VF-1 v1.3.0$10.00
Kuassa Cerberus Bass Amp v1.0.1$10.00
Audiffex AmpLion PRO v1.1.3$10.00
Beatskillz That Thing v1.0$10.00
Beatskillz Slam Dawg v1.0$10.00
iZotope RX Final Mix$10.00
Kazrog KClip v1.0.2$5.00
Kazrog Recabinet v4.0.1$10.00
AudioThing Vinyl Strip v1.1.1$10.00
Toneforge Ben Bruce v.1.1.1$10.00
STW Audio Reflex Plus v3.0$5.00
Wave Arts Powersuite v5.84$15.00
Wave Arts Master Restoration Suite v5.84$10.00
iZotope RX Post Production Suite 1.00$15.00
iZotope Stutter Edit v1.05$10.00
Xfer Records Cthulhu v1.11$5.00
Wavearts Complete Bundle v5.84$10.00
Positive Grid BIAS Pedal Professional$10.00
Positive Grid BIAS FX$10.00
Positive Grid BIAS AMP$10.00
Kuassa Amplifikation Creme v1.3.1$10.00
Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion v1.1.1$10.00
KORG AudioGate v4.0.1$10.00
Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack 3 v5.1.0 r3$10.00
Native Instruments Replika v1.2.2$10.00
Native Instruments & Softube Vintage Compressors v.1.3.0$10.00
Solid State Logic - Duende Native v5.1.1$10.00
Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines v1.1.9.9$10.00
Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors v1.2.6.4$10.00
Lexicon PCM Total Bundle v1.2.6/1.3.7$10.00
Softube Plug-ins 2.2.76 [DVD]$19.90
Synchro Arts - Revoice Pro v3.1.1.3$10.00
Slate Digital FG-X v1.4.0$10.00
Slate Digital - VMR Complete Bundle$10.00
Relab - LX480 Complete 2.0.2$10.00
Eventide BlackHole v2.0.8$10.00
Eventide Anthology X v1.0.4$15.00
Eventide 2016 Stereo Room v2.1.5$10.00
SoundToys 5$10.00
Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Stereo Reverb v2.1.3$10.00
Exponential Audio Excalibur v1.0.5$10.00
Vocalizer Pro v1.3$10.00
Positive Grid Pro Series Bundle$10.00
HOFA-Plugins HOFA IQ-Reverb$10.00
Audiority TS-1 Transient Shaper$5.00
AOM Factory Total Bundle v1.7.4$10.00
McDSP Revolver 6$10.00
Avid Eleven 12$5.00
Avid Aphex Systems Bundle v11.1.80869$5.00
AudioThing Fog Convolver v1.2.1$10.00
Loomer Resound v1.7.3$5.00
Plugin Alliance 100 Lindell Bundle v1.0.3$10.00
AIR Creative FX Collection Plus$10.00
iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay v1.00$5.00
PSPaudioware PSP E27 v1.0.2$5.00
FabFilter Total Bundle v2016$10.00
Altiverb 7 XL v7.2.6 [PC/MAC]$29.90
Zynaptiq MORPH v2.1.1$5.00
Avid Classic Compressors Bundle v11$10.00
McDSP Compressor Bank v6.1.0.8$10.00
McDSP SPC2000 v6.1.0.8$10.00
McDSP Channel-G v6.1.0.8$10.00
Eiosis AirEQ Premium v1.1.1.3$10.00
Avid Focusrite d2 d3 Bundle v11 for Protools$10.00
Avid Moogerfooger Bundle v12 for Protools$10.00
Wave Arts Tube Saturator v2.02$10.00
Lurssen Mastering Console v1.0.0$10.00
Avid JOEMEEK Bundle 12 for Protools$10.00
Kush Plug-Ins for Windows$10.00
Blue Cats PatchWork v1.72$10.00
UVI Sparkverb v1.1.2 & Relayer v1.0.3$10.00
Waves Complete V9.6$30.00
VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro v5.4.1$10.00
Nomad Factory DrumTools v1.0.1$10.00
Sony Spectralayers Pro v3.0.28$10.00
XILS-lab XILS Vocoder 5000 v1.0.4$5.00
SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro v1.3$10.00
TC Electronic LM6n v1.1.0$10.00
Audified inValve 2 Pro v2.0.0$10.00
Scuffham Amps S-Gear v2.5.3$10.00
Flux Ircam Tools 1.1$10.00
Flux Full Pack 2.1$10.00
Acon Digital Restoration Suite v1.7.1$10.00
Positive Grid Pro Series Studio EQ$10.00
SONAR Boutique FX Suite v1.0.1.16$10.00
HOFA Super Bundle 2016$10.00
Eventide Ensemble Bundle v1.0.7$25.00
kiloHearts All Plug-ins Bundle v2016$10.00
NuGen Audio MasterCheck v1.1.08$10.00
XILS-Lab V Plus v1.0.4$5.00
XILS-lab StiX v1.0 CE$5.00
Plug And Mix Pro Series v1.0.2$10.00
Plug And Mix VIP Bundle 3$10.00
Unfiltered Audio Plugins Bundle v1.1.0$10.00
Brainworx All Plug-Ins Bundle$10.00
Native Instruments Driver v1.3$10.00
Native Instruments Replika XT v1.0.3$10.00
Native Instruments Solid Mix Series FX v1.3.1$10.00
Native Instruments Reverb Classics v1.3.1$5.00
Native Instruments Premium Tube Series v1.3.1$10.00
Nomad Factory Analog Studio Rack v1.0.1$10.00
UVI Thorus$5.00
BBE Sound Sonic Sweet Optimized v3.2.1$10.00
Kuassa EVE-MP5 v1.0.5$5.00
Antares Autotune Evo 6 for Windows$5.00
Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Menace v1.2$10.00
MasteringTheMix LEVELS$10.00
Zynaptiq Adaptiverb v1.0.1$10.00
Venomode Pivot v1.2.1$5.00
Output Movement v1.0.3$10.00
DMG Audio Plugins Bundle v1.0.5$10.00
iZotope Neutron Advanced v1.00$15.00
MeldaProduction MTotalBundle v8$15.00
AudioThing Valve Exciter v1.5.1$5.00
Audio Assault Head Crusher v1.3.5$10.00
Sound Radix SurferEQ 2 Boogie v1.0.0$10.00
IRCAM Lab TS v1.0.11$10.00
BeatSkillz DropX v1.0.0$10.00
Focusrite Midnight Plug-in Suite v1.7$10.00
Metric Halo MH Production Bundle v2.0.2$10.00
ToneBoosters All Plugins Bundle 3$10.00
Empirical Labs Arousor v1.0$10.00
MathewLane StereoDelta v1.1$10.00
Kush Omega Transformer Model A and Model N v1.0.4$5.00
Exponential Audio Nimbus v1.0.0$10.00
Eiosis E2Deesser v1.0.3.1$10.00
McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter v6.3.0.5$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune 8.1.1 for Windows$10.00
Slate Digital Verbsuite Classics v1.0.3.2$25.00
Kush Hammer DSP v1.0.0$10.00
Exponential Audio R2 Stereo Reverb v3.0.2$10.00
McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip v6.2.0.10$10.00
Yamaha Vintage Plugin Collection$10.00
Kush Electra-DSP & Clariphonic DSP MKII$10.00
Flux Pure Analyzer v1.9$10.00
Audified U73b Compressor v2.0.0$10.00
Heavyocity Punish$10.00
BeatSkillz Valvesque$10.00
BeatSkillz Slam Pro$10.00
Nomad Factory Garbage$5.00
Kazrog Thermionik v5.0.3$10.00
Accusonus ERA-D v1.2.0$5.00
McDSP AE600 Active EQ v6.3.0.9$10.00
Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Guilty Pleasure$10.00
Overloud BReverb 2$10.00
Overloud Mark Studio 2$10.00
Overloud TH3 v3.3.0$10.00
u-he Satin v1.3.0$5.00
u-he Presswerk v1.1.1$5.00
RC-20 Retro Color$10.00
XLN Addictive Trigger$19.95
DS-10 Drum Shaper$5.00
Black Rooster Audio Plugin Pack$5.00
Glitchmachines Plugins Total Bundle$29.95
StageCraft Plugins Bundle v4.11$10.00
SpectraLayers Pro 4.0$10.00
PSPaudioware PSP FETpressor$10.00
Boz Digital Labs Manic Compressor v1.0.3$10.00
Wavesfactory TrackSpacer v2.0.5$10.00
Toneforge Jason Richardson$10.00
Waldorf Lector v1.1.0$10.00
TC Electronic VSS3 Native v1.0.3$10.00
Klanghelm MJUC Variable Tube Compressor v1.1$5.00
Plug And Mix Chainer v1.2.2$10.00
Bob Perry Audio Plug-Ins Bundle$5.00
Line 6 POD Farm 2.5 Platinum$10.00
IRCAM Lab The Snail v1.2.9$10.00
iZotope Insight v1.04$10.00
Blue Cat MB-7 Mixer$10.00
Audified U78 Saturator$5.00
Audio Assault Verbstation v1.0$10.00
FabFilter Total Bundle 2017$10.00
Audiority GrainSpace v1.1.1$5.00
StageCraft Addiction Synth v4.32$10.00
Joey Sturgis Tones Soar$10.00
Joey Sturgis Tones Jason Richardson v1.1.0$10.00
iZotope RX 6 Audio Editor Advanced$15.00
D16 Group Tekturon$5.00
Sonarworks Reference Plugins v3.4.1.3$10.00
LiquidSonics Reverberate 2$10.00
Plektron Guitar Amp v3.5.0$10.00
Positive Grid Pro Series Compressor$10.00
Audio Damage AD036 Dubstation v2.0$5.00
apulSoft apTrigga 3 v3.3.1$5.00
Dotec-Audio Plugins Bundle v2017$10.00
Audio Assault Dominator v1.01$10.00
VSL Vienna Suite v1.1$5.00
Sknote Disto V2$10.00
Sample Magic Boost v1.0.2$5.00
Kuassa Efektor Distortion Bundle v1.0.1$5.00
Audio Assault Bulldozer v1.02$10.00
Zynaptiq WORMHOLE v1.0.2$10.00
Blue Cats Late Replies$5.00
SoundSpot Oracle Reverb$5.00
Overloud Gem Comp76$10.00
Overloud Gem EQ495$10.00
Overloud Gem EQ84 v1.1.0$10.00
Overloud Gem Dopamine$10.00
iZotope Neutron Advanced v2.00$15.00
iZotope Ozone Advanced v8.00$10.00
Overloud Gem Tapedesk v1.1.2$10.00
Analog Obsession Tubelm$5.00
Audio Assault Druminator v1.0$5.00
Analog Obsession Compressor Bundle$10.00
Analog Obsession Equalizer Bundle$10.00
Lindell 354E Compressor$10.00
Goodhertz Plugins Bundle$10.00
JST Bus Glue Bundle$10.00
Audiority XenoVerb v1.0.4$5.00
Hornet Tape$5.00
T-RackS 5 Complete$15.00
Hofa System 2 Bundle$10.00
Audio Damage AD032 Mangleverb v1.0.1$5.00
Sample Magic Boost Pro$10.00
AIR Music Technology Boom 1.2.11 for Windows$5.00
Audiority Echoes T7E$5.00
Audio Damage AD043 Filterstation2 v2.0.1$5.00
AudioThing Type A$5.00
Nomad Factory 80s Spaces v1.0.1$10.00
BBE Sound Sonic Sweet v4.0.1$10.00
Arturia Mini-Filter$10.00
Arturia SEM-Filter$10.00
Arturia M12-Filter v1.0.0.252$10.00
Arturia V76-Pre$10.00
Arturia TridA-Pre$10.00
Arturia 1973-Pre$10.00
FabFilter Total Bundle v2018$10.00
Audio Assault FreakQ 305$10.00
Blue Cats Destructor v1.31$10.00
Overloud Gem EQ550$10.00
W.A Production InstaChord v1.0.1$5.00
W.A.Production The King v1.0.1$5.00
Magix SpectraLayers 5$10.00
TSE X50 v2.4.8$10.00
Overloud Gem Comp G$10.00
Mercuriall ReAxis v1.0.5$10.00
Mercuriall Tube Amp Ultra 530 v1.1$10.00
Mercuriall Spark v1.1.1$10.00
iZotope Trash 2$10.00
Mastering The Mix - Reference$10.00
AOM Total Bundle v1.9.2$10.00
Harrison AVA Mastering EQ and De-esser$10.00
Native Instruments Crush Pack$10.00
Hotone VStomp Amp$10.00
Audio Assault Transient+$5.00
Kazrog True Iron$5.00
Line6 Helix Native v1.6.0$10.00
Fuse Audio Labs Complete Bundle v.1.3.0$10.00
BBE Stomp Board$10.00
Roland VS R-Mix v1.24$10.00
Plugin Boutique Scaler v1.5.0$10.00
Toneforge Misha Mansoor Advanced v1.0.1$10.00
Bus Glue Joel Wanasek Bundle$10.00
TBProAudio Plug-ins Bundle 2018$10.00
iZotope VocalSynth 2$10.00
Audio Assault Emperor v1.0$5.00
Acustica Audio Violet CM$5.00
GG Audio Spin v1.0.1$5.00
Dopesonix Bass Engine v1.3$10.00
Lindell Plugins Bundle [PC]$10.00
Klevgrand FX Bundle 2018$10.00
Blue Cats All Plug-Ins Pack 2018$10.00
Sonible SmartEQ2$5.00
Arturia 3 Filters v1.1.0$10.00
Native Instruments Effects Series Mod Pack$10.00
Arturia 3 Preamps v1.1.0$10.00
Cycling 74 Max v8.0.0$10.00
iZotope Nectar 3$10.00
AudioThing Outer Space v1.2.0$5.00
Overloud Gem Comp670$10.00
Overloud Gem Echoson$10.00
Acon Digital Mastering Suite v1.0.1$10.00
iZotope Mobius Filter$5.00
Kuassa Amplifikation Caliburn v1.0.5$10.00
HOFA IQ-Series Bundle 2018$10.00
Vocal Remover Pro v.2.0$10.00
Arturia Pigments$10.00
W.A. Production InstaScale v1.0.2$5.00
Mastering The Mix Plug-Ins Bundle 2018$10.00
Softube Drawmer S73 and Drawmer 1973$10.00
Lexicon MPX Native Reverb v1.0.6$10.00
Flux Spat Revolution v1.1$10.00
Audified MixChecker Pro v1.0.1$10.00
Audified MultiDrive Pedal Pro v1.0.2$10.00
BeatRig SideKick 6 Extended$5.00
Sonic Projects OP-X PRO-II$10.00
Zynaptiq Intensity v1.2.0$10.00
Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro v3$10.00
W.A.Production Outlaw v1.0.1$5.00
U-he All Effects Bundle 2019$10.00
Initial Audio Reverse v1.0.3$3.00
Initial Audio SlowMo v1.0.3$5.00
Eventide Ensemble Bundle v2.0.14$10.00
Audiority LDC2-Compander$10.00
AudioThing Effect Bundle 2019$15.00
Maag Audio Magnum-K$10.00
Plugin Alliance ENGL E646 VS v1.5$5.00
Plugin Alliance ENGL E765 RT v1.5$5.00
Black Box Analog Design HG-2 v1.3$10.00
ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3 v1.4$10.00
Elysia Plugins Bundle v2.0.0$10.00
Noveltech Character v1.11$10.00
Lindell Audio Plugins Bundle v2.0.0$10.00
Noveltech Vocal Enhancer v1.9$10.00
Overloud TH-U Complete$10.00
SPL Plug-ins Bundle v2.0.1$10.00
Audiority Pre-X7 v1.1$5.00
Dangerous Music BAX EQ v1.4$10.00
Chandler Limited GAV19T v1.5$5.00
Dear Reality dearVR Music v1.2.2$10.00
Dear Reality DearVR Pro v1.2.2$10.00
Maag Audio EQ2 & EQ4$10.00
Fiedler Audio Stage v1.0.2$10.00
Kirnu Cream v1.2.4$5.00
iZotope RX7 PostProduction Suite v3.0.2$10.00
NoiseAsh Rule Tec All Collection$10.00
Audio Assault HellBeast$7.50
Positive Grid BIAS FX2 Desktop v2.0.1$10.00
FabFilter Total Bundle v2019$10.00
Klevgrand Stark$5.00
Plugin Alliance & Brainworx Plugins Bundle v2.0$30.00
Initial Audio Analog Pro$5.00
STL Tonality Howard Benson$5.00
Arturia V Collection 7$39.95
Tone Empire Locness v1.1.0$5.00
Tone Empire Goliath v1.1.0$5.00
Celemony Capstan v1.3.1$5.00
Overloud Gem OTD-2$10.00
iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced$10.00
Output Portal v1.0.1$10.00
Initial Audio Master Suite$10.00
Fuse Audio Labs Bundle 2019$10.00
KiloHearts Toolbox Ultimate v1.7.1$10.00
Kuassa Amplification Matchlock$10.00
Soundtheory Gullfoss Intelligent EQ v1.3.0$5.00
Hornet Tape v1.1.3$5.00
Arturia 4x3 FX v2019.8$19.95
Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Complete v2.1.5$10.00
iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced$10.00
iZotope Dialogue Match for Pro Tools$5.00
Native Instruments Flair v1.0.1$5.00
Native Instruments Choral$5.00
D16 Group Godfazer$10.00
Analog Obsession OAQ v2.1 Retail$5.00
Native Instruments Bite v1.0.1$5.00
IK Multimedia The Grid v1.1$5.00
Lindell Audio 80 Series v1.0$10.00
Acon Digital Verberate 2 v2.1.1 + Immersive$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune Pro 9.1$10.00
U-he Uhbik v1.3.1$10.00
U-he MFM2 Delay Heaven v2.2.1$5.00
AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System$10.00
Klanghelm DC8C Advanced Compressor v3.2.2$5.00
McDSP FutzBox v6.1$5.00
Analog Obsession Frank$5.00
Analog Obsession OSS v3.0$5.00
Analog Obsession MPReq v3$5.00
Analog Obsession N492ME v3.0$5.00
Analog Obsession RareSE v3.0$5.00
Arturia Rev Plate-140 v1.0$10.00
Tonsturm Traveler v1.1.1$5.00
Pulsar Audio Smasher v1.0.2$5.00
Waves Complete 2020$45.00
Nembrini Audio Plug-ins Bundle [Windows]$10.00
MAAT Professional Plug-Ins Bundle [Windows]$10.00
Blue Cat Audio Blue Cats PatchWork v2.42$10.00
Soundspot Union v1.0.3$10.00
TC Electronic Finalizer v1.0.10$10.00
Audiority Effects Plugin Bundle 2020 [for Windows]$10.00
Eventide Ensemble Bundle v2.9.1$10.00
Song Wish reMIDI [Full]$5.00
TC Electronic TC8210 v2.0.02$10.00
TC Electronic DVR250 v2.0.02$10.00
TC Electronic TC2290 v2.0.02$10.00
TC Electronic TC1210 v2.0.02$10.00
Baby Audio I Heart NY Parallel Compressor$10.00
Initial Audio BoostX v1.0.1$5.00
PSPaudioware PSP InfiniStrip v1.0.3$10.00
Mastering The Mix MixRoom v1.0$10.00
iZotope Tonal Balance Control 2 v2.2$5.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio$10.00
FabFilter Total Bundle 2020$10.00
Mastering The Mix BassRoom v1.0.3$10.00
Baby Audio Super VHS v1.0.0 Retail$10.00
IK Multimedia ARC System 3$10.00
Lindell Plugins Bundle 2020 [Windows]$10.00
Tone Empire OptoRED$5.00
Overloud Gem Voice v1.0.1$10.00
IK Multimedia MixBox v1.0$10.00
iZotope Nectar Plus v3.3$10.00
Guitar Rig 6 Pro v6.0.2$10.00
Antares AVOX v4.2.0$10.00
Parallax-Audio Virtual Sound Stage Pro v2.0.1$10.00
Mastering The Mix All Plugins v1.1$10.00
Blue Cats All Plug-Ins Pack 2020 [Windows]$10.00
Line6 Helix Native v3.0$10.00
Redwirez mixIR3 IR Loader v1.0.2 [Windows]$10.00
Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack Complete v2.5.2$10.00
Thenatan Underwater FX v1.1$5.00
Neural DSP Archetype Gojira v1.0$10.00
Oeksound Spiff v1.3 and Soothe2 v1.1.2$10.00
Empirical Labs Arousor v2.3.2$10.00
Solid State Logic SSL Native Plugins v6.5.30$15.00
Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Suite v3.0.1$10.00
Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro v4.2.1.2$10.00
TC Electronic DYN3000 v1.0.02$10.00
TC Electronic Brickwall HD v1.0.02$10.00
TC Electronic PEQ3000 v1.0.02$10.00
ReLab Sonsig Rev-A v1.0.1$10.00
ReLab VSR S24 v1.1$10.00
ReLab LX480 Complete v3.1$10.00
Nembrini Audio Plug-ins Bundle 2021$20.00
RTW Mastering Tools v4.1.2$10.00
RTW Loudness Tools v4.1.2$10.00
Kush Audio Silika v1.0.1$5.00
Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics Impulse Responses 2020$35.00
Softube Weiss Complete Collection Plug-ins$15.00
Pulsar Audio 1178 v1.0.8$5.00
TC Electronic SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE Bundle v1.0$10.00
Mathew Lane TiCo v1.1$5.00
Slate Digital Fresh Air v1.0.3$5.00
RTW Continuous Loudness Control v4.1.2$10.00
AmpliTube 5 Complete$25.00
TC Electronic MASTER X HD$5.00
Softube Plug-Ins Bundle 2021 [Windows]$25.00
LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms Professional v1.0.3$10.00
LiquidSonics Illusion v1.1.7$10.00
LiquidSonics Lustrous Plates v1.0$10.00
LiquidSonics Reverberate v3.1.2 + Complete Library$35.00
GRM Tools Evolution v3.8$5.00
LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Professional v1.3.3$35.00
NoiseAsh Need 31102 Console EQ v1.7.1$10.00
NoiseAsh Palmary Collection v1.3.2$25.00
Cymatics Vortex v1.0.3$5.00
FabFilter TotalBundle 2021$10.00
Overloud TH-U Premium v1.4.2$10.00
Focusrite FAST bundle v1.0.3$10.00
Sonible SmartEQ3 v1.0$10.00
Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro v8.0$10.00
Cymatics Space v1.0.1$10.00
Kush Audio Novatron v1.1$10.00
SoundSpot FAT2 v1.0.1$10.00
SoundSpot Nevo v1.0.1$10.00
Solid State Logic LMC Plus v1.0.0.11$10.00
Nugen Audio Paragon v1.1.1$10.00
Kush Audio Blyss v1.0.1$10.00
Solid State Logic Native Bus Compressor 2 v1.0$10.00
Krotos Dehumaniser II v1.3.3$10.00
Solid State Logic Native Channel Strip 2$10.00
Korg Gadget 2 Plugins v2.7.2$25.00
Arturia Vocoder v.1.1.1$10.00
Harrison 32C-Channel v1.0$10.00
Accentize Complete v2021.09$10.00
Black Rooster Audio The All Bundle v2.5.6$10.00
MIA Laboratories Musiqual Bundle MkII v1.0$5.00
Reason RE Plug-ins Bundle$30.00
Korneff Audio Talkback Limiter v1.1$5.00
Korneff Audio Micro Digital Reverberator v1.0$5.00
Korneff Audio Pawn Shop Comp v2.1$10.00
Korneff Audio Amplified Instrument Processor v1.1.1$10.00
Overloud Gem Mod v1.0$5.00
Baby Audio Taip v1.0$5.00
Solid State Logic Fusion Vintage Drive v1.0.24$10.00
Solid State Logic Fusion Stereo Image v1.0.21$10.00
Synapse Audio Fat Space VST v1.0$5.00
TDR SlickEQ Mastering Edition v 2.0.5$5.00
Output Thermal v1.0.2$10.00
Slate Digital Infinity EQ v1.0.10$10.00
SoloStuff SoloRack v2.0$10.00
T-RackS 5 MAX v5.6$25.00
iZotope Neoverb Pro v1.1$10.00
Rob Papen RoCoder v1.0$5.00
Rob Papen DelSane v1.0.1a$5.00
TDR Limiter 6 GE v1.2.4$5.00
TDR Nova GE v2.1.5 Retail$5.00
Channel Robot Accent Audio Pluckz v1.0$10.00
TC Powercore License Unlocker v1.1$10.00
Ujam Finisher Dynamo v1.0$10.00
TDR Molot GE v.1.0.4 Retail$5.00
Overloud TH-U Slate Edition v1.4.5$10.00
Slate Digital Murda Melodies v1.0.3$10.00
Avid Complete Plug-In Bundle 2021 for ProTools$10.00
D16 Group Fazortan 2 v2.1.1$5.00
PSPaudioware PSP NobleQ v1.8$5.00
Mastering The Mix Reference v2.0.1$10.00
Fuse Audio VCS-1 v1.0.1$5.00
Tone Empire Firechild v1.5$5.00
Arturia Tape Mello-Fi v1.0$10.00
UVI Shade v1.2.2$5.00
Audio Damage AD054 - Other Desert Cities v1.0.9$5.00
Audiority Space Station UM282$5.00
Yamaha VST Rack Pro v1.0$19.95
Kazrog AmpCraft 1992 v1.0.1$10.00
Blue Cat Audio Blue Cats Connector v1.0$10.00
Line 6 The Metallurgy Collection v1.0$10.00
FabFilter Total Bundle v2022$10.00
Baby Audio Crystalline v1.0$5.00
GRM Tools Complete II v3.0$10.00
Polyverse Music Bundle 2021$10.00
KiloHearts Subscription v1.8.28$10.00
Cherry Audio Plug-Ins Bundle 2022$10.00
Pitch Innovations Fluid Chords v1.0.2$10.00
Nicky Romero Kickstart 2$5.00
Pitch Innovations Fluid Pitch v1.3.1$10.00
Arturia Augmented Voices v1.0$15.00
Klanghelm VUMT Deluxe v2.5.2$5.00
Eventide Ensemble Bundle v2.15.6$10.00
Pulsar Audio Pulsar Massive v1.0.8$10.00
Sonible Smartreverb v1.1$5.00
iZotope Neutron 4$15.00
Steinberg WaveLab Cast v1.2$10.00
Steinberg VST Live Pro$10.00
Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 9$10.00
Lindell Audio Plug-Ins Bundle 2022 [PC]$10.00
Yamaha Basic FX Suite v2.0$10.00
Klevgrand Fosfat$5.00
Neold U17$5.00
Nembrini Audio Overdrive Special$10.00
Tone Projects Unisum Mastering Compressor v1.1.3$10.00
Sonible SmartComp 2$10.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Console v1.1$10.00
UVI Dual Delay X v1.1.2$10.00
Arturia Dist Coldfire v1.0$10.00
Bogren Digital AmpKnob RevC v1.2.1$10.00
Bogren Digital BassKnob STD.v1.0$10.00
iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced$10.00
Baby Audio IHNY-2$5.00
MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle v16$10.00
Accentize Chameleon 2$5.00
Nomad Factory 80s Spaces v2.0$10.00
WAVDSP 2022 Plug-ins pack$5.00
Minimal Audio MorphEQ v1.0$10.00
iZotope Ozone 10 Advanced$10.00
W.A.Production Chords Pro v1.0$10.00
Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio v5.3$10.00
Sound Particles Density v1.0$10.00
IK Multimedia TONEX MAX v1.0.1$15.00
Devious Machines Duck v1.3.6$5.00
Zplane reTune v1.3$10.00
Exponential Audio Stratus and Symphony$10.00
Cableguys ShaperBox 3.3$10.00
W.A.Production Put Me On Drums v1.0$5.00
D16 Group Frontier v1.2$5.00
D16 Group Redoptor 2$5.00
Rob Papen RevSane v1.0$5.00
Dear Reality Exoverb$10.00
iZotope Audiolens v1.1$10.00
Ampeg SVT Suite v1.10$10.00
Polyverse Music Supermodal$10.00
Kush Audio LG Drive v1.0$10.00
Impact Soundworks Bass Sculptor$5.00
Shreddage Amp XTC$10.00
K-Devices Shaper2$5.00
Korg Kaoss Pad v.1.0.1$10.00
Nembrini Audio JMP Pro Valve Guitar Amplifier$10.00
Arturia Filter MS-20 v1.0$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune SoundSoap 6$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune Vocal EQ v1.0$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune EFX v9.1$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune Pro X v.10$10.00
Sonible Plug-ins Bundle 2023$19.95
Uhe Everything Bundle 2022$15.00
Plugin Alliance Lindell MBC$10.00
Kazrog Synth Warmer v.1.1.5$5.00
Plugin Alliance AMEK Mastering Compressor v1.0$10.00
Ircam Asap Plugins Collection v1.0.1$10.00
Antares Auto-Tune Vocodist v1.1$10.00
Antares MicMod v4.3$10.00
Nembrini Audio MP1 Pro v1.0$10.00
Nembrini Audio Bass Driver v1.0$10.00
Waves Complete 14 (07.02.2023)$35.00
United Plugins Bundle 2023$10.00
FabFilter Total Bundle 2023$10.00
Plugin Alliance All Bundle 2022$65.00
Sonible Pure Bundle$10.00
Arturia Rev LX-24$10.00
Plugin Alliance Kiive Tape Face v1.1$5.00
Plugin Alliance ADPTR Sculpt v1.2$5.00
Fuse Audio Labs Plugins Bundle v2.5.1$10.00
Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder v4.0$10.00
Plugin Alliance NEOLD U2A$5.00
illformed Glitch 2$10.00
Pulsar Modular P42 Climax Mod v5.1$5.00
Slate Digital Storch Filter v1.0.1$5.00
Tone Empire Reelight Pro v1.6$10.00
Tone Empire TM700$5.00
Plugin Alliance Tbtech Kirchhoff-EQ v1.6$10.00
Plugin Alliance Bx Masterdesk Pro v1.0$10.00
AudioThing Effect Bundle 2023$15.00
AIR Music Technology Jura$10.00
Nuro Audio Xvox v1.1$10.00
Plugin Alliance Lindell 69 Series v1.0$10.00
Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop v1.4.2$5.00
Steinberg SpectraLayers 10$10.00
Schoeps-Plugin Alliance Double MS and Mono Upmix Bundle v1.2$5.00
Tone Empire ValveKult v1.0.5$5.00
GS DSP Magic Plugins Bundle 2023$5.00
UVI Opal v1.0$5.00
Plugin Alliance Harris Doyle Natalus DSCEQ v1.0$10.00
BLEASS Voices v1.0.6$5.00
Wave Alchemy Radiance v1.0$10.00
Wave Alchemy Pulse$10.00
Wave Alchemy Glow$10.00
Arturia FX Collection 4$29.95
AIR Music Technology AIR Sprite v1.0$10.00
Bogren Digital MLC Subzero 100$10.00
Nembrini Audio Cali Axis v1.0$5.00
Plugin Alliance ADPTR MetricAB v1.4$10.00
Bunker Noise Bit Loser v1.1$5.00
Blackstar Plugins St James v1.0.1$10.00
Safari Pedals Lion Master v1.5$10.00
Tone Empire TF-72a v1.0$5.00
Surreal Machines Dub Machines Modnetic v1.3$10.00
Phil Speiser The Strip$10.00
Kazrog Avalon VT747SP$10.00
Tone Empire Soul Squash v1.0.1$5.00
Steinberg VST Connect Pro v5.6$10.00
Platone Studio Swiss Saturator v1.0$10.00
Make Believe Studios Sontec MES-432D9D v1.1.5$5.00
BABY Audio Transit v1.0$5.00
Platone Studio Delay 44$5.00
Plugin Alliance Ltl Silver Bullet mk2 v1.0.5$10.00
Clark Audio Lofi Panda 3 v3.0$19.95
iZotope Nectar 4 Advanced$10.00
iZotope Ozone 11 Advanced$10.00
Make Believe Studios Make Believe Bundle v1.1.5$10.00
NovoNotes HPL Processor Ultimate v3.0$10.00
Klevgrand Richter v1.0.1$5.00
Audio Singularity Neurontape 1972 v1.2$10.00
Mastering The Mix Fuser$5.00
Arturia Analog Lab V v5.7.4$29.95
STL Tones ToneHub v1.10$10.00
STL Tones ControlHub 2$10.00
Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2$5.00
Plugin Alliance THX Spatial Creator v1.0$5.00
AKAI Professional Flex Beat v1.1$10.00
Excite Audio Motion Harmonic v1.2$7.00
Excite Audio Lifeline Expanse v1.2$7.00
iZotope Vinyl$0.01
Pulsar Modular P440 Sweet Spot v1.5$10.00
NoiseAsh Audio Prestige Racks v1.0.2$10.00
Plugin Alliance Bx-console AMEK 200$10.00
Acustica Audio Jet Bundle 2023$10.00
Acustica Audio Ultramarine 4$10.00
Acustica Audio Pumpkin Pro 2023$10.00
Acustica Audio Taupe 2023$10.00
Yum Audio Plug-ins Bundle 2023$15.00
Acustica Audio Honey 3$10.00
Acustica Audio Diamond Dynamic Saturator 2023$10.00
Acustica Audio Midnight 2023$10.00
Acustica Audio Diamond Series 2023$15.00
Acustica Audio Amber 3$10.00
Acustica Audio Amethyst 4$10.00
Acustica Audio Sienna Bundle 2023$19.95
AKAI Professional VIP v3.1.1$15.00
Acustica Audio Ash + Ash Ultra 2023$10.00
Freshly Squeezed Samples Serum Melodic Techno Essentials vol.1-3$10.00
Acustica Audio Gainstation 2$10.00
Acustica Audio Gold 5$15.00
Acustica Audio Pink 4$15.00
Kuassa Amplifikation 360 v1.2.2$10.00
Moog Music Moogerfooger Effects Plugin Bundle v1.2$10.00
Acustica Audio Nickel 2023$10.00
Acustica Audio Sand 3$10.00
Joey Sturgis Tones Bassforge Hellraiser v1.1.2$10.00
Joey Sturgis Tones Bus Glue Billy Decker Bundle v1.0.3$10.00
Joey Sturgis Tones Toneforge Jeff Loomis$10.00
Acustica Audio Salt 2023$10.00
Acustica Audio Magic Flow 2023$10.00
Acustica Audio Howie Weinberg Mastering Console 2023$10.00
Line 6 Amp Farm v4$10.00
Acustica Audio Black Bundle 2023$15.00
Acustica Audio Coral 2$10.00
MAAT Digital FiDef JENtwo v2.1$5.00
Acustica Audio Tulip 2023$10.00
Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro v5$10.00
Sonible smartEQ 4$10.00
Acustica Audio Ruby 2$10.00
Sonic Academy SA76$5.00
Plugin Alliance Cyber Bundle 2023$75.00


Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Drumloops and Samples [6 CD][ProTools]$50.00
Charlie - Retro Organ Module [MAC]$35.00
Scarbee Imperial Drums [3 DVD] [MAC]$67.50
Scarbee W.E.P. [MAC]$35.00
PLP120 Percussive Live Performances VSTi [3 CD] [MAC]$27.50
VLP120 Vintage Licks + Phrases VSTi [5 CD] [MAC]$35.00
Band-in-a-Box 2014 EverythingPAK MAC OSX [19 DVD]$149.95
Elektrik Piano [3 CD] [MAC]$30.00
KORG Legacy Collection [MAC]$10.00
X-Phraze [MAC]$10.00
Cubase SX 2 [MAC]$10.00
BFD XFL Expansion Pack [5 DVD]$57.50
MOTU Digital Performer 6$12.50
Altiverb 6.1$22.50
Logic Studio 8 [2 DVD]$32.50
Logic Pro 8$15.00
Logic Studio 8 Full Version [12 DVD]$100.00
Logic Studio 8.0.2 Update$10.00
Final Cut Studio 2 [13 DVD]$347.50
Pro Tools 8 LE [MAC Version]$19.95
Logic Studio 9 [2 DVD]$30.00
Logic Studio 9 Full Version [12 DVD]$147.50
Dark Side of the Groove - Apple Loops$10.00
MOTU Digital Performer 7.01$12.50
Logic Pro 9.1 Update$5.00
ProTools v9.0 [2 DVD]$37.50
Arturia Solina V v1.0.1.9 [MacOSX]$10.00
Arturia Matrix 12 V v1.0.1.9 [MacOSX]$10.00
Arturia Oberheim SEM V v1.3.1.9 [MacOSX]$10.00
Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.10 [Mac OSX]$14.95
Eventide Plug-Ins Bundle AU MacOSX$20.00
Logic Pro X 10.2.0 [DVD]$19.95
Apple MainStage 3 v3.2 [DVD]$10.00
Plug and Mix PRO-Series v1.0.2 [MAC OSX]$10.00
SKnote XTrim Mixing Tools v1.0 [MAC OSX]$5.00
Lindell ChannelX All OSX Plugins$10.00
Sony Audio Master Suite 2 [MacOSX]$10.00
MeterPlugs Dynameter v.1.1.0 MacOSX$5.00
Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2$29.95
Apple Logic Pro X v10.5$19.95

Notation Editors

Sibelius 5 Professional$10.00
Finale 2009$12.50
FINALE 2008 [Full DVD version]$25.00
Sibelius 8.2 for Windows$19.95
PrintMusic 2009$5.00
Sibelius 6$10.00
Finale 2010 [Full DVD Version]$22.50
Finale 2010$10.00
PrintMusic 2010$10.00
Sibelius 6 [Full DVD Version]$25.00
Sibelius 6.2 [Full DVD Version]$30.00
Sibelius 7 [Full version] [12 DVD]$89.95
Finale PrintMusic 2014$10.00
Finale 2014$10.00
Finale 2014 [Full DVD Version]$25.00
Sibelius 8 [DVD]$20.00
Neuratron AudioScore Ultimate 8.0.2$10.00
Presonus Notion v6.4.462$10.00
Steinberg Dorico Pro v3.5$45.00
Steinberg Dorico Pro 4 [Full Version]$45.00
MakeMusic Finale v27$25.00

Sound Editors

Sequencers & Audio Editors$10.00
Sequoia 7.0 [2 CD]$17.50
Cubase SX 3 Full version + Crack$25.00
Pro Tools LE 7 for Windows XP$5.00
Cakewalk Home Studio 2004$10.00
Samplitude 8.0 Professional$10.00
Cakewalk Kinetic 2$10.00
Reason 3 [3 CD]$30.00
Sound Forge 8.0 Full Version$7.50
Storm 3$10.00
ACID Music Studio 5 [3 CD]$25.00
Orion Platinum 7$10.00
Ableton Live Suite v9.2 Final [PC / MAC]$15.00
MAGiX Music Maker 12 Deluxe [DVD]$25.00
NUENDO 3.2 + Crack$10.00
Cubase SX 3.1 + Crack$10.00
Project 5 Version 2$25.00
Cakewalk Plasma 2003 [2 CD]$15.00
Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3.0$7.50
Maven3D Professional$10.00
Ableton Live 7$10.00
Pro Tools TDM 6.9 for Windows XP$10.00
Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3.1$14.95
Pyramix Virtual Studio v4.1.21$10.00
ACID Pro 5$7.50
VEGAS 8 Pro$10.00
Fruity Loops Studio v5.0.0 XXL Producer Edition [Full version]$10.00
SONAR X3 [3 DVD]$59.95
Traktor DJ Studio 3.3.2 [Full Version]$10.00
Guitar Pro 5$10.00
Fruity Loops Studio v6.0.8 Producer Edition$10.00
Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition 3$10.00
Band in a Box UltraPAK 2008$10.00
Adobe Audition 3 [Full Version]$10.00
ACID Pro 6$10.00
MOTU Digital Performer v9.01 [DVD]$15.00
Fruity Loops Studio v7.0.0 XXL Producer Edition$10.00
Sound Forge 9$10.00
Mackie Tracktion 3$10.00
Logic Studio 8 [2 DVD]$32.50
Logic Pro 8$15.00
Logic Studio 8 Full Version [12 DVD]$100.00
Logic Studio 8 Run.Me on PC$30.00
REASON 4$35.00
SONAR Platinum UP10 v21.10.0.32 [4 DVD]$59.95
SAWStudio 4$10.00
Reason 4.0.1 Update$10.00
Logic Express 8 [2 DVD]$50.00
Samplitude 10$10.00
Fruityloops Studio Producer Edition XXL v8.0.2 [Full Version]$10.00
MAGiX Music Maker 14 Producer Edition$10.00
Traktor Pro v1.0.1$10.00
Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition [4 DVD]$120.00
Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition [2 DVD]$62.50
Pro Tools 8 LE [2 DVD][PC Version]$12.50
SONAR Platinum 2016 [2 DVD]$39.90
Ableton Suite 7 [5 DVD]$112.50
Ableton Live 8$10.00
Music Creator 5$15.00
Logic Studio 9 [2 DVD]$30.00
Samplitude Music Studio 15 d$10.00
Logic Studio 9 Full Version [12 DVD]$147.50
Orion Platinum v7.6.0.3 [DVD]$25.00
ACID Pro 7$10.00
Fruity Loops Studio XXL v9.0$10.00
Cubase 4.1.3$10.00
MAGiX Music Maker 15 Premium$10.00
Samplitude 11$10.00
WaveLab 6.1$10.00
Nuendo 4.3 [Full DVD Version]$32.50
Cubase 5.1 [Full DVD Version]$32.50
Ableton Suite 8.0.8$25.00
FL Studio XXL Signature Bundle Complete v9.0.3$10.00
Cubase 5.1.1 Update$7.50
REASON 5$35.00
ProTools v9.0 [2 DVD]$37.50
SONAR X1 Producer [2 DVD]$39.95
WaveLab LE 7.01$10.00
FL Studio 10$10.00
Presonus Studio One Pro v2 [4 DVD] [Full version]$50.00
FL Studio Producer Edition v11.0.2$10.00
FL Studio Producer Edition v12.3.3$10.00
Pro Tools HD 10.3 PC$14.95
Adobe Audition CC 2015 v8$10.00
PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional v3.2$10.00
Traktor Pro 2 v2.9.0 [DVD]$10.00
MAGIX Audio Music Lab 2016 Premium v21.0.1.28$10.00
Samplitude Pro X2 Suite v13.1.2.170 [DVD]$19.95
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 v21.0.1.28$10.00
Harrison Mixbus 3$10.00
Band-in-a-Box 2015 for Windows$10.00
MAGIX Music Movie Maker Score Edition v.21$10.00
Midi Quest 11 Pro$10.00
Virtual DJ Studio 2015 v7.2.5$5.00
Acoustica MixCraft Pro Studio v7.0.1.285$10.00
Resolume Arena v5.0$25.00
Resolume Avenue 4.2.1 [DVD]$15.00
Pro Tools HD 12.3.1 [DVD]$19.90
Avid Media Composer 8.5.0 [DVD]$19.90
iZotope RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor$10.00
Cycling 74 Max v7.1.0 [DVD]$19.90
Celemony Melodyne Studio 4$10.00
Bitwig Studio v1.3.8$10.00
Guitar Pro 6.1.9$10.00
Audified SceneFlow Pro v2.5.0$10.00
EarMaster Pro 6.2$10.00
Audible Genius Syntorial 2$15.00
Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium 2017 v16.0.1.25$10.00
Serato DJ 1.9.3$10.00
Swar Systems Swar Studio v2.0.2$10.00
WaveLab Elements v9.0.35$10.00
AIR Music Technology Ignite v1.4.1$15.00
Samplitude Pro X3 Suite v14.0.2.60$10.00
Magix Music Maker 2017 Premium + Full Content$35.00
beaTunes 4.6.11$10.00
Transcribe! 8$5.00
Prism SADiE Sound Suite v6.1.1$10.00
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017$25.00
Harrison Mixbus 4$10.00
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 7$15.00
Tracktion Software Waveform 8$10.00
Band-in-a-Box 2017 [Windows / MAC OSX]$15.00
RadioMaximus Pro 2.21$5.00
RealDrums 2017 for Band-in-a-Box and RealBand$30.00
Adobe Audition CC 2018$10.00
Ableton Live Suite v10.0.1$30.00
Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 [for Windows x64 and MAC OSX]$10.00
SoundForge Pro 12$10.00
ACID Pro 8$10.00
MAGIX ACID Pro 8 Complete$39.95
PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional$10.00
FL Studio v20$10.00
iZotope RX 7 Advanced Audio Editor$10.00
iZotope Insight v2$10.00
Harrison Mixbus 5$10.00
Acon Digital Acoustica Premium Edition 7.1.8$10.00
MOTU Digital Performer 10$15.00
BandLab Cakewalk v25$10.00
Sound Forge Pro 13$10.00
AKAI Professional MPC Software v2.5.0$10.00
ACID Pro Next Suite v1.0.1$59.95
Band-in-a-Box With RealBand 2019 Pluspack$15.00
Band-in-a-Box 2018 Portable With Realtracks 1-300 [31 DVD]$99.95
Merging Pyramix 12.0.4$10.00
Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5.0$10.00
Steinberg Nuendo Pro v10.2.10$10.00
Music Developments Rapid Composer 3 v3.84$10.00
Adobe Audition 2020$10.00
PreSonus Studio One 5$10.00
Presonus Studio One 5 Complete Soundset$79.95
Gig Performer 3 v3.8$10.00
iZotope RX 8 Audio Editor Advanced$15.00
Steinberg Cubase 11 Pro$10.00
Ableton Live Suite 11$30.00
Propellerhead Record v1.5.1 [Windows x86]$15.00
Reason v12.2$35.00
Sound Quest Midi Quest 12 Pro v12.1.2$10.00
Avid Pro Tools v2021.7 [Retail]$25.00
Steinberg Cubase Pro 12 [DAW Only]$10.00
Steinberg Nuendo 12 [DAW Only]$15.00
Nuendo 12 Content$25.00
WaveLab 11 Pro$10.00
Adobe Audition 2023$10.00
PreSonus Studio One 6 Professional$10.00
Rapid Composer 4 v4.6.2$10.00
Sound Forge Pro 17 Suite$15.00
Acid Pro 11 Suite$10.00
FL Studio Producer Edition v21$15.00
Tracktion Software Waveform Pro 12$10.00
Resolume Arena 7$15.00
Vegas Pro v21$10.00
Band-in-a-Box 2023 Build 1004 with Realband$25.00
Steinberg Cubase Pro 13$10.00

Music Production Tutorials

Waves Production Mixing Mastering [7 CD]$55.00
Waves Plug-Ins CSi Master$10.00
GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial [4 CD]$9.95
Digital Homestudio Tutorial$10.00
Artist Pro Series Electronic Books [4 CD]$22.50
Sonar 4 Producer Bonus Disk$17.50
Producing Music With Reason$10.00
Stylus RMX Tutorial$10.00
Cubase SX 3 Tutorial$7.50
Acid 5 CSI Starter Tutorial$7.50
Pro Tools 6 CSi Starter Tutorial$10.00
Vinnie Moore - Lead guitar techniques, hot licks$10.00
Mark Knopfler Masterclass Guitar Lesson$10.00
Voyetra Teach Me Piano$10.00
Adventus Piano Suite Premiere 2.6$10.00
John Petrucci - Rock Discipline$10.00
Joe Pass Solo Jazz Guitar$10.00
Brian May Master Session$10.00
Absynth 3 Tutorial DVD$20.00
Dave Gibson - The Art Of Mixing DVD Tutorial$17.50
Reason 3 CSi Master Tutorial$10.00
DMC & Technics - 1987-2001 - World DJ Champions$10.00
DMC & Technics - 2000 - UK DJ Championship Finals$10.00
DJ Producer Series vol.1 - Making Beats$17.50
Voyetra Teach Me Guitar$10.00
Mix It Like A Record: with Mixer/Producer Charles Dye [2 CD]$20.00
Trance Experience Tutorial for Cubase SX$30.00
Producing the Phat Hitz$10.00
Hip Hop In Session vol. 1$10.00
Ableton Live DVD Tutorial$25.00
Cubase SX 3 CSi Master$10.00
Nuendo CSi Master$10.00
Mastering Logic 7$10.00
Cubase SX ED SX3 Tutorial Level 1$25.00
Cubase SX ED SX3 Tutorial Level 2$25.00
Cubase SX ED SX3 Tutorial Level 3$25.00
Berklee Harmonic Ear Training$10.00
Celemony's Melodyne Tutorial$25.00
Steinberg Audio Mastering Tutorial [3 DVD]$82.50
Victor Zinchuk - Guitar Masterclass$25.00
Groovebox Music Production With Reason 4$25.00
Traktor 3 Tutorial$27.50
Secrets of the Pros - Modern Recording and Mixing Tutorial [2 DVD]$55.00
Reason 4 Tutorial [2 DVD]$47.50
DJ's Complete Guide Training$30.00
Hands on Audio Mixing Mastering [2 DVD]$47.50
UA Studio Onscreen DVD Vol. 1$25.00
In The Studio With Benny Benassi$9.95
Darren Tate - How To Make Trance Music$20.00
Steinberg Internal Mixing Tutorial [2 DVD]$62.50
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.1 [2 DVD]$60.00
Computer Music DnB Masterclass Videos - Subfocus and Clipz$22.50
Future Music - In The Studio With Ian Carey$22.50
In The Studio With Deadmau5$10.00
In The Studio With Funkagenda$30.00
Mixing Electronica By Olav Basoski$12.50
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.2$25.00
Secrets Of The Pros - Pro Tools vol.3$25.00
FL Studio 8 Tutorials$12.50
In The Studio With Kris Menace$20.00
Computer Music CM142 Drum N Bass Masterclass$20.00
In The Studio With Matt Schwartz$25.00
ADSR Sounds Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers$15.00
Udemy Pianoforall Incredible New Way To Learn Piano and Keyboard Tutorial$25.00
Ask Video Music Theory 301 Jordan Rudess Harmony Explored [Tutorial]$10.00
Make Money In Your Home Studio & As A Music Producer$11.95
Web Design for Musicians: Make Money Selling Work Online$15.00
ADSR Future House Production Course$10.00
ADSR Deep Melodic House Production Course$9.90
Udemy Record Voice Like A Pro - The Complete Guide$10.00
Music Production School Power Mixing Course [2 DVD]$30.00
Music Production School Power Effects Course$19.95
Sonic Academy How To Make Tech House 2015 with Rene Amesz$15.00
Udemy Beginner Piano [DVD]$9.90
Bobby Owinski 101 Mixing Tricks Module1$10.00
5 tips for a better EDM mix [DVD]$12.50
ADSR Serial Processing Get Bigger Better Mixes$15.00
Bobby Owinski 101 Mixing Tricks Module 2$10.00
ADSR Techno Music Production & Sound Design [DVD]$10.00
ADSR Sounds Deep House in FL Studio 12 [DVD]$10.00
SDK Media Xfer Records Nerve Tutorial$5.00
How I Make $4000 a Month Selling Music Online [DVD]$10.00
Bass House Music Production Course [DVD]$15.00
Advanced EDM Mixing Principles with Colin Fisher [DVD]$12.50
Stereo Width - How To For Improving Your Stereo Mixing$15.00
How to use Serial Processing to make your mixes sound bigger and better$15.00
Drums For Electronic Dance Music Masterclass$15.00
Low-End Mixing for Dance Music Producers$15.00
How To Mix Electronic Dance Music - A practical Guide$15.00
Bassgorilla How To Mix Your Low End$10.00
Dance Music Production Vol.16 - Deep House [2 DVD]$25.00
Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle [3 DVD]$39.00
How to mix and master Electronic Music from home$19.90
Puremix Preparing Background Vocals for Mixing$5.00
Electro House: Start To Finish With Ryan Enzed$15.00
Music Theory for Songwriters - Harmony$10.00
Shocking Techniques With Klaas [DVD]$15.00
Mixing Hip-Hop Song Tangerine Girl with Ryan$10.00
Omnisphere 2 Xtreme Tutorial$7.50
Beatstruggles Foundational Drum Loop Basics [DVD]$15.00
Groove3 Creating Acoustic Drum Grooves with Ableton Live$7.50
Truefire - Matthieu Brandt's 50 Chord Tricks You MUST Know$9.95
PUREMIX Andrew Scheps Mixing Fly Rasta Out of the Box [DVD]$12.50
Ask Video Ozone 7 Mastering Toolbox$5.00
QuantizeCourses Kick Drum Sound Design$12.50
Mixing Dance Music Essentials$5.00
Songwriting - How to Write a Better Song [DVD]$10.00
Successful Drumming Tutorial [3 DVD]$49.95
Composing Secrets from Idea to Finished Recording$15.00
ADSR Sounds Mixing With Your Eyes$5.00
ADSR Sounds Multiband Compression Explained$5.00
Recording & Editing Audio in Studio One 3$5.00
Learn Delay - The Complete Guide To Mixing With Delay [DVD]$10.00
Mixing Music: Learn how to get an awesome sounding drum mix$5.00
Freshly Squeezed Samples Layering In Electronic Music$7.50
Udemy Music Theory Level 2 - Chord Progressions and Song Writing [DVD]$10.00
Learn How To Mix an EDM Song Like a Pro [DVD]$25.00
Lynda A Prolific Music Producers Workflow for Finishing Tracks$10.00
Dance Music Production Dimensional Mixing [DVD]$19.90
Complete Guide to Stereo Width By Rob Jones$10.00
Drum n Bass Production and Sound Design By Icicle$15.00
How To Make Uplifting Trance with Bjorn Akesson$19.90
Capturing the Sound of Berlin$10.00
Audio Legends Chris Lord Alge Mixing Course$19.00
PureMix John Paterno Mixing Robbie Williams$10.00
Lyricology: The Perfect Formulas for Hip-Hop Songwriting$7.50
Pro Studio Live Daniel Robert Ford Science of Mixing$12.50
SWA Complete Cubase 8.5 Tutorial$12.50
Mixing an EDM Wall of Sound with Soundprank$12.50
In the Studio with Harry Romero$10.00
Mixthru Pop Matthew Weiss Tutorial [2 DVD]$17.50
Mixing 101 from Matthew Weiss$15.00
Mixthru Hip-Hop with Matthew Weiss$15.00
Mixthru EDM with Matthew Weiss$15.00
Bobby Owinski 101 Mixing Tricks Module 3$10.00
Bobby Owinski 101 Mixing Tricks Module 4$10.00
Infected Mushroom Pusher In-Action Tutorial$5.00
Mastering EDM Masterclass - Mastering Trap$15.00
PUREMIX How To Use Multiband Compression$5.00
PlayPianoToday Piano Lessons Collection$25.00
In the Studio with Armin van Buuren$10.00
Mixthru Improve Your Trap Mixes$15.00
Born To Produce Half-Step DnB Tutorial$25.00
Dance Music Production Fundamental 3 - Harmony$10.00
Dance Music Production Fundamental 4 - Melody$10.00
Mastering EDM With Izotope Ozone 7$10.00
Groove3 iZotope Neutron Explained$5.00
SWA Complete ReVoice Pro 3 Tutorial$10.00
Vocal Production Masterclass$10.00
Producertech Jungle Production Fundamentals$10.00
Producertech Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques$10.00
Dean Brown - Modern Techniques For The Electric Guitarist$5.00
Songwriting Techniques with Chords$10.00
Live Mixing A Track From Start To Finish$15.00
ADSR Sounds Future Bass Drum Grooves$9.95
Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production$25.00
Successful Music Marketing and Branding for Artists Bands$10.00
Producing EDM Vocals in Logic Pro X$10.00
The Ultimate Vocal Processing Guide$10.00
Mike Verta The Business Masterclass$12.50
Mike Verta Scoring 1 Masterclass$15.00
Producing a Modern Track from Start to Finish in Ableton$12.50
EDM Sound Design with Serum$5.00
How To Make Trap with Diskord$10.00
Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring$29.95
Advanced Drumming Combinations and Patterns Tutorial$7.50
Creating Drum Fills and Patterns Tutorial$7.50
Social Media Promotion for Musicians Artists and Engineers By Bobby Owsinski$10.00
Jason Ross Masterclass Session Outline$15.00
How To Make Space Disco with Paolo Mojo$15.00
Brian Wallace Dubrobot Creating Dub Music$10.00
Tech House Masterclass with D.Ramirez$19.95
Ian Sutton Hip Hop Mix Deconstruction$15.00
Sessions: Xfer Serum$12.50
Born To Produce Deep House in Cubase$25.00
Born To Produce Euphoric Trance in Cubase$25.00
Roger Love Vocal Power$5.00
Groove3 Into The Lair Dave On General Mixing$10.00
ADSR Sounds - The Serum Bible$10.00
Learn Music Theory for Electronic Musicians$10.00
Producers Guide to Avenger Tutorial$5.00
Bassgorilla Future Bass In Ableton Live With Killabyte$10.00
ADSR Sounds Izotope Ozone 8 Masterclass$5.00
Groove3 MIDI Orchestration Explained Tutorial$5.00
David Glenn Mixing with Reverb Tutorial$15.00
David Glenn Mixing Vocals Tutorial$12.50
Deconstructing a Mix 6 Chris Lord-Alge$15.00
Psilocybian Psychedelic Forest Tutorial$12.50
Puremix Luca Pretolesi Mixing Major Lazer$12.50
Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music$25.00
FaderPro Tuff London Uncut Tutorial$10.00
Learn Piano in 45 Days Tutorial$12.50
Dance Music Production Tech House$19.95
Hardcore Music Studio Hardcore Mixing Tutorial$19.95
Allan Morrow Trance Kick and Bass Tutorial$12.50
Hardcore Music Studio Mix Vault Tutorial$59.95
Hardcore Music Studio Hardcore Editing Tutorial$19.95
Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Daughtry Tutorial$17.50
Groove3 Studio One 4 Advanced Tutorial$10.00
Complete Guide To iZotope Ozone 8 Tutorial$10.00
Making Money By Being a Producer Tutorial$10.00
Music Production in Ableton Live 10 The Complete Course$15.00
Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Rock In The Box Tutorial$15.00
Groove3 Orchestral Mixing Explained$12.50
Serum Masterclass - Learn Every Function & Feature Of Xfer Serum$5.00
Kontakt 6 Explained Tutorial$5.00
Harrison Mixbus 5 Explained$10.00
How To Make Psy Trance 2019 with Shadow Chronicles$15.00
Ambient Music Production Techniques Tutorial$10.00
Sonic Academy How to Make Ruby with Enamour Tutorial$15.00
Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking$19.95
Cameron Cartee Teaches Hip-Hop Mixing$15.00
Just Blaze Teaches Hip-Hop Production$15.00
Massive X Sound Design Vol.1 Tutorial$7.50
Groove3 Melodyne 5 Explained Tutorial$7.50
Zermelo Secrets Of The Groove Tutorial$10.00
Cymatics Legends Sound Design Course$10.00
Slate Digital EDM Production Deep Dive Masterclass Tutorial$35.00
Evenant Cinematic Music From Idea To Finished Recording$59.95
Evenant Cinematic Music II - From The First Track And Beyond$65.00
In The Studio with Ferry Corsten$19.95
Evenant Trailer Orchestration Course$29.95
Groove3 Kontakt 7 Explained Tutorial$5.00
Orchestral Programming Synthestration Tutorial$25.00
Cinematic Composing Essential Mixing Foundation Tutorial$17.50
Udemy Sound Synthesis Tutorial$10.00
Udemy Modern Deep House Production Course$10.00
MixWithTheMasters Jack Antonoff Producing A&W by Lana Del Rey Inside the Track #90$10.00
Streaky The Ultimate Mastering Course Complete$19.95
Ask Video Groove Guru 201 Creating Grooves Tutorial$10.00

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